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'Edge of Tomorrow' flashy, but doesn't stand out

Tom Cruise puts a “Groundhog Day” spin on intergalactic warfare in “The Edge of Tomorrow.” (Courtesy)

This summer blockbuster with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt will satisfy anyone's need for visual spectacle, weaponry and warfare.

The "Edge of Tomorrow" tagline - "Live, Die, Repeat" - pretty much sums up the plot with a few additions of humor and a touch of romance.

Tom Cruise is a reluctant hero in a war between the entire human race and an invasion of aliens that looked like black spaghetti to me. They can shift time, and at the start of the movie, the aliens have pretty much taken over the world. Cruise has been injured by one of them and has taken on some of their time shifting attributes, and so the "fun" begins.

I thought the animation and computer effects were very good and the action was nonstop. The plot was pretty thin, but the dialogue and the acting were good. I liked Emily Blunt as the absolutely fearless heroine and possibly the toughest woman who ever lived. Her portrayal as the "Angel of Verdun" (a title earned in a previous battle) was used in the plot as a recruitment device in a war that seemed pretty hopeless until Tom Cruise shows up.

As an action hero, Tom comes across first as confused and then as the movie goes on he becomes more and more confident in his abilities. I thought he did a good job, but I am very tired of the "sci-fi blockbuster" genre in general, and in this particular case, there really wasn't much more that could have been done with this plot.

I wouldn't consider this movie a standout in a very crowded field. I give it 2½ Miners.


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