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Older That Dirt: Is Anyone Looking for Us?

My sister and I have this really bad habit of trying to locate old friends. I call it a bad habit because it usually turns out that way.

We often start with the Zabba search on the Internet. We figure that if they are female, they are probably divorced by now and have returned to using their maiden name. From there, we look on Facebook and hope they became a little computer savvy over the years.

It usually starts when we have a conversation about all the fun we had with someone when we were kids. We recall getting into mischief, and staying up all night talking about boys. (Sometimes we talk about sneaking the boys in through the window.)

These people shared a very important time in our lives. My sister was only one grade ahead of me in school, so even though she had her own BEST FRIEND, we still had a lot of friends in common.

My sister found a very special friend just a year or so ago. (At least she used to be special.) My sister had spent many months, off and on, looking for this person. She was very excited when they finally connected.

The friend, on the other hand, was not so excited. Whatever my sister brought up about the "old days" the friend either did not remember, or just wanted to forget! They exchanged a few pictures and e-mails, and that was that. (Scratch one old friend)

I had been looking for an old friend for years. She played an important role in my life. In fact , it was she who was there for me when my first child was born, 50-some years ago. I had looked everywhere on the computer, checking under several names she could possibly be using. I even looked for relatives of hers whose last names I could remember.

Finally, one day I just thought, what am I doing? I still have the same name. I am listed in the phone book, and all my family members are easy to find. Why isn't she looking for me? I guess our friendship must have been a little one-sided.

My sister has found a few of my old friends. One of them was actually glad to hear from us. Funny thing though, she didn't remember half the fun stuff we did together. Like when we accidentally set the canyon on fire, while we were playing campout. Or when we climbed out my bedroom window and went to an all-night movie. This was good stuff!

There was that one friend that she found a while back. This one turned out to be a big mistake! When we talked to her on the phone, she seemed to be the fun, happy person we remembered.

From the moment she got into our house, we were thankful we had not asked her to spend the night! She spent five long hours whining about how terrible her life had been. She had miserable kids, and lived through three lousy marriages. (The only good thing was, she looked like crap, so we both felt pretty good about ourselves.)

My sister and I recently made a pact. Neither one of us is allowed to look for ANYONE we used to know! Now that I think about it, they probably would not remember us anyway ...


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