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Editorial: Exempt, and loving it

President Obama retreated last week from his previous, oft-repeated lie that if you like your insurance, you can keep it, qualifying the shameless deception by saying you can't keep a "substandard" plan.

That statement - that some bureaucrat knows best when it comes to other people's health insurance - likely infuriated more than a few folks. It's worrisome that others just heard the words, nodded and smiled.

The fact that the president is peddling a product that is, by most accounts, far more expensive than the good old days before Oct. 1 is perhaps best illustrated by the flood of people onto the Medicaid rolls rather than onto an insurance plan. And who else but government can blow a half-billion on a website that doesn't function?

These are the people who will be in charge if the single-payer crowd gets its way.

And then a gift arrived in the mail from the insurance company that covers my wife. Because we had purchased the insurance plan for years without any changes, Blue Cross advised us, we are exempt from the clutches of Obamacare.

It's Christmas in November. Even with a substandard president.


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