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Three speak as Mohave supervisors restore call to the public


Mac McCarty was the first resident in Mohave County to take advantage of the Board of Supervisors’ decision to add an open comment period to their meetings.

KINGMAN - For the first time in many years, the Mohave County Board of Supervisors restored the call to the public to its meetings and heard from residents about guns, former employees and the county website.

The first person to take the microphone was Golden Valley resident Mac McCarty, who wanted the Board to remove some of the security features added to the County Administration Building in the last four years and allow guns in the building.

"It is a pleasure to address you," McCarty said. "I've been trying for 30 years to try and get people to allow weapons in buildings like these."

It's so sad that there have been so many shootings in the last few years, he said, adding that in many cases the damage from those shootings could have been mitigated if someone had been allowed to carry a gun on the property.

"Please consider doing away with all this expensive security stuff and allow weapons," McCarty said.

Golden Valley resident Steven Robinson stepped up to the microphone next.

Robinson is representing former county employee Jerry Sides in appealing his firing from his county job.

Sides was fired in May after two county employees accused him of campaigning while on the job.

At the time, Sides was running for the District 1 Supervisors' seat.

Robinson asked the Board to look into whether the Mohave County Merit Commission, which hears the appeals from employees who are disciplined or fired by the county, was following the county's merit rules.

Robinson claimed the commission wasn't following the rules and failed to appoint a hearing officer to investigate Sides' case.

The third and last person to take advantage of the call to the public was Golden Valley resident Jim Consolato.

He requested the Board update the county's website to remove former County Manager Ron Walker's profile, update the link to the county's merit rules and add the profiles of the new Board members.

The Board approved adding a call to the public at the beginning of its meeting on Jan. 2. It was an issue in last year's election, with many voters calling for it to be reinstated.


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