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Editorial: On a PACE to PASS with PALS

Funding for public schools is not a perpetually hot topic, and in fact it probably doesn't get enough attention.

However, it's hard to accept that education is underfunded after reading about the number of second and third chance programs there are in the Kingman Unified School District.

You've got I Care (I Choose Attitude, Responsibility, Effort), you've got PACE (Positive Actions Create Excellence), you've got PASS (Positive Alternatives for Student Success), you've got PALS (Positive Accountability Leads to Success), and of course you've got SPEND (Student Programs Energetically Noshing on Dollars).

Even with the one I just made up, that sounds like a whole lot of programs for the size of the KUSD community. And these programs are just for high school-age students, including 13 who have had serious brushes with the law. Can KWOOP (Kindergartners Who are Out On Parole) be far behind?

If you haven't already, I encourage you to read Wednesday's excellent report by Kim Steele on ICARE and the alternative campus with its 185 students. It's clear many of these kids deserve a second chance, and the success of capitalism means there won't be a shortage of third, fourth and fifth chances in some cases.

And a few of them will turn out to be losers anyway. That's not a reflection on KUSD and its many programs to catch these kids. It's a fact of life.

What I'd like to see is a similar effort expended on behalf of the 185 best students in the three high schools.

What's that? Oh, KUSD could do that except that public education is underfunded.



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