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Health Inspections: June 10, 2014

Starbucks No. 1887: 3970 Stockton Hill Road; EXCELLENT; no violations noted this visit; all food contact surfaces and equipment clean and sanitary in appearance; thank you; June 3.

Frozen Yogurt Island: 3880 Stockton Hill Road; EXCELLENT; no violations noted at the time of inspection; physical store very clean and well-organized; all temperatures noted were within safe parameters; ensure both refrigerators and freezers all have thermometers at all times; June 3.

Kingman Cinemas: 4055 N. Stockton Hill Road; EXCELLENT; no violations noted this inspection; excellent cleanliness noted throughout; good food handling and sanitation procedures followed; June 3.

Eagles No. 3744: 4536 Patsy Dr.; EXCELLENT; no violations noted at time of inspection; bar and environment was clean in appearance; drinking glasses were clean; sanitizer available; good refrigeration temperatures; June 4.

Little Eagle Preschool and Childcare: 4005 Shadow; SATISFACTORY; three refrigerators in kitchen: 1) true commercial-non-operational, 2) arctic air-above temp, 3) domestic GE reefer; holding good temperatures, remove non-functioning true reefer and replace with functional commercial reefer; arctic air reefer noted temp at 43-46 degrees, removed all potentially hazardous foods and placed them in functional domestic reefer; arctic air now just has drinks inside; contact refrigeration technician to repair arctic air unit today or ASAP; remove domestic refrigerator and use only commercial appliances; watch internal temps on all refrigeration; fronts of cabinets are crumbling, resurface or relaminate cabinet doors and drawers; lower cabinets and counter coming away from wall; use waterproof caulking to seal back against wall; covered foods noted without dates - date all foods; good cleanliness noted; June 4.

Bighorn Café By Nana's Best Catering: 1971 Jagerson Ave.; EXCELLENT; no violations noted during this inspection; cleanliness is outstanding; good food handling noted; all food contact surfaces and equipment clean and sanitary in appearance; good refrigeration temps noted; great job; June 4.

La Palma: 3039 Northern Ave. Suite A; EXCELLENT; no critical violations noted this inspection; all temperatures good; please keep the thermometers in front of reefers so as to be able to see temps quickly; plastic shopping bags must be removed; place frozen foods in food grade storage containers for sanitation and for ease of labeling; June 4.

Giovann's Pappa's Dog: 3860 Stockton Hill Road; EXCELLENT; no critical violations noted at time of inspection; please connect cold water to cart to assure that hand washing temperature comes down making it more conducive for hand washing; good refrigeration temps; June 4.

El Tio Taco Shop: 2615 Northern Ave.; EXCELLENT; number 24 rectified; owner will be signing up to take food manager's class and two employees will sign up for FHC within a week; no other critical violations noted during inspection; as discussed with owner, repair small hole in wall by silverware holder; monitor refrigeration temperatures carefully in the coming months as the ambient temperature goes up; it is harder for the refrigeration units to stay at or below 41 degrees; monitor hourly; excellent food handling practices noted; all food contact surfaces and equipment clean and sanitary in appearance; good luck and thank you; June 5.

Blue Jewel Water/Coffee Expedition: 1867 Northern Ave.; EXCELLENT; ice sales; r-o water used in ice making; ice bagged and labeled properly; June 6.

B's Monkey Butt Bar and Grill (bar and lounge): 4400 Stockton Hill Road; NEEDS IMPROVEMENT; paper towels for hand wash sink missing fill dispenser, ensure you have paper towels at all times, wash hands frequently; ant poison found behind bar among bottles of liquor, Windex and spray paint also found in bar area - keep all chemicals, paints and poisons out of food service areas, keep them in a separate part of building away from food; bartender does not have food handlers card - make sure that bartender is signed up for food handlers class within five days; drinking glasses of every variety found with lipstick lip prints (some in two colors), oily fingerprints, food debris and dust on them, solution: immediately re-evaluate dishwashing and glassware washing procedure and re-wash all glassware on shelves, assure that proper washing and sanitization take place; glass washing machine does not seem to be connected to sanitizer concentrate - please demonstrate dishwasher and separate cycles; if sanitizer dispenser is not functioning, begin to wash glassware by hand utilizing wash, rinse and sanitizing by hand, allow glasses to air dry; quartenary ammonia sanitizing pellets found on floor behind dish machine, however jars are full, coated with grease and dust and stuck to the floor so as to be difficult to retrieve as needed; fix machine immediately and submit repair invoice if broken; both bar guns have syrup build up inside nozzles; both holsters are slimy and backed up with debris, solution: clean and sanitize nozzles and emitter heads each night; clean and sanitize bar gun holsters to assure proper drainage and daily cleaning of each; Jello shots uncovered in walk-in cooler, please cover these with paper or plastic to avoid contamination of same; inspector to return June 13; please have all above listed problems rectified by that time; June 6.

B's Monkey Butt Bar and Grill (restaurant): 4400 Stockton Hill Road; NEEDS IMPROVEMENT; cook without food handler card; other staff have cards or are signed up; kitchen manager has serve safe certificate; have cook signed up for class within five days; grilled bratwurst found in refrigerator wrapped in foil; no date - disposed of; frozen unwrapped cheese slices found in freezer - disposed of; microwave very dirty and greasy, clean on a regular basis; macaroni and cheese found in freezer without cover or date - cover and date all food items; grill and griddle with considerable build-up of food and grease - clean this equipment regularly; no consumer advisory posted - obtain and post in a conspicuous place; entire south side of kitchen contaminated with bird feathers and bird droppings; affected areas include: three-compartment sink to include all pans and utensils, sinks, foodstuffs (potatoes) stored in area, entire dishwashing area both dirty and clean sides, problem: feral pigeons taken up residence or gained entry to evaporative cooler on roof; when activated, cooler blows down desiccated feces, contaminated dust, feathers and debris into food prep area; solution: close louver vents and turn off unit; replace water evaporation pads, scrape and sanitize inside of cooler with bleach, scrape and sanitize vents, install air conditioning filter above louver in kitchen to preclude contaminants from kitchen; deep clean and sanitize everything mentioned above to include floors, walls, sinks, drying racks all plates, pots utensils and food holding inserts. All horizontal and vertical surfaces not mentioned; wash potatoes and get them off of the floor; holes in walls in men's restroom-repair and re-paint. Two urinals broken off wall due possibly to vandalism-repair or replace; women's restroom with strong hydrogen sulfide smell - find cause and remediate; broken soap dispenser on women's restroom wall - replace; coving torn off wall in unisex restroom- replace coving; self closure of food kitchen due to grease trap back up noted and verified with Kingman septic; grease trap pumped June 5, 2014; kitchen cleaned and floors sanitized; closure lasted +/- 6 hours, good job; mops noted sitting in dirty water in mop buckets - after use, rinse mops with hot water, wring out and hang head up to air dry to avoid gross bacterial growth in mop heads; inspector to return June 13 as agreed with management to re-inspect; please have all above mentioned problems rectified by that date; good food handling noted by kitchen and wait staff; June 6.


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