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It stank, but gas didn't leak in Kingman school

KINGMAN - An unpleasant smell filled the attendance office at Lee Williams High around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, but it was not caused by a natural gas leak.

"Somebody in the office said, 'It smelled like a dead animal,'" said Steve Elwood, the school's principal.

The women working in attendance were moved to another office, the doors were opened in an attempt to air out the room and Kingman Unified School District's maintenance and facilities manager Craig Schritter was notified.

Schritter went to the school, took a sniff and didn't think it was natural gas. But he called the Kingman Fire Department anyway.

The Fire Department used a thermal imaging camera and carbon monoxide detector to test the room and determined that the smell was not being caused by natural gas, said KFD Battalion Chief Bill Johnston.

In fact, there is no natural gas line in the attendance office.

Apparently, a motor in one of the office's air conditioning units had gone out and was causing the room to fill with a horrible smell, Elwood said.

UniSource Energy Services adds an ingredient to its natural gas that smells like rotten eggs for safety reasons because natural gas is actually odorless.

Had school officials thought there was an actual leak, students and employees would've been evacuated to the school's cafeteria. Parents would've been notified that the school was being closed and students were being sent home, Jacks said.


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