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Latest 'Transformers' suffers from a little bit too much of everything

Transformers: Age of Extinction

When the 10-year-old sitting next to me tells me "Transformers, The Age of Extinction" is boring, I know I'm in trouble.

There are several top notch actors associated with this movie, and I am a fan of all of them, but I can't help but feel they must be cringing all the way to the bank.

Mark Wahlberg plays an inventor with a teenage daughter who discovers an injured Optimus Prime. Transformer Prime has been in hiding for three years along with his fellow autobots because an alien invasion wiped out Chicago, but otherwise left humanity intact.

A shadowy government agency has contracted with a shady global organization to produce their own evil transformers and eliminate the "good" ones. Kelsey Grammar and Stanley Tucci make fine villains, but everyone in this movie is overwhelmed by the overlong, bloated CGI effects and the epic battle that takes up more than half of the running time of this film.

I can't help but think about the hundreds of people and man hours it takes to produce a movie like this one - and the waste of talent that it is. Nowhere do these effects serve the plot, which went on so long, I actually had a headache when I left the theater.

Speaking of plot, it really seemed that there was a lot of borrowing from other movies. I saw hints of Alien, Star Wars, ET, and whatever else the writers could cram in there so they didn't actually have to write anything original. And having the actors yelling "Whoa!!!" every 30 seconds or so and throwing in a few four letter words does not a script make.

Age of Extinction, indeed, with the emphasis on stink! I give it one miner.


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