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Kingman school budget review finds extra $1.2M

KUSD Finance Director Wanda Hubbard

Kingman Unified School District's mid-year budget revision revealed an additional $1.2 million in revenue, but it will be saved in hopes of carrying it over to next year's budget.

School district budgets are working documents. For KUSD, each year's budget is adopted in July, but they are based on numbers that are available at the time. The district then does a mid-year budget revision in the winter based on more up-to-date data. Finally, KUSD creates its final budget in May.

"These changes are bigger than we thought," said KUSD Finance Director Wanda Hubbard. "It's never been that much."

Until now, the largest change she saw was less than $400,000.

The KUSD school board will hold a public hearing regarding the revisions today.

The funding numbers that change throughout the year mainly have to do with attendance and special education funding.

Hubbard said the good news is that there's extra money. The bad news is that no one gets it, she said. Her goal is to save it all to help bolster the money carried over into next year's budget.

On an unrelated note, Hubbard plans to seek board approval for a $225 stipend to be given to continuing district employees who've been with KUSD since before July 1.

For grant-funded positions, the stipends would be paid with the particular grant. For all others, the stipends would be paid with Medicaid in Public Schools reimbursement funds, she said.

If approved, "It would be some help for staff during Christmas," she said.


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