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Reel Watchers: The Other Woman

The Other Woman

When Kate (Leslie Mann, hilariously over the top), the needy, dingy and naive housewife, learns the truth about her GQ serial philander husband, she completely falls apart. Having nobody to talk to ("all my friends are Mark's friends"), she is unable to stop seeking out the mistress for details - to the point of stalking.

Carly, the mistress (Cameron Diaz), a powerful attorney experienced at dating, inexplicably misses that this catch is a cad. This is the first of several illogical moments - another is when Carly seeks relationship advice from her father (Don Johnson), who we learn is on his fifth divorce. Another is Kate's objection to the budding interest between her single, handsome, regular-guy-next-door brother and "sister" Carly.

Kindly Diaz is unable to resist trying to help the poor soul and they gradually become friends. Upon realizing the cad has yet another mistress, they go into ridiculously obvious spy mode, complete with binoculars on the beach in broad daylight.

Vapid new mistress Amber (swimsuit model Kate Upton) turns out to be a sweet girl. She joins our merry band of Mark's girls in often clichéd revenge schemes.

Mann makes the movie with her madcap commitment to the role, similarly supported by Diaz. There are genuinely hilarious moments - everyone in the theater was laughing, even the row of guys sitting behind me. The comeuppance of Mark at the end is unnecessarily long and could have been much funnier. The dog serves no purpose whatsoever as his indoor bowel movements and testicles are simply not funny.

That said, if your expectations are simply entertainment and a fluff movie that doesn't have to make sense, this might be your movie. It's not Shakespeare, but it is worth two Miners.

Cast: Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Kinney, Don Johnson

PG-13. 109 minutes


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