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Kingman Letters: Sending a K-I-S-S to D.C.

Image: KEVIN MCCOY/Wikimedia Commons

We need to send a kiss to D.C. for the all the third-graders playing politics. You know, "Keep It Simple, Stupid." The insults against the American people's intelligence continue to mount from lawyers who could not find a job to match their degrees from Harvard and other colleges. So they got into politics, where they could make rules to benefit them and not us, the regular Americans.

He said, she said, is the poorest way one can govern. The great two-party systems have failed. Why else would the two parties continue in lies, deceptions and cover-ups? They either believe it or they think the public is too stupid to do common math, you know, two plus two is still four. Well, unless you're in D.C. that is, where the budget deals with spending cuts by not spending as much next year, and I will gladly pay you for a hamburger the second Tuesday of next week.

Any president or congressman and senator who uses fear in hopes of getting their bills passed should be voted out.

I would say "put in jail" or just "shot between the eyes," but we know that prison terms are not coming and it would be a waste of a good bullet.

"Just pass the bill so you can read it," Nancy [Pelosi] said, and the fools did. Why? Well, do you think they care about you or the country?

The D.C. gang knew none of this would affect them, just like the stuff of 2007 which lead to a dismal state of affairs for most Americans, but no politician, when asked, knows how many homes he or she owns.

A bully uses fear to get their way, and it is time for a civil discourse to let the D.C. bullies know we are not stupid and we will not allow them to use scare tactics and blame others for their inability to act like adults.

Jack Shepherd



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