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High-speed chase through Kingman ends with crash

Police chased Jack Taylor Lagerwey through the streets of Kingman Monday, and it ended when he ran a red light at the intersection of Bank Street and Gordon Avenue and crashed into another vehicle. The bicycle in the foreground was in one of the vehicles involved in the crash.

A brief police chase through Kingman that reached speeds of at least 75 mph Monday ended when Jack Taylor Lagerwey, the man being pursued, ran a red light at the intersection of Bank Street and Gordon Avenue and plowed into a large green truck.

The Kingman Police Department received a report that a trailer had been stolen from the 2000 block of Club Avenue around 2:30 p.m. Within four minutes of the call, KPD's on-duty sergeant spotted a gray Mazda truck towing the trailer north on Harrison Avenue.

The sergeant attempted to pull the 43-year-old Lagerwey over, and at that point "the chase was on," said KPD Sergeant Bob Fisk.

The trailer fell off (it was later recovered), and the chase took those involved to the west side of train tracks, over toward K-Mart, on to Airway Avenue and through many of the streets to the west of Andy Devine Avenue. Lagerwey ran multiple red lights, Fisk said.

Lagerwey made it back on to Airway Avenue, where he started going west, Fisk said. He turned onto Bank Street and started heading north, he added.

At that point, the sergeant in charge of directing the pursuit called it off because of traffic and how fast Lagerwey was driving, Fisk said.

Shortly thereafter, Lagerwey ran his last red light of the day and crashed into the large green truck, which was carrying two occupants.

Lagerwey was transported to Kingman Regional Medical Center because of possible face and head lacerations. One of the occupants of the truck was also transported, but it is unclear what his injuries were.

The truck's other occupant didn't need to be transported via ambulance, but she was taken to the hospital by one of the lieutenants on the scene, Fisk said.

Police expect to take a sample of Lagerwey's blood to be analyzed for alcohol and drugs, Fisk said. Lagerwey did not own the truck he was driving, but Fisk said it wasn't stolen either.

Police recovered a bag filled with a substance consistent with marijuana, Fisk said.

The incident is being investigated.

"We don't have all the details and facts just yet," Fisk said.


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