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'Suspicious' fires worrisome as weather warms

KINGMAN - Nearly 30 suspicious roadside fires have been started in Kingman since the start of the year, a situation that troubles firefighters as the weather warms and grass and other fuels dry out.

"We believe these fires are human caused," said Assistant Chief Keith Eaton.

He said the investigators are chasing down leads in hopes of apprehending the arsonist.

Two fires were reported Tuesday night and a third Wednesday morning, he said.

"This is a huge concern for us," he said. "The fires haven't spread too much due to moisture, but it's getting warmer."

Investigators have struggled to find a pattern, Eaton said. The fires are being set on different days and different times of the day, leading investigators to believe the person or persons responsible are either on a bicycle or in a vehicle.

The majority of fires have been set in the area of Kino and Morrow from Roosevelt to Stockton Hill Road; Gordon and Sierra Vista from Bank Street to Stockton Hill Road; and Townsend and Bank from Beverly to Airway Avenue.

"We are asking everyone in the city to keep their eyes open to any suspicious activities and report them to 9-1-1," said Eaton.

People who have information that isn't an emergency are asked to call the Kingman Fire Department at 753-2891.

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