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Letter: Governing by temper tantrum

President Obama, governing like an irascible five-year-old throwing a temper tantrum, has done some petty, thuggish, un-presidential "governing" this week, starting with trying to shut down the ocean at Florida Bay. Shutting down an ocean. Wow! Impressive, his "delusions of grandeur," huh?

Included in shutdowns are those receiving no federal funds, which could put them out of business. That's his goal. Inflict pain, according to one anonymous Park Ranger.

But I will stick to just one, the one most hurtful to a group of our most esteemed citizenry, World War II veterans. In his blame-Republicans attempt, Obama has tried denying access to the open air, 24/7 WWII monument, paid for by private donations.

Underestimating these 75- to 90-year-olds, he missed the fact these veterans, who faced down the Atlantic Wall and Wehrmacht, aren't intimidated by a two-bit Chicago community organizer, nor jackbooted cops, nor the Obama SEIU rent-a-mob, who, at $15 an hour, showed up to cause trouble, loudly blame Boehner and declare themselves furloughed employees, later admitting it was all lies.

Few know, the Obama people also ordered any vet going to the memorial be arrested.

Congressman Louis Gomert, R-Texas, Ted Cruz R-Texas, and others took the "Honor Flight" vets through anyway, for most their first, and undoubtedly last, trip to this memorial. American patriot Sarah Palin called for civil disobedience.

This typical Saul Alinsky community organizing attempt to use taxpayers and tourists as political pawns in their propaganda just may backfire. Manufacture a crisis (government shutdown), inflame the community (constantly blame the Republicans for the shutdown in spite of the fact Reid could stop it anytime), then fan the flames (get all the media goons repeating it endlessly), push to the point of conflict.

God knows, we've known Obama's divide-and-conquer routine since day one - out of the one, many. After pushing some out of their complacency, direct their rage to a specific target, this time Tea Partiers, the ones they fear the most.

Let's follow our WWII veterans and stand our ground!

Linda Athens



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