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Letter of thanks: It's the Kingman Concert Band

Thank you, Kingman Daily Miner, for doing so much for the non-profit groups in our community, you are an essential component in our work.

It was great to see in the paper on Friday, Jan. 3, a photo of Joe Daspit playing Christmas music on his beautiful silver trumpet. However, I know that you hold journalistic accuracy in high regard; so I want to make one correction. I am privileged to serve as president of the board of the Kingman Concert Band, and as such I must comment on our name. The band was founded in 1998 and has been active ever since. Our name was then, is now, and will always be the Kingman Concert Band. So I hope you will be sure everyone gets that name correct from now. Over the years, we have been identified with many, many erroneous names.

Thanks to Joe for his dual musical contributions to both the Kingman Concert Band and the Mohave Community Orchestra. And once again thank you to the Miner for all that you do.

Karen Lynne



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