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Kingman letter: Huff and Puff

Time for more statistics. The recent sentencing by a local judge appeared to be interpreted as a positive gesture from the law toward the legalization of marijuana. Now, without prejudice to any political party, let's look at recent polls. The Huffington Post has associated with YouGov for polling. Now the Huffington Post is, by their own admission, liberal leaning. YouGov, on the other hand, is a reputable polling organization in Britain. One of their recent combined polls, conducted at the end of October 2013, asked the following question: ""f marijuana were legal in your state, how often would you buy it?"

Here were the results: often - 4 percent of YouGov readers and 45 percent of Huffington Post readers; sometimes - 10 percent of YouGov readers and 30 percent of Huffington Post readers; rarely - 12 percent of YouGov readers and 10 percent of Huffington Post readers; never - 71 percent of YouGov readers and 13 percent of Huffington Post readers.

Pay attention here. Huffington Post measured their readers and YouGov sampled all Americans over 18. It has nothing to do with medical marijuana. Look it up.

There are other pieces of data but it appears that the overwhelming majority says "never" (71 percent.) So, what we have is apparently a judge trying to apply a sentence that is being grossly misinterpreted as representing a shift in the American population in the purchase of marijuana. Care to dispute verifiable statistics and polling results in favor of your individual agendas?

Monte Wilson

Valle Vista


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