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Letter: A habit of mis-speaking

In the Jan. 16 Miner, Dean Wolslagel stated he was not impressed with Congressman Gosar's "extremist and very partisan views on health care." He accused Congressman Gosar of "being a mere puppet of an angry mob who hates this president to such an extent that you're willing to take away health care to those who really need it."

Mr. Wolslagel, it is apparent that you prefer a president who lies to the American people. "If you like your health care, you can keep it! If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor."

There is absolutely no way the president didn't know people would not be able to keep the health care they had. The moment the insurance companies complied with the requirements of the "Obamacare" laws, their policies would no longer be "grandfathered in." If you are 60 years old, you still must have coverage for pediatric care and coverage for having a baby and/or an abortion.Therefore, there is no way to keep your current coverage. The same goes for keeping your doctor. Once you are on the state or federal health insurance, you have to use the doctors that are accepted by this insurance.

This administration has a habit of "mis-speaking" to the American people. In Arizona, we call that lying. They are blinded by their leftist, socialist agenda. They are not heeding the warnings of the economists, business leaders and the medical professionals.

This is supposed to all be in the name of equality, which cannot be achieved by edict or by very poorly organized programs or by ignoring basic economics.

What about the millions of people who paid for their own insurance and now have lost it due to Obamacare. They now must pay more for less. Obamacare is a disaster. Congressman Gosar and other Republicans drafted an alternative, the American Health Care Reform Act. Unfortunately, the Democrats are keeping this alternative from the light of day.

Mr. Wolslagel, you and your Democratic friends are the ones who resent success and personal responsibility and are the ones doing the hate-mongering.

Sandee Samoska



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