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Licenses & Permits: May 20, 2014

The city of Kingman recently issued the following licenses:

Las Flores Nursery: Jacqueline Ramos; 50809 U.S. Hwy. 60/89, #2, Wickenburg; nursery and garden center.

Autonomous Facilities Maintenance: Timothy Wayne Parker; 4040 N. Lomita St.; cleaning services.

The city of Kingman recently issued the following permits:

Roy Baldwin: 3829 N. Rainbow Drive; residential addition; $1,246.99.

Cantrell Development: 455 Greenway Drive; new single-family residence; $7,167.24.

Future Foresight Inc.: 2137 Producers Mine Road; new single-family residence; $6,791.68.

Truelove Plumbing: 2020 Harrison St.; residential remodel; $223.25.

Double Horn Construction: 2302 Lillie Ave.; commercial remodel; $1,293.19.

Mohave County recently issued the following permits:

E&R Electric: 12188 Marble Drive, Kingman; electrical repair; $106.28.

Charlie Company: 5680 Pima Road, Golden Valley; home occupation; $75.

Sunwest Enterprises: 2104 McCarrel Road, Kingman; mobile home; $505.

Angle Homes: 2911 Casa Hermosa, Kingman; block wall; $140.63.

Ambient Edge: 5578 Collins Drive, Golden Valley; HVAC ground replacement; $82.50.

Big D's: 4570 Glen Road, Kingman; county rehab; $622.50.

Big D's: 2855 Snavely Ave., Kingman; county rehab; $298.75.

A2Z Roofing and Supply: 8680 Cortez Drive, Kingman; re-shingle four-plex; $97.50.

A2Z Roofing and Supply: 6993 Rio Verde Plaza, Kingman; re-shingle structure; $97.50.

Justin Sims: 4598 Patsy Drive, Kingman; electrical repair; $106.28.

Sunwest Enterprises: 3831 Hearne Ave., Kingman; replace manufactured home; $465.

Venita Chichuk: 2665 Ames Ave., Kingman; metal awning; $140.63.

Farner Electric: 4345 Santa Fe Drive, Kingman; electric; $143.35.

Angle Homes: 5133 Pueblo Pequeno, Kingman; single-family residence and block wall; $1,389.38.

AZ Sunwest Construction: 4310 Shadow Road, Kingman; awnings and deck; $255.05.

AZ Sunwest Construction: 8250 Salida Del Sol Lane, Kingman; manufactured home; $440.

Portable Wood Sheds: 1575 Cedar Road, Kingman; metal building; $229.75.

Portable Wood Sheds: 4911 Rainbow Ave., Golden Valley; carport; $179.15.

Portable Wood Sheds: 7917 Shipp Drive, Golden Valley; metal building; $1,096.88.

Portable Wood Sheds: 3805 Calle Alamo, Kingman; metal building; $670.53.

Michael Range: 1162 Dugas Road, Golden Valley; carport; $420.63.

Wise Electric: 4360 Irving St., Kingman; replace electric; $106.28.

J & A Concrete: 7535 Chino Drive, Golden Valley; garage; $406.88.

Paul Jermain: 5501 Indian Rice Road, Kingman; travel trailer; $75.

Trula Kazaitis: 3365 Smith Drive, Golden Valley; travel trailer; $75.

David Wallace: 6282 Carrizo Road, Golden Valley; rewire house; $106.28.

Ambient Edge: 1385 Ames Ave., Kingman; HVAC replacement; $82.50.

Ambient Edge: 3250 Gatlin Drive, Kingman; HVAC replacement; $82.50.


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