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Organizations: Democratic Women's Club


The Democratic Women's Club of Kingman invited the community to Metcalfe Park for a Flag Day celebration. Unlike the celebration last year with no flag pole, this year we had a brand-new pole and a new flag to fly. It took a year to collect enough money from the community to be able to have a flagpole erected, but it was worth every bit of effort. The Boy Scouts of Troop 401 first raised a flag that flew over the Capitol. After everyone said the Pledge of Allegiance, they took that flag down and folded it and gave it back to Joe Longoria. It is a very big flag and they did a wonderful job making sure it was properly handled even on a windy day. Then the flag that will fly over Metcalfe Park was raised. Everyone joined in to sing our National Anthem. Flag Day was the 200th anniversary of when Francis Scott Key penned the words to the Star-Spangled Banner. After the ceremony, the Democratic Women's Club drew the winners of the free drawing. Three prizes were given out: A U.S. flag and pole set, a 3x6 flag made up of twinkle lights and a T-shirt commemorating Flag Day 2014. It was a moving and rewarding day for all who participated.


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