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Upcoming 'Sharknado' film features local musician's tune


A local musician has a song featured in the upcoming Syfi feature film ‘Sharknado,’ which is about sharks invading the flooded streets of Los Angeles. Believe it or not, it’s actually not a documentary.

KINGMAN - "Sharknado" sounds like the title of a B-movie - which is good, because it is.

But for Kingman's own Jammin' Joe Buck, "Sharknado" could be the start of something beautiful.

"Sharknado" is a campy story about a super-tornado that swamps Los Angeles with sharks that it sucks out of the Pacific Ocean. Since sharks are the only life form the tornado lifts from the water, humans are their only food source.

The population is terrified because, well, what could be more terrifying than people-eating sharks on normally dry land?

We digress. This story isn't a review for "Sharknado," which premiers on the Syfi channel July 11.

This is a story about a local vision-impaired man watching his career take off as a one-man-band - songwriter, mixer, producer and promoter.

One of the songs Buck wrote and recorded is "Anger Management," from his debut album "Jammin' Joe Buck, the Amazing 1 man Groove Machine." The song is featured during a scene at a convenience store.

"You can hear it in the background," Buck said. "They tell me quite a bit of it gets played."

Buck's album features a blend of jazz, funk and soul, and with laudable skill he plays every instrument on every song, sings lead and backup vocals, and then intricately blends each recorded solo into a song that sounds like several musicians in a highly talented band.

Failed eyesight, due to a rare condition called retinitis pigmentosa, led the 40-year-old legally blind musician to trade a career as a National Rifle Association-credentialed firearms instructor for one in the music industry.

Buck licensed his music for film and other projects and it didn't take long for a fan to come calling.

"The director of 'Sharknado' is Anthony Ferrante," Buck said. "He's a fan of my music and he called and asked if I had something kind of Elvis bluesy. I sent him a song and he loved it."

Buck said he hopes "Sharknado" whips up interest from other filmmakers.

"Hopefully, there's more to come," he said. "I'm pushing hard to get my music heard. I'm doing intros for pod casts and what not, and I'm doing radio shows in the U.S. and the United Kingdom."

The cast of "Sharknado" features Tara Reid of "Scrubs" and "The Big Lebowski," John Heard of "Home Alone," Ian Ziering of "Beverly Hills 90210" and others.

A summary explained it like this: Regulars of a beachside bar investigate the ecological nightmare that has sharks swimming through the streets of Los Angeles and falling from the sky.

It sounds like "Sharknado" has the makings of a cult classic. Nothing would please Jammin' Joe Buck more.

"The movie is getting great reviews. I hope they show it a lot, because I get royalties," he said with a chuckle.


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