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Letter: Pointing fingers is pointless

It makes me proud to read the wise, inspiring and truly sagacious words of Dean Wolslagel, chairman of the Democratic Party of Mohave County [Jan. 16, "Who is this angry mob?"]. Then I got past the first sentence. By the time I finished his article, I thought I was back on the school playground.

Dean, are you really the chairman? Name-calling, John Birch, hate-mongering and warmongering? I read a whole lot of bitterness and hate, but no real substance or ideas. Sure didn't entice me to look into joining your party, let alone listen to your party's message.

So as long as we keep pointing fingers for issues that started over 70 years ago, we will never resolve the issues we face today. Put this us-verses-them attitude to rest and let's figure out what's wrong and how to fix it!

By the way, is the best measure of our Congress determined by how many laws they pass?

Paul De Nubilo



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