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Ex-GoDaddy VP among candidates for Arizona governor

Christine Jones

KINGMAN - Christine Jones wants to be the next governor of Arizona because the state needs the kind of leadership that would ensure its "next 100 years is as magnificent" as was its first century.

Jones, a Republican, is an attorney, a CPA and most notably, a founding executive vice president of GoDaddy.com, one of the most popular Internet web hosting services and the largest domain registrar in the world.

Jones sold her interest in 2011 in a $2.25 billion deal with three private equity firms.

As the web giant's legal counsel in the early 2000s, Jones said the Internet was equivalent to the Wild West.

"There was no law on the Internet," she said Monday in a speech to the Mohave County Republican Men's Club. She said bogus pharmacies sold millions of pills online and child pornography sites were rampant. The number of scammers, identity thieves and other cyber criminals was high and so was the toll on victims, she said.

Jones said she was able to advocate for change and played a role in setting web policy. She has testified before Congress and helped pass legislation President George W. Bush signed into law in 2008 that was designed to protect children on the Internet.

"There's a lot of good on the Internet, but there's also a lot of not nice things," she said.

After selling her stake in GoDaddy, Jones said her temporary retirement came to an end when she chose to run for the top office in Arizona.

"I decided, at some point, that we needed someone in (office) with no regard for the length of time in office or with an eye on higher office," she said.

If she fails, she said, the state's residents will get "stuck with another career politician in there who tells you one thing when they have no intention of following through."

She said if residents do elect such a person, voters "get what we deserve."

She said she supports a strong defense, limited government and personal responsibility, but she has virtually no background in political office.

Critics point out she has a drunken driving conviction stemming from an incident in 2004 and there are those in the state GOP who believe Jones is not truly a Republican - and if she is, she's not a particularly conservative one.

Jones, however, is no fan of higher taxes. She alluded to her GoDaddy deal when she said she pays a large amount of money in taxes and doesn't want to see that liability increase.

Jones worked for a Phoenix law firm focusing on commercial litigation prior to co-founding GoDaddy.

Jones serves on her Phoenix church's board of directors and sings on its praise team.

She is married to Gary Jones, a retired Air Force officer who runs the Air Force Junior Officer Training Corps at a local high school.


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