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Brotherton hears grumbles about Golden Valley road conditions

Joy Brotherton (left) discussed road conditions with about 100 Golden Valley residents Thursday evening.

KINGMAN - District 4 Supervisor Joy Brotherton got an earful from Golden Valley residents Thursday evening about the condition of their roads.

If the county doesn't have the money to pave them, could it at least run a blade truck up and down his street more than once in a blue moon, asked one resident.

Another asked if the county could have the blade truck do her whole street instead of stopping and turning around halfway.

"That's because they're all over on my street," cracked resident Ken Donovan, who was one of several residents complaining about the dust kicked up by the vehicles on their streets.

"The county promised my parents that paved roads were coming when they moved her in 1995. I don't want to die before we have paved roads," Donovan said.

He also asked Brotherton if she could do something about the people who speed up and down the roads.

"We have seniors that have to walk down to the end of the street to get their mail and kids at bus stops," he said.

"Yeah! Where's the police department?" yelled one man.

The Mohave County Sheriff's Office was in charge of patrolling the streets in Golden Valley, Brotherton explained.

"I know the roads in Golden Valley and Meadview are bad, very bad," she said. "I've worked in real estate out here for more than 30 years. I've torn up a couple of cars doing that. I would hate to live on some of the roads that you live on."

Brotherton said she was working with the county public works department on a strategic plan that would create a regular maintenance plan for the roads. She was also working with the department on reviewing the county's General Plan, which governs land use in the county.

"I want to do my very best for you. I know there are many needs out there but we have to take this one step at a time. There's been a lot of things that have come on all of a sudden," she said, referring to the financial troubles of the Lake Mohave Fire District. "My door is open any time. Call me. Make an appointment. I'll sit down with you any time you want."

To reach Brotherton, call her at (928)753-8618 or send an email to joy.brotherton@mohavecounty.us.

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