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Health Inspections: Friday, June 20, 2014

Mohave County Public Health recently conducted the following inspections:

Walmart No. 2051: 3396 Stockton Hill Road; EXCELLENT; repair leak in WIC, water is spraying onto floor (work order submitted); note: complaint also investigated at time of inspection; store is working with maintenance to minimize odor of compactor, however it is in rear/side of store near prepackaged meats/dairy and is not affecting produce or open items. June 11.

Time Out Tavern Food Service: 2601 Stockton Hill Road; NEEDS IMPROVEMENT; observed food handler place sliced tomato on hamburger with bare hand - there is no bare hand contact allowed with ready-to-eat food, gloves are available; ensure hands are properly washed prior to putting gloves on; cannot provide proof that anyone has certified food manager certification - if someone does have it, then provide proof within 10 days, if not, have someone sign up for class within 10 days and provide proof; ensure all food handler cards are readily available at time of next inspection; also, one employee has an online course, but must attend Mohave County Food Handler class. June 11.

Kingman Springhill Suites/Marriot: 3101 E. Andy Devine Ave.; NEEDS IMPROVEMENT; scrambled eggs were not reheated to 170 degrees or above (as instructed on packaging), they were placed on line temping 110-119 degrees and were removed and reheated to 190 degrees before placing back on line - ensure temp is taken after reheating; juice dispenser is temping between 50-55 degrees, juice was at 48 degrees, must be maintained at 41 or below, have unit repaired so it maintains proper temperature; currently there is no certified food manager of staff, have someone sign up within 10 days and provide proof to this inspector; in order to serve fresh fruit/produce, must have a separate food prep sink or utilize a strainer which sits over three-compartment sink basin, strainer cannot sit directly in basin; also, establishment rating card must be posted in conspicuous view of public - not obstructed by juice machine; note: a followup inspection will be required to ensure compliance and a $114 reinspection fee will be assessed; the follow up will be conducted on or after June 22. June 12.

Lotta Lou's: 1152 W. Beale Street; EXCELLENT; no violations observed at time of inspection. June 12.

Westside Mobil: 999 W. Beale Street; EXCELLENT; no violations observed at the time of inspection. June 12.

USA Travel: 953 W. Beale Street; EXCELLENT; no critical violations observed at the time of inspection. June 12.


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