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Letter: It may be a blessing in disguise

When I returned to Kingman a couple of months ago and saw that Travis Lingenfelter was a finalist for the position of city manager, my immediate thought was there was no way he would have been placed in the final three unless there was near unanimous intent to offer him the position.

To place him among the finalists and not offer him the job would be a slight to the Lingenfelter legacy and create unnecessary controversy.

Let's just say that the announcement that Travis wasn't selected was not my first surprise since I came back.

In fairness to the candidate who was chosen and the persons intimately involved in the selection process, I will reserve judgment as to whether or not the decision was sound. I haven't lived in Kingman for over 35 years and I am not well-acquainted with the current political landscape.

However, I would say to Travis (and the Lingenfelter family, who have been friends since my parents, Robert and Elaine, brought my sister Kimberly and myself to Kingman in 1966) - like many things in life, this could be a blessing in disguise.

Travis may have found that his impeccable skills and sound temperament would have been muted, if not thwarted or mired, in a complicated milieu of local politics and personalities.

I'm certain that Travis will find an environment in which his forward-thinking ideas and talents will flourish and be appreciated.

Jeffrey Morrissette



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