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'Anarchy' just about perfect for Purge fans

The Purge: Anarchy

The redistribution of wealth upward through killing has to stop!" declares the leader of a resistance group that protests the government-sanctioned holiday, the Purge. "The Purge: Anarchy" expounds on the social commentary that was initiated in the first film, as four citizens attempt to survive downtown streets, neighborhood traps, contracted mercenaries, and pay-for-purge ambushes.

"Anarchy" successfully maintains tension as hints of a government cover-up overshadow the requisite gore and violence. The bloody stranger (Edwin Hodge), who took refuge in the first film, returns as a member of the resistance group that comes to the aid of the four who are ironically trapped out in the open.

Fans of the first film will enjoy the fights to survive in the streets, a fun plot twist in an apartment building, and additional explanation about the Founding Fathers and the conspiracy that maintains the national 5 percent unemployment rate. Those who are looking for something never before seen will not find it in "Anarchy." The plot is annoyingly predictable as is the social commentary that "change only comes when [high society] bleeds." The hero is a cookie-cutter standard and a bland couple who tags along is out-performed by the masked crew of thugs who pursues them.

This is a worthy sequel that holds to the plot conventions of the prequel - a movie for Purge fans who want to watch others "Release the Beast!"

I give this film 2 Beastly Miners.


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