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Letter: Whatever happened to F-U-N?

Where does the fun begin? My understanding is that the teams for recreational youth soccer U-6's and U-8's are supposed to be a positive learning experience. Is this said learning experience supposed to be win at all cost, with one team being beat by 10 or more goals, and the non-compassionate coaches and parents screaming for more? The willingness to coach is not enough. They need to have compassion for the children and the league to ensure this attribute.

As time passes, the children are demoralized and the desire to continue to play anymore is gone. If coaches do not understand the sensitivity of the young players, how are we going to foster good sportsmanship?

We need to instill in this league that we cannot have coaches with this attitude. The children are not here to feed their egos. During the games, we need the league representatives to monitor a little more diligently the younger games, especially how the coaches are performing, as to fairness to their team and the opponents.

The bottom line is to keep the younger children interested in continuing to enjoy playing soccer and not have the coaches go for blood. In the future, the league needs to scrutinize and monitor the parents who are coaches so that the children have a positive playing experience. According to the board, the league was founded on the premise of the children having fun, fun, fun.

Gordon Veveiros



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