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4/2/2010 6:01:00 AM
RUFFF times for animal sanctuary
Golden Valley facility cited for numerous violations
Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, Western Arizona Humane Society, Mohave County Environmental Health Division officials and two veterinarians were at RUFFF last Friday inspecting the Golden Valley animal rescue.
Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, Western Arizona Humane Society, Mohave County Environmental Health Division officials and two veterinarians were at RUFFF last Friday inspecting the Golden Valley animal rescue.

Erin Taylor
Miner Staff Reporter

KINGMAN - The owner of a Golden Valley animal rescue cited for multiple violations will hold an open house Saturday to let the public judge the conditions of the facility for themselves.

Hillarie Allison has operated the Rescue Unwanted Furry Friends Foundation (RUFFF) no-kill animal sanctuary on a 41-acre property since 2003. She is charged with more than 30 misdemeanor counts alleging various health code violations, as well as operating a kennel without a license and failing to renew RUFFF's non-profit status.

Allison acknowledges that a paperwork mistake led to her non-profit status being dropped, but she said she filed the necessary papers when the mistake was discovered and that the non-profit status is pending.

She also acknowledges that there are some maintenance issues that need to be addressed on the property, but she said those upgrades require money - money she said needs to go to the animals first.

"My priority is the care of the animals," Allison said. "The other things, yes they need to be done, but I had to take care of the health and well-being of the animals first."

Judge Lee Jantzen ordered an inspection of Allison's facility following a hearing in which the County asked for a permanent injunction against RUFFF.

The shelter is still open but currently prohibited from accepting any new animals.

Officials with the Sheriff's Office, Western Arizona Humane Society and the County's Environmental Health division inspected the facility Friday. The Humane Society counted 209 dogs, 88 cats and 12 pot bellied pigs, which were generally said to be in overall fair condition. Around 20 of the cats required veterinary attention, which Allison characterized as dental problems.

Problems allegedly found during the inspection include unsafe water connections; standing water outside of kennels; improper food storage and contaminated/spoiled canned foods; unbagged feces stored in an improper container; multiple flies in the food storage, cat housing and dumpster areas; and the presence of rats and their droppings.

Allison staunchly denies the rat charge.

"Neither myself or any of the volunteers have ever seen a rat on the property," Allison said. "We have field mice, but we are in the desert. That is going to happen."

County Civil Attorney Dolores Milkie said a rat ran across the foot of one of the inspectors Friday.

Milkie also outlined several other charges, including canned foods on a pallet being stored outside that had been exposed to the elements and began popping open, along with dry food that showed evidence of rodent infestation.

Allison said that in that case, the food showed up unannounced one day as a donation, and that volunteers covered it with a tarp until they could properly store it. Heavy rains and winds last month were responsible for the weathering, she said.

Milkie said the county has been attempting to work with Allison for more than two years to address the need for health code and planning and zoning compliance.

Allison received several extensions from the Planning and Zoning Commission in the last several years, she said, with the last one expiring in 2008. Milkie said that Allison's original request to Planning and Zoning was for half of the animals she currently has.

"It's been a long, drawn-out process," Milkie said.

She added that no medical records have been maintained on the animals, placing volunteers in danger if they were to be bitten or otherwise hurt by an animal.

Allison denies that she doesn't have records for the animals. She said she handed inspectors two reams of records and has spent more than $100,000 on veterinary care for the animals.

Milkie said there are also two trailers on the property in which people are living that have no septic system. Allison acknowledges that as well, and says that she wants to install a septic system, but that it again takes money.

Allison said it costs thousands of dollars to operate her sanctuary. She said the changes the county is requiring are simply out of her reach.

The county, for example, is requiring Allison to install a concrete run for the dogs that can be more easily cleaned and sanitized than the dirt run Allison currently uses.

Allison said she moved into the facility before the ordinance requiring the concrete run was instituted two years ago. She has been quoted upwards of $200,000 for the concrete run, which she said would be inhumane for the animals, especially in the summer heat.

"I want to work with the county to come into compliance, but some of the things they are requiring are simply not feasible and not humane," she said.

Another hearing before Judge Jantzen will take place in the next couple of weeks, during which time the county will present the results of the inspection to the judge, who will determine RUFFF's fate.

Allison's facility will be open to the public from 11 a.m. to mid-afternoon Saturday.

Those wishing to visit should turn south off of Highway 68 onto Estrella, left on Diabase, then right to Laguna. RUFFF may be contacted at (928) 565-BARK.

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Reader Comments

Posted: Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Article comment by: William Davis

I have not been out there. The fact of the matter is that the animals would be better off if they had not been put there. It also appears that the County has not done there job either by letting her get away with the things she is accused of. Put the county politicians in those living conditions along with the owner of the shelter and we will see how fast things change! Does not take a college education to figure it out.

Posted: Friday, April 23, 2010
Article comment by: Kelly Mcknight

Reading some of the comments are not true.

1: cement if sealed is impervious to moisture and easer to sanitize and does keep down diseases dirt can not be sanitized or I should say it would take so much bleach or other cleaner to do the cost would be out of reach, Par can survives in the dirt for years, with cement and a mixture of water and bleach at the rate of 10 to 1 most of the infectious diseases are eradicated if done everyday.

Most states require cement for this reason. Cement is also easier to clean.

As to the # of animals this is a major problem all over the country with sanctuary's , somewhere along the road they for get the word no I can't take any more in or I do not have the money to care for more .
The animals do suffer how can a place take care of that many animals and give them the attention they need not just food and water and picking up poop.

Anyone that has gotten their 501c3 non profit knows that you have to keep up the incorporation paper work, You have to be incorporated to get 501c3 non profit thru the IRS.
Many sanctuary's and other rescues that end up being investigated do incorporate and get the 501c3 then they drop the incorporation and it takes years for the IRS to drop the 501c3 because most people do not question that non profit when that see a rescue or sanctuary saying they are non profit. To me it is a way to defraud the public.

IN Ms. Allison comment she says she partnered up with another non profit but does not give their name, The one I know about is not and has not been a non profit and Ms. Allison has known that for several years, matter of fact the this group has said they partnered up with RUFF and claims to be using RUFF's non profit to ask for donations.

The animal welfare laws and county laws are made so the animals are given humane care.

As to the trailers with no septic there could be major health risks there and these risks are to the humans that live there, if she does not care about the risk the people living in the trailers are exposed to, then how can she give proper care to the animals because the animals are in risk to.

Look up other shelters and sanctuary's all over the country that were closed down for the same reasons and you will hear all the same arguments Ms. Allison has been making.

Come on Ms. Allison make a plea to reputable rescues to take the animals so that they maybe given proper care and forever homes. Is It humane to keep a cat with feline Luk alive or is it more humane to euth. humanely, Feline Luk is a slow death and is contagious to other cats is it fair to the other cats to expose them to feline Luk?
Ms. Allison you may have started out with a good heart but you are now no better then a hoarder.

I pray the state of AZ does shut this place down for the sake of the animals. To use the word sanctuary is improper in this case sanctuary's are normally a last ditch placement for an animal and animals are not normally adopted out from a sanctuary. People like in this case use the term sanctuary to try to get around the kennel laws. Some sanctuaries will adopt out on rare occasions but if you adopt out on a regular bases then you are a shelter.

Posted: Wednesday, April 7, 2010
Article comment by: bill ring

Thanks to mohave animal shelter Ruff has been overrun with animals. For all you people out there we have been given over 100 animals over the years none of them fixed by animal control, just that they thougt they needed more time to find a home because you only get 72 hours to live once you get to Animal Control! Also all the dogs out at Ruff have been vac. & fixed maybe if people care [deleted] this county would have a spay and nutter law.

Posted: Wednesday, April 7, 2010
Article comment by: Gordon Thompson

I have worked at the Sanctuary from day one and know every dog's name and all the pigs, too. I know most of the cats as well and each one is special and each one is loved. Rufff is often confused with other places - no animal has ever come from the pound and been returned to the pound as some rescues do. No pet has is denied a place because of a temperment test, but accepted "as is" when there is room. I have personally spend many tman hours building dog runs to accomodate dogs and cats (68 at one time) from the Kingman shelter coming in faster than we can build runs for them. I have arrived at the sanctuary late afternoons only to be greeted by dogs, cats and puppies left off during the day - and then have to find a place to put them or break out the chainlink to build a safe place for them. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars ensuring these discarded pets have a safe and comfortable place to live while waiting for a new home. I have taken many to the vet, nursed sick ones, calmed scared ones, runout in the lightening/rain storms to repair a gate or put a terrified dog safely back in his run.

I am appalled at the comments I read and the lies being told. Every pet at RUFFF has ALWAYS been given every thing plus love and affection and none have ever been put to sleep because they weren't perfect, had a defect or personality quirk. The critics are quick to condemn but I don't see them doing anything but complain -don't see their incomes spent on these discards - maybe they don't believe they are worth the time or effort and would rather see them dead. I see the love and gratitude in their eyes and the kisses they give in thanks and know they are worth every minute and every dollar I've spent on them and then some.Shame on you vicious people -shame on you for trying to ruin the reputation of one of this community's greatest assets and the founder, who gives unselfishly to these animals and this community and has for the last 15 years. Does RUFFF have things that need to be built? Yes. Do the animals suffer for it? Absolutely not! Don't confuse RUFFF with other places. Why don't you speak to the neighbors and see what they think? They'll tell you how great they think everything is and how much they appreciate the work being done. Make arraingements to adopt a pet instead of condemning the place and the animals to death. I am proud to have been a part of RUFFFHouse and will continue to support this wonderful organization.

Posted: Wednesday, April 7, 2010
Article comment by: Incensed dog lover

I'd like to know why some responses to this article are NOT being printed! Both mine and another I know of are being withheld although it was only our second one
before our visit to the "sanctuary" and one after. Is someone at the Miner monitoring the originating email addresses? I won't get into a [deleted] contest with my opinions, but I do feel it is imperative that our local newspaper treat all submitters equal. There are others who have two or more so why aren't ours there? Ms. Alllison invited the public to her open house and I attended. My opinion that it is horrendous for the animals there has not changed.

Posted: Tuesday, April 6, 2010
Article comment by: Jin Fowler

My parents went to this place about a yr ago, They said it was in very poor condition and the dogs looked really bad. And wondered how she was even in business. This is before an inspection of the place...

Posted: Sunday, April 4, 2010
Article comment by: Betsy Senn

Of course, the ideal situation for all of RUFFF's dogs and cats would be forever loving homes. Most of the dogs would make great pets....most have good dispositions & personalities....they were graciously licking any fingers poked through their fences, kissing noses & smiling & talking. All they need is a family to love them and play with them in a loving forever home. If all you complainers want to solve RUFFF's over-population problem, simply adopt one or two of RUFFF's innocent dogs or cats.

I attended RUFFF's open house. I didn't expect it to be fancy and perfect...but it was as I expected it should be - clean with water & food bowls filled, kennels clean, caretakers feeding and cleaning and petting and talking gently and happily to the critters. Most of the kennels are of generous sizes - the dogs can still run and jump and play. The cat houses are also of good size - and the cats were hugging and snuggling each other obvious satisfied.

I didn't see any flies, I certainly didn't see any rats, I didn't see any mice. I didn't see any heaping piles of feces nor did I smell any obnoxious odors.....and I've been there before - it's always been a well-kept facility.

Hillarie cannot afford to cement in all the kennels and install elaborate drainage and septic systems. Cement shouldn't be a requirement - How would you like to live on hard cement? Dogs love to dig in dirt....and that dirt is regularly sprayed with bleach to prevent disease....porous concrete would be more unsanitary, besides uncomfortable and cruel.

When I donate dollars to RUFFF, I don't worry - I know the money is going directly to the care of the critters. Obviously Hillarie does not live extravagantly, she lives right there on the property in a mobile home. If you'd rather not donate financially, adopt then....but for the sake of the critters who may be facing euthanizia soon, do something besides complain!!....volunteer to help groom the dogs, to help socialize the dogs, to help walk the dogs - and adopt, please adopt!

I agree, Hillarie should not accept any more critters - there is a limit for everything and everyone. As hard as it is for her, she must say no. But for the dogs and cats and pigs who are there now, let's help them -- Volunteer your time, donate bedding or blankets or dog houses or shade-cloth or tarps or food or litter -- and adopt, please adopt!

And to you, Environmental Health and Planning and Zoning - please be more lenient, be least grant HIllarie another extension....give the critters who are now at RUFFF, more chances to find homes before you kill them!!! To you Veterinarians, pelase step forward and provide free or cheaper Vet services. And to all citizens of Kingman and Mohave County, please help in any way you can - for the sake of these beautiful innocent

Posted: Sunday, April 4, 2010
Article comment by: Penni Garwood

I also wanted to address "dog Lover" and "digusted dog owner" about what they "perceived" to be "kennel crazy". the dog you are referring to is named Ms. Magoo, she ariived with an eye missing. When Ms. Magoo gets excited she runs in a circle around her pen, she only runs in one direction and it is the direction that she can see from. So again this is a situation where someone "eyewitnesses" something, and jumps to conclusions about it without getting the facts or asking questions. I am a volunteer for the last year and a half, and volunteer on a regular basis. I also live in Bullhead City and make the drive very regulary to help these animals. If I ever felt that these animals were neglected, abused, or unsocialized, I would NOT continue to do what I do and would report her myself. I spend time with every animal and they are happy and loved and loving with me. But I guess it's so easy for you guys to say they would be better off dead than take the time yourselves to spend with these loving animals. they can never get to much love and attention.
Food bowl and water buckets are bleached and cleaned daily, sometimes twice a day, but many of the dogs like to play in them making them appear unclean.
I know for a fact that when a tumor or medical issue comes up they are immediately taken to the vet. I've loaded them, and driven to the vet with them myself.
Suzie Facts, get your facts straight. Fact #1 she has been trying for years to get her permit. Other rescues in the area had animals before they got permit. Fact #2: you do not have to be incorporated in AZ as a non-profit to be legal with the IRS to receive donations. Fact #3: there is nothing inhumane or cruel at the sanctuary. every need IS provided. Fact 4#: concrete actually harbors more disease and other sanctuaries in the area also have dirt floors. Clean bedding is provided at the sanctuary as well as shade, fresh water, misters, swimming pools, shelters and fresh wholesome food. no pet suffers at RUFFF. Fact 5#: Ms. Allison has repeatedly turned down animals but can't prevent animals from being dumped in the yard. She has supported this sanctuary with her own money for the last ten years. Fact #6: she has never asked the county to support her, and in fact, has paid from her own pocket for 3 yrs for the county to properly euthanize their animals.
RUFFF is NOTHING like pet protection. There are ZERO animals neglected or suffering, but rather happy and loved.
Every cat that comes in is lukemia tested, but just because they come up positive they are not destroyed, but placed in their own cat house to live out their lives with love and affection. there are 12.
You people seem to think that a piece of paper (permit) is more important than the lives of these wonderful animals. If people were responsible in the first place there would be no need for no kill sanctuary. RUFFF does not discriminate against any animals adoptable or not, but provides sanctuary until when or if the pet is adopted or lives out its life. Just because you might not deem the animal adoptable doesn't mean it doesn't deserve to live with love and affection. Check websters for the definition of sanctuary you people are so ignorant.

Posted: Sunday, April 4, 2010
Article comment by: Penni Garwood

To "Dog Lover" and "Disgusted Dog Lover"---- I am one of the volunteers that was there when you were out there- and I'm pretty sure I know exactly who you are. A group of people, who all you did was "bitch" and nit pick about everything. You only looked for negative things and not any positives. It seems all people like you just want to criticize with your mouths. How bout trying this.. instead of running your mouths off about problems, why don't you help and be part of the solution? Why not come out and invest your time to brush the animals, or maybe bring certificates for groomers? I'd spend more time critizing like you do, but i'd much rather spend my time helping out. the animals you saw came to us abused and "right to kill" which is what you have in mind, these animals are alive and well and we are doing the best we can. In closing, come on out and help.

Posted: Sunday, April 4, 2010
Article comment by: Pseudo Me

I live just a couple of blocks away from RUFFF. I have been there several times in the last few years. The first time was to adopt a beautiful, HEALTHY, SPAYED dog. The next time was so a friend of mine could adopt a dog too. He was able to choose a HEALTHY and NEUTERED dog also. Every other time I have been there thing are fine. Sure conditions could be better. (Not just at RUFFF...every place could be better. Have you been to the other places around here? Including the county) But those animals are much better off then being left to die in the wild. If you don't know, Golden Valley is a dumping ground for animals. I am thankful RUFFF is helping these animals with food, water,shelter, and they are spayed and neutered and giving the chance to find a home. I have seen far too many that have been hit by cars along the roadside. I would rather they were at RUFFF with a chance for a life then just killed. The county has no better option..they should just be glad someone is trying to pick up where they fall short. I also think concrete is a bad idea. How much water will that waste? We live in a desert and there is a water shortage. They don't make ranchers concrete where there pigs, cows, goats or horses stay. I guess they think dog urine is way worse then other large groups of animals. RUFFF helped me find my best furry friend. THANK YOU RUFFF!! I hope you are allowed to continue you good deeds. Instead of trying to shut you down they should contribute and help make it better.

Posted: Saturday, April 3, 2010
Article comment by: Dog Lover

I went down to see this place the day it was opened to the public, and I was appalled! For one thing there were small outside kennels with some having a few dogs in each. I didn't see any covering over these kennels, and I'm pretty sure there were not any inside kennels for these animals. I saw some big dogs with lots of hair that looked like they hadn't been brushed in years, and I felt sad for them thinking about them being outdoors all day in the hot summer with all that thick matted hair. Oh sure they were dog houses, but its just as hot if not hotter inside. Every dog food dish was filthy and I saw leftover food not only left in the bowls, but spilled on the ground where I'm sure the ants and flies get to it. I only spotted a couple volunteers, and I sure didn't see anyone walking any dogs, and I'm positive most of the dogs were not or never have been socialized. I saw one poor animal running around in circles, a couple dogs with what looked like tumors on their bellies, and as I left I thought those dogs don't have much of a life. I have had the experience of seeing other rescue centers in this state as well as others, and I've never witnessed anything like this. Most places have indoor kennels as well as outside runs. These dogs have no protection against the heat or the colder weather. I took pictures and plan on sending them to outside agencies not only in Arizona but beyond. I'm sure she cleaned up the place before opening it up for that one day, and I can only imagine what it normally looks like when the gates are shut.

Posted: Saturday, April 3, 2010
Article comment by: Disgusted Dog Owner

I took Ms Allison up on her invitation to visit and decide for myself. Well I decided, I was totally disgusted. There were dogs with tumors, 1 was matted so bad that it will take a good clipping to get rid of the horrible mats, dogs not socialized, dogs going "kennel crazy" , FILTHY food dishes encrusted with dirt and who knows what else in them. There is very little shade for the animals for the hot summer and many dogs are double coated and have not been brused in a long time. I litterally got sick to my stomach and had to leave. This is no "sanctuary" it is more like a concentration camp!! I have been to other "no kill shelters and they have sealed floors in indoor kennels and outdoor runs with shade and clean water and clean food dishes! Ms. Allison is not doing these animals any favors most would be better off being euthanized. Oh and in closing she keeps saying how she needs food all the time and I found that all the dogs were overweight! Also there is a lack of exercise for these poor animals.

Posted: Saturday, April 3, 2010
Article comment by: Hillarie Allison

Once again I see the comments of people who need to use a pseudonym and really don't know what they are talking about but think they do.

#1. I purposely let our incorporation lapse because I felt the fees for paperwork would be better used on the animals than sent to the State coffers-not for failure to file a financial statement #2. I have been working with the County for over 2 years to try and come into compliance, but we disagree on keeping animals on cement 24/7 -it' s inhumane, which is the major reason they won't issue a kennel permit - not because I haven't offered the "Other means" as is allowed for in the code. They simply refuse to accept it. I will continue to try to work with them for the sake of the animals. #3. When I first planned on moving to Golden Valley I was approved for dirt runs and while I was working on my one and only extension, as opposed to what Ms. Milkie reported, the rules changed. #4. There are other sanctuaries, by the County's own admission, that have dirt floors and are exempt. Why not ours???? #5. I wasn't given a limit to the number of dogs I could care fore on 40+acres until 2006, at which time it was suggested that I only have 135 ADULT dogs. At that time, as I told them, I already had more than that. Because we were rewriting our conditional use permit, I agreed and added the extra dogs in our new application. #6. Our non-profit status was suspended because I dropped the incorporation, which I didn't need to become a non-profit, but I was never notified. When I learned of this, I partnered with another non-profit until I could resubmitt the required paperwork -this was a paperwork snafu-that's all.#7. I have spent close to $500K of my own money making sure the animals had a safe and happy place to live so don't dare accuse me of misappropriating any donations. Any donations that have come in over the years have gone directly to the animals, and they don't come close to even covering 3 months worth of food, not to mention spay/neuter, vacines, vet care, dog houses, shade and swimming pools, cat furniture, water bills, etc. I have never taken a salary and I don't charge a set "fee" to adopt. #8. I have worked for over 8 years to get a mandatory spay/neuter ordinance in this County. I also paid for the pre-aneathesia for the County shelter for 3 years -prior to that, wvery animal killed was by a needle to the heart with no aneasthesia by a kennel worker -who often missed and used the animal as a pin cushion. I can't even imagine their horror. Did any of you critics dip into your pockets to help this situation? Didn't think so!#9. Every animal IS spayed/neuterd and vacinated and I DO have the records to prove it. I gave them to the County but they chose to say they were unusable -totally untrue, which will be proven in Court.

Stop speading your misinformation. If you care about animals get off your dusty compuers and do something besides complain about me _- I'm here to help the abandoned animals of Mohave County and have personally paid for many others who needed veterinary care and their owners couldn't afford it -have you?

I hope to square everything with the County so I can continue to care for animals that no one else wants. If not,most will end up in the landfil. This problem is not of my making but human beings who never bothered to care for their pets or provide for them in the event they no longer could! While I'm well aware we need some improvements on the property, the animals have never done without, nor have they ever been mistreated or fed rotten food or denied care. Dental issues on 15- 20 year old cats are pretty normal and are taken care of by the vet when a problem arises. Do you pry your cats' mouth open every week to check their teeth? No, you check if there is a problem, a swelling or abcess, refusal to eat, etc. Heck, half the humans in Mohave County don't have teeth!

How many of you have spent 90% of your income on somone else's cast off pets? Which of you has taken a 3 1/2 month old crippled, beaten puppy out of the County Shelter, because it was suffering and couldn't be put down for 72 hours and wouldn't receive vet care and spent over $3K on a pup that had been in your possession for 15 hours?? Hmmmm? (That pup is now nearly 5 and thriving!)

One thing I know for sure. If an animal goes into the County Shelter or the Kingman Humane Society with a medical issue they do not receive medical care but are destroyed. I guess to some of you that is better than receiving veterinary care and living out their lives in a place where they are loved and cared for.They are God's creature's or did you forget? To me, it's about the animals,not permit's. Go figure.....

Posted: Friday, April 2, 2010
Article comment by: Suzie Facts

Fact 1: Ms. Allison has NEVER tried to get a kennel permit in Mohave County for her "sanctuary"! Every other legitimate rescue in the area has managed to do so BEFORE they started acquiring animals
Fact 2: People donating to Ms. Allison in her years of operation had every right to expect their money/goods to be tax deductible. They had better hope they are not audited because those donations to RUFFF were not deductible. If you are not legal in Arizona as a non-profit, neither are you legal with I.R.S or our State to receive donations.
Fact 3: Just having good intentions is not NEARLY enough! Keeping an animal alive while failing to provide for it's every physical and emotional need is not only wrong-it is inhumane and cruel.
Fact 4: Properly poured concrete with a good sealer applied and maintained is the only way to keep living quarters for dogs disease free. (assuming a daily cleaning with proper disinfectant is done)Providing clean bedding is the way to prevent cold/heat or pressure sores from concrete. If you house dogs outside, adequate shade, fresh and plentiful water willl take care of the heat (misters would help) and shelter against wind, rain and snow sufficient for each animal would take care of the winter. Every dog has a right to a good home and proper care but just keeping them alive to suffer is just wrong!
Fact 5: Ms. Allison has had more than enough time to at least begin to remedy the conditions at her "sanctuary". If we call a spade a spade she is nothing more than a hoarder like we hear about all the time, only she wants the public to support her habit. The pity is that animals she has taken in are paying for her lack of integrity in providing them with the basic necessities.
Fact 6: Since RUFFF is located outside the city of Kingman, they have absolutely no reason or obligation to provide anything to Ms. Allison. And I, as a county resident, do not wish my county treasury depleted by providing Ms. Allison with anything to support her "sanctuary". As for the county using her place as an "overflow" from the pound....she can't take proper care of what she has, why would we place any animal there??
Fact synopsis: This is a horrible situation folks! We had almost the same thing a few years ago with Pet Protection which, thank God, was finally put out of business. RUFFF is out of control, the animals residing there are being neglected and suffering as a result of Ms. Alllison's failure to "rescue" only the number she could afford to care for. Twenty or more of the 88 cats have feline leukemia so are not easily adoptable and the overall health of most of the dogs is in question. And that is not even taking their temperments/behavior into consideration. These animals are going to pay the price now or in the future for Ms. Allison thinking the rules/laws don't apply to her.

Posted: Friday, April 2, 2010
Article comment by: Sanctuary Not

Ms. Allison and her "Sanctuary" are NOT above the law. In the tri-state online, all the appalling conditions of her rescue are stated. The Judge ordered a Compliance Order on February 1st, 2010 to "immediately cease soliciting and accepting donations under the guise of a non-profit organization." On her March 2010 Update on her website, Ms. Allison is asking not only for donations, and also asked for money for an attorney in the amount of $7,000! Ms. Allison was at the meeting regarding the ordinance two years ago, and she seemed to have no problem in agreeing with it. Now she wants to be "grandfathered" in - I don't think so. All the other LEGITIMATE rescues are either in compliance or working to attain compliance. I have personally seen an inspection report at one rescue - they are IN compliance. Ms. Allison has defrauded the public for over five years in regards to being a "non-profit" organization! As of today, she still is. She said it was a "paperwork mistake" - 5 years is a long time for a mistake to be rectified. FYI - you can look up all the information on the Arizona Corporation Commission - to make it easier - here is the number - 10470306. She calls her place a "sanctuary" - please look up the word. One of the meanings is "safe haven". The above article cites some of the appalling conditions they found, she calls this a "sanctuary"? Contaminated food, unsafe water, no septic tank, feces, flies, rodents, etc. Her "sanctuary" is not habitable by either dogs, cats, pigs, or humans. I would bet she does not live within her "sanctuary" confines. One last thing - on her website she states there are over 500 pets in "jeopardy" - the task force on March 26th found 209 dogs, 88 cats, and 10 pigs. Do the math - where are the rest?

Posted: Friday, April 2, 2010
Article comment by: County A Big Joke Fed up

This county makes up the rulings and requirements as they see fit. There is no grandfathered in policy, When the inspection went county wide in 2007 that gave them the authority to tell you what to do. What a joke. Did not know they could implement new rulings on pre-existing structures. I have a petition at the old Sir alberts in Golden Valley for people to sign to stop unfair building permit practices. Go by and sign it to hopefully change the thinking of a few of the members of County P&Z

Posted: Friday, April 2, 2010
Article comment by: Animal Lover Too

I am an Animal Lover Too...However the County has set limits to the Number of Animals a Non-Profit or Sanctuary or what-ever you want to call it for a reason. This woman has gone wayyyy beyond thinking she is helping these Animals by just sticking them in a Kennel/Crate without Fresh Daily Food, Water, & Socialization. Worst yet, according to Hillary the 20 Cats that NEED Dental Care & have not received any. As a Human Being if you ever had severe Dental Work then YOU know how much you suffered. I can only image how those poor Cats are suffering because they can not get their own Help. People entrusted their Animals to be surrendered to this Organization & THIS Organization has FAILED to meet a lot of guidelines that all the other Non-Profits/Sanctuaries must Live by. Check out the long history of Non Compliance with the Secretary of State & her Revoked Non-Profit Status...[Deleted]. So So Sad :'-( Especially for the Animals who deserve a Home just like any other Animal.

Posted: Friday, April 2, 2010
Article comment by: Lisa D.

If she were anywhere else she would of had this done long ago. Citizens complain when people break the rules, they say that "no one enforces the codes", and when someone starts enforcing codes - people complain! Sometimes donations are put to personal use and not put where it should be. For a human being to rescue animals - is a great thing, but rules and codes have to be followed.

Posted: Friday, April 2, 2010
Article comment by: You are Missing the Point

I would understand the outrage if the County showed up on her door and said, "We're closing you down". They have given her 2 years. At what point does she need to be held accountable? Yes, she is doing a great thing for these poor animals. However, she is obviously in way over her head. Instead of trying to help every animal, why not figure out what your limits are and providing the necessities for just those animals. It doesn't have to be an all or nothing deal. There are other sancuatiaries that are following the rules, why should she be exempt from following the rules? So contact some of the other shelters and ask for assistance. Get your facility up to par for a limited number of animals, get your finances in order so that you can restore your non-profit status and can start collecting donations again then expand as the money allows.

I applaud her efforts and hope that everthing is resovled in a way that is best for the animals. However, just because she is doing a good things does not exmpt her from following the same rules that others doing the same thing follow.

Posted: Friday, April 2, 2010
Article comment by: ACE 101

Does the county know that the concrete floors of dogs' kennels are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, mold and mildew?

Concrete is a porous material and acts similarly to a sponge. When liquids are spilled on it, they will soak deep into the concrete. These damp pores in the concrete provide the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, mold and mildew.

Dampness is the critical element in bacteria, mold and mildew and pathogens multiplying. Inability to stop perpetual dampness hinders the ability to remove that critical element.

Beyond the question of liquids with contaminants soaking down into concrete from above, there is the issue of the WICKING nature of concrete.

A 1000 square foot slab of concrete is capable of "wicking" 12 gallons of moisture per day, from as far as 20 feet below the surface. That is significant moisture.

Posted: Friday, April 2, 2010
Article comment by: J G

Mohave County seems to be going after everyone they can. The person in charge of Animal Control seems to have a power trip going, and I have been told she has been heard stating "there's a new sherrif in town". All these animals can not be processed by county shelters for adoption and will be euthanized. This is very sad. Of course it boils down to the people that think pets are throw aways like toys. It is hard for someone that cares about animals and see's the heart break in an animal being destroyed simply because it does not have a home. That is what prompts people to take in animals and also what makes it hard to say no to another. One life is just as valuable as the next.

Posted: Friday, April 2, 2010
Article comment by: Kingman Resident

I am amazed at these no-kill shelters. How many animals is ENOUGH? Until owners get the message to spay or neuter their pets, Mohave County will be overrun with animals without homes. These are domesticated animals who need HOMES not kennels. Euthanizing some animals around here would be the kindest and most humane solution. These no kill shelters are just perpetuating the problem. Over 200 dogs? It's just WRONG!

Posted: Friday, April 2, 2010
Article comment by: Angylee Parrott

I am all for no-kill animal shelters. This woman sounds like she is trying her best. She is not refusing to make the changes, she simply cannot afford them. So instead of trying to close her down, why doesn't the city of kingman try to help her pay for the changes?

Posted: Friday, April 2, 2010
Article comment by: Trent Spencer

The lady has had her charitable status revoked by the corporation commission for failure to file a financial statement. Where has all that money gone? [Deleted]. This is sad and the IRS is already involved. [Deleted].

Posted: Friday, April 2, 2010
Article comment by: RUFFF SUPPORTER

Here is someone who has the brains, compassion, and will to help animals. She is being bashed by a county that should be helping this valuable sanctuary who has unselfishly helped this community for ten years. Will someone please help her with an attorney? She won her last case. Call her regarding monetary help to retain an attorney. She has one, she just needs people to mail money directly to him. Call her for details. This is a worthwhile cause that needs help. She has given me pet food in the past and it was good food. I am disabled and depend on her for food for my animals. She even has rescued pound animals in the past and this is her reward? Shame on you Mohave County. If anything help her become your overflow facility with all that land available. If I had the money, she would be the finest sanctuary in thye nation because I have that much faith in her. She has the expert knowledge, just needs the means. Work with her on her issues by helping her more - She is an asset to this community and does good for someone with limited funds. Her vet bills and condition of the animals prove it. Please donate people. Call her at 565-BARK..

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