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Letter of thanks: John A Pferdehirt

An event took place here in Kingman Saturday at the Mohave County Museum that most people took little notice of. A wonderful group of women took it upon themselves to honor another group of men and women.

The Kingman Quilting Guild made a commitment to honor a group of 32 veterans and wounded warriors for their military service and sacrifice for our country. To those of us who were honored, it was a greatly appreciated event that definitely made us proud to have served our nation.

These wonderful women presented 32 beautiful quilts to us. A wonderful program was presented and the women that created each quilt were the presenters to the individual veterans.

Speaking for myself, I was extremely proud to receive my quilt from my wife Jeannie, who had accomplished this project without my knowledge. A great number of the veterans from the Vietnam era were recipients of these wonderful quilts. It was a great day for us and it makes us proud to be ardent supporters of our nation, Arizona and our neighbors here in Kingman. It was a good thing that was done here today and I know that all of us thank you for your support.

Scratch a veteran and you will find a patriot. Scratch a patriot and they will scratch back.

John A Pferdehirt

Ssgt. US Air Force, Mohave County Chapter, Vietnam Veterans Association 975


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