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Column: What is the 'Young Adult' in your house reading?

I used to think that people concerned about the content of "Young Adult" fiction had too much time on their hands.

You run across those wire stories occasionally, stories about parents upset with certain books that they feel aren't appropriate for teens being on school library shelves. You are familiar with the same stories if you follow the news. And think about it: Of all those stories about parents worried about certain authors and books, did any offer specific information about what worried the parents?

For example, Cheryl Rainfield's 2010 "Scars" centers around a girl who had been raped by her father since she was an infant. Now the father is providing her with knives, hoping the teen will cut herself to death.

The trade publication School Library Journal called "Scars" "one heck of a good book." With adults like these in presumed positions of at least some responsibility, it's not hard to understand why some adults are leery of "experts" in the field of raising children.

This information is from the essay, "The Case for Good Taste in Children's Books," by Meghan Cox Gurdon. Type the author's name and the title of the piece into a search engine and read it all.

If you do, your opinion of young adult literature will be forever changed.


I'm guessing a lot of people were thinking "that dog isn't dead" when they finished reading the story about Thor being put down in Thursday's Miner.


It's football season and all is right in the world.

I'm one of those guys who loves the pros - and the college games, too. And those college Saturday TV games just go on and on, especially when Hawaii is playing a home game.

Nevada-Reno was one of my favorite Saturday night teams to watch, back when Colin Kaepernick was the quarterback. I used to rave about him to an audience of skeptics.

A running QB who can pass? Big deal, they said, you'll never hear from him after he graduates.

If I see the Next Big Thing one of these Saturdays, I'll let you know.


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