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Meadview patients get prescription assist from KRMC

Kurtis Manley

KINGMAN - Every Wednesday, Kurtis Manley and his staff make the 120-mile round-trip trek from Kingman Regional Medical Center to visit patients at Meadview Medical Services. As of July 1, those patients had the added benefit of the staff from KRMC transporting medications from Walgreen's, Uptown Drug, Walmart and Smith's.

It means a lot to Meadview patient Skip Torngren and his wife, Donna.

"We try to get into town once a week," Torngren said. "There are times when we just can't do it and with the cost of gas these days, it will be extremely helpful to have our medications brought to us."

The idea is "to help the Meadview patients get their medications without having to make special trips to Kingman," Manley said. "We ran it by our legal department and it was cleared, with a few exceptions."

Controlled substances cannot be transported and the program is for established patients who have credit cards on file with their pharmacies.

Patients are encouraged to call in their refills the Friday before the pickup. If they do not get a response from their pharmacy by Monday, they need to check into the delay.

"The patients will need to be proactive with their refills," Manley said. "If there is a problem, they are responsible for following up with their pharmacy."

Patients will be required to pick up their medications on Wednesday during regular Meadview Medical Services business hours.

"This is going to help a great deal with our patients getting their medications," said Anthony Carter, manager for Meadview Medical Services.


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