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Valle Vista bed and breakfast hopes to avoid road dust-up

KINGMAN - Valle Vista resident Susan Stange is hoping a new bed and breakfast approved by the Board of Supervisors Tuesday won't leave her in its dust.

Steven and Ann Seney are planning to build an adobe/Southwestern style bed and breakfast with 10 guestrooms off of Huntington Road in Valle Vista. The plan is to partner with the two new wineries in the area - Stetson and Cella - to provide a series of guest packages that include trips to the wineries and other local attractions.

Stange told the Board that she lives on Brooks Boulevard, one road north of Huntington Road.

"Is there any way that you can require the bed and breakfast contractors to use Huntington Road instead of Brooks Boulevard?" Stange asked. "The amount of dust that was churned up while the wineries were being built was choking."

District 5 Supervisor Steven Moss asked County Attorney Bill Ekstrom if it was possible to meet Stange's request.

"I don't think we can legally do that," Ekstrom said.

However, Ann Seney said she was more than willing to ask contractors to use Huntington instead of Brooks.

"I can see how Brooks would kick up a lot of dust. I have no authority to require them to use (Huntington), but I will certainly ask them," Seney said.

Seney is not sure when the couple will start work on their new business, but it will include a mile-long walking path, gazebos, gardens and a meditation labyrinth. It will also use an alternative energy source to power the building and have a gray water and rainwater harvest systems. Gray water systems collect water from kitchen sinks, dishwashers, clothes washers, showers and bathroom sinks and use them to water landscaping.

The Seneys also plan offer internships to culinary and hospitality students.


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