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KRMC consolidates vascular care options

Kingman Regional Medical Center's doctors, surgeon and radiologists have moved under one roof in order to give local residents suffering from circulation problems better care.

The hospital opened the doors to its new Vascular Center on Monday. The center specializes in treating and preventing vein and artery conditions such as aortic aneurysms, artery disease, blood clots and circulation problems due to diabetes.

KRMC has provided many of these services in the past but now patients have just one place to go and one phone number to call, said Jamie Taylor, KRMC's director of development and public relations.

A patient can be evaluated by a doctor, have tests completed, be diagnosed, see a surgeon and receive treatment all in one location.

"The center supports the trend toward greater collaborative care for vascular conditions," said KRMC interventional cardiologist Dennis Dunning. "It facilitates faster and more in-depth communication among physicians."

Dunning specializes in treating blood flow problems to the heart and limbs and fixes structural problems with the heart.

The center can also handle both inpatient procedures and critical care cases. In many cases, the surgeons can use new procedures that allow patients to heal more quickly, with less scarring.

However, Dunning prefers to catch and treat heart and circulation problems before they require surgery.

"(It) allows us to streamline the process to deliver more integrated care," added Chris Porter, an interventional radiologist at KRMC.

Porter is one of the newest additions to the team.

He arrived last summer after completing a fellowship at the University of Virginia and his residency at the Mayo Clinic.

Porter specializes in guiding tiny medical instruments through veins and arteries to check for disease or blockages and can even fix some problems without resorting to major surgery.

For more information on the center, call (928) 263-3434.


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