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Teens in public sex case sentenced

Case against one suspect pending, appears headed for trial

KINGMAN - Prosecutor Greg McPhillips said he's seen the scenario play out time and time again: A girl or woman becomes intoxicated or otherwise incapacitated and a man views it as an opportunity for sexual activity.

"When a girl is drunk or laying down and asleep, the guy thinks he can do whatever he wants," McPhillips said in court Wednesday. "They see her intoxication as an open invite for someone to sexually assault her."

In this case, it was three Kingman teenagers - Justin Dallas, 18, Kevee Williams, 18, and Eric Gibson, 19 - who were arrested last spring for sexual conduct at a public park and in a car with an inebriated girl who was two weeks away from turning 16.

Dallas, who was sentenced to 210 days in jail after accepting a plea deal for aggravated assault, told court officials in interviews that at one point when the group was assembled at Metcalfe Park to drink vodka and tequila last May, he overheard the girl tell one of the men, "I'm so drunk, I'm never going to remember this."

The most recent defendant to be sentenced in the case was Williams. During a hearing on Wednesday, he declined to speak on his own behalf, but his lawyer, Ron Gilleo, told Judge Rick Williams that his client accepted responsibility for his role in the incident, which he described as less egregious than the conduct of the other two.

Gilleo said Kevee Williams never had sexual intercourse with the girl, but that he did admit to police that he touched her after she made advances to him in the car.

"Being a teenager, he gave into it," he said.

Under terms of a plea agreement with the state, Williams was guaranteed three years probation, but the judge had the option of imposing up to a year in jail.

Judge Williams told the defendant before giving him 150 days in jail that he saw Kevee more as an opportunist than a sexual predator.

"What you did was see someone who was weak, who was drunk and you took advantage of that," the judge said.

The case against Gibson, who is accused of actual intercourse with the girl, is still pending and appears headed for trial.

McPhillips said the state's case was difficult because the girl did not remember much of what happened to her. He said that at the time the plea deals were extended to Dallas and Williams, the girl was in no shape for three trials or a single trial involving three defendants. He said that while the girl remains devastated by the incident, she is getting stronger each day and gaining more and more confidence.

"We want this defendant to walk away knowing this conduct is reprehensible, and we want the community to know this is reprehensible," McPhillips said.

Judge Williams cautioned the defendant that under terms of his probation, he is not to consume drugs or alcohol, or else he risks going to prison.

"You better take this seriously because at this point, the party's going to stop," he said.


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