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Pair linked to Kingman shed burglaries nabbed

Leroy Haslett

Two Kingman residents police say are implicated in 20-30 storage shed burglaries that occurred in the last few weeks were arrested Friday night after police observed them acting suspiciously at a storage unit facility in the 3700 block of Sunshine Drive.

Kingman Police Department detectives were working a night detail regarding a recent rash of storage shed burglaries.

They were checking the units when they noticed Leroy Douglas Haslett, 26, and Angela Renee Spillman, 32, acting suspiciously, said KPD Sgt. Bob Fisk.

"Haslett was observed cutting the fence and entering the storage facility while Spillman served as a lookout," Fisk said.

When Haslett entered the facility, he became worried and ran, Fisk said. But detectives chased him and arrested him along with Spillman.

Both were booked into the Mohave County Jail for first-degree burglary, possession of burglary tools and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Fisk said detectives have a significant amount of physical evidence that ties the two suspects to the recent burglaries.

In general, cases like these are difficult to build because people don't check on their storage units for months at a time, Fisk said. Even when someone knows their unit has been robbed there are times when they can't recall what items were actually in there, he added.

Shed burglars will often cut a lock, enter a shed, steal what they want, then replace the broken lock with a new one, Fisk said. That way, victims don't realize they've been robbed until they actually attempt to enter their sheds.

An employee at one of the local storage shed companies said she was aware of the burglaries and the arrests and said the facility where she works had several units burglarized recently. But she was unwilling to give an exact number.

She said people who have their belongings in storage - no matter what facility it is - should check on their items regularly.

If you have any information about these recent burglaries or believe you're a victim, call KPD at (928) 753-2191.


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