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8/22/2010 6:01:00 AM
Assessment finds multiple flaws at prison

Erin Taylor
Miner Staff Reporter

KINGMAN - A security assessment conducted days after the July 30 escape of three inmates at the Arizona State Prison-Kingman found a number of violations, from unlocked doors and unmanned posts, to an alarm system that malfunctioned so often that staff just ignored it.

The report, written by Arizona Department of Correction, seems to lay blame at the hands of the Utah-based Management and Training Corporation, which was awarded the contract to operate the prison in 2004.

The prison opened that August and was said to house DUI and other drug offenders, with an emphasis on providing a substance abuse treatment program. But according to the ADOC, it knew as early as 2006 that fewer than one-third of the inmates were receiving those types of services.

Former ADOC director Dora Schriro was the one to approve the move to have violent, non-DUI offenders moved to the prison beginning in May 2005. In December 2007, murderers were said to have been assigned to the minimum- to medium-security prison for the first time.

At the time of the escape, the inmate population was at 3,390, with 1,898 of those classified as minimum custody and 1,492 of those classified as medium custody. More than 150 violent offenders have been transferred out of the prison since the escape, which ADOC Director Charles Ryan said is result of tighter security restrictions imposed since the escape. He said that no determination has been made as to whether those inmates would return.

The last of the two fugitives, inmate John McCluskey and escape accomplice Casslyn Welch, were captured Thursday after a Forest Service employee spotted their campsite in Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in eastern Arizona. They had been on the run for 20 days.

The vice president of MTC, Odie Washington, said his company is committed to beefing up security and retraining staff. The ADOC's report described most of the Kingman staff as "green," with the majority of them having under a year of service. Warden Lori Lieder said 80 percent of her staff was new or newly promoted. She has since resigned her position, as has the chief of security for the prison. Complex Warden Darla Elliott has also been relived of her duties, although MTC won't comment if she is still with the company.

According to the ADOC security review team, which visited the prison Aug.4, a number of deficiencies contributed to the escape, the biggest among them being a malfunctioning alarm system.

False alarms

The alarm system for the prison's perimeter was said to have been malfunctioning for so long prior to the escape that staff had become conditioned to no longer react. Captain Ron Lawrence from the Lewis State Prison said that during a five-minute period while he was at the facility, he heard the alarm go off six times.

The night of the escape, an alarm sounded at 9:43 p.m. Video surveillance captured footage of an officer walking away from the activated zone to finish his perimeter check. The officer does not discover the hole in the fence until 10:07 p.m.

The security review team said that several times during their visit, alarms were not responded to for as long as 10 to 15 minutes.

"This has become such a 'norm' that zone activation events are treated at a lower priority than other duties, such as answering the telephone, issuing keys, checking in, etc," the report reads.

Many of the false alarms came from zone 13, which is located in a corner of the yard where a car was spotted on the other side of the fence the night of the escape. That car was found to be unrelated to the breakout.

Supervisors claimed to have submitted work orders to have the system repaired, but none were found when the security team checked the last 90 days worth of record logs.

MTC said it will modify its response to the alarms by having officers respond within one minute and to have the zone checked and cleared within three minutes.

Dog program

For more than two years, the prisoners have trained dogs as part of the Friends from the Pen program. The program partnered prisoners with dogs rescued from local shelters that were given obedience training and then adopted out.

Participation in the program was reserved for the most well behaved prisoners. This included Tracy Province and John McCluskey, who were kennel workers.

Inmates in the program were housed in two pods separate from the rest of the population. Inmates who were not part of the dog program were told that if they were discovered in these two pods, they would be placed on report.

Doors from the dorms led to the dog pens, which are described as leading to "no man's land." The security review team found large rocks left next to the doors, which they took to mean that the doors were propped open most of the time. That belief was confirmed by officers working in the area at the time of the review.

The area behind the dorms had a 10-foot-high fence but no razor wire at the time. The area also had a water faucet, which could be used as a step if trying to climb over the fence.

Dogs from the program were transported to the Western Arizona Humane Society the morning after the escape. The dog pen was then removed and the program ended.

Other problems

Numerous other violations were found during the ADOC's visit, including eight broken lights in the prison's perimeter and staff that followed the same patterns day after day.

The report said officer movements were so predictable that they provided a window of opportunity for inmates to exploit the lack of perimeter coverage. The report said it took anywhere from seven to 10 minutes for officers to switch shifts, with no perimeter coverage for that time.

There was also little communication taking place among staff. When an inmate-on-inmate assault took place on the day the security review team visited, the on-duty shift did not inform the next shift of what had happened.


Additional officers have already been added to each shift to ensure proper coverage of areas at all times.

Staff are also undergoing a training and mentoring program meant to enhance their understanding of ADOC procedures as well as their role in managing inmates and their behavior.

Part of that training will include specific orders for how to respond to and clear alarms. The system is scheduled to be fixed no later that Sept. 1.

In the meantime, more than 500 tons of dirt have been spread on the cable system, which is intended to prevent small animals or high winds from triggering the ground-cable alarm system.

Inmate movement has also been restricted. Pod doors will be locked, and free movement has already been eliminated between the yard and the building.

MTC said it has begun reissuing identification cards to inmates, 75 percent of who were found not to have them. They will also begin re-photographing inmates whose appearances have changed since their last pictures.

Ryan will address resident concerns about the escape and safety at the prison during a public forum Aug. 31. To view the entire report, go to and click on the "Kingman Escape" link at the bottom.

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Reader Comments

Posted: Friday, August 27, 2010
Article comment by: MTC is Responsible

Where's all the lawyers? I would have thought they would be lining up to sue MTC.

Posted: Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Article comment by: Pass the buck please

One person that I have read and heard very little about that I feel should share in the brunt of the MTC fall-out from this fiasco is ADW Richard Ramsey. The man is responsible for most of the confusion, low morale and daily changes that put the safety and security of officers and the community at risk. Rocks propping doors open? He told officers to allow that. That is one of many conveniences inmates received at his behest as the Major before promotion, like the cardboard for the windows so inmates did not have the sun streaming in on them during the daylight hours in the dorms.

Posted: Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Article comment by: Firm, fair and consistant? Not really

If it isn't on paper, it didn't happen. If the paper was written, but mysteriously vanished it didn't happen either. That is one of the problems with the security and safety out at the prison. Officers do write work orders out there. And yes, a lot of officerís do get shoddy training. For one, they go through an academy that falls short of actual ADOC accreditation. Most of the people attending the academy are those who have absolutely no other experience in the security field. Then they are placed onto a yard for if they are lucky, three days of training with veteran officers, some of which are only just on the yard barely a month themselves. A few of these so called training officers were taught wrong themselves, so the training is speculative. Some of the training officers use the time with new staff to goof off, so the new staff comes out on day four knowing next to nothing about their post. The post orders are written ambiguously, in some cases needing an attorney just to read. And then the new officers are moved from post to post almost daily to add to the confusion until the time comes when they find that they are good at one post, but they are moved to the one that they donít know or just donít have the ability to do at all more frequently than the oneís they do know. That has never made any sense to me. If the upper admin does this in an attempt to throw off patterns that inmates can follow, well that failed miserably as we now know. The staff should be trained different posts until they fall into one that fits them well and kept there. Teach them the importance of changing it up when they do things at that post and how they do them daily so they can do a good job without a pattern to follow. That way we eliminate a lot of staff confusion, and the post gets run efficiently with a minimal pattern for inmates to follow. Upper staff needs to learn to listen to lower staff and attempt to fix problems without degrading or berating the officers. An inmate can see and sense when staff is in an upheaval, and they will take advantage of it if opportunity arises.

Posted: Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Article comment by: Dan Jones

Each of the comments written has value in them and should not be ignored. All of the problems identified at the prison need to be corrected and I think they will now that attention has been focused on them.

There is always a ROOT cause for every problem in life so let's look at this one and fix it first. Former ADOC director Dora Schriro was the one to approve the move to have violent, non-DUI offenders moved to the prison beginning in May 2005. She was appointed by then Governor Janet Napolitano a Liberal who just doesn't see the dangers in life like those on the right. The Liberals don't see the immediate danger on the border either but when more people get killed then they will do something. Dora's policy of labeling prisoners was based upon their behavior not the crime they committed. Does this make sense to you? Killers who display "non violent" tendencies in prison were classified as minimum security risk. Gov. Brewers office has changed that policy so killers will not be sent to Kingman again until the facility is constructed as a maximum security facility. Had the facility been constructed to Maximum regulations I doubt that any of the infractions by the prison would have allowed an escape.

The Kingman Prison is a business which provides the community with useful revenue so we should first of all not discourage inmates from being encarcerated there. Prisons around the country exist within cities of high population and do not create a problem for the citizens living near them. Our assembly women Doris Goodale and Nancy McClain, while at home on recess, went to Phoenix and met with DOJ officials and will continue to do so until every weakness in the system is corrected. We can feel safe once all the new reforms are in place. Just like an illness, we can treat the sympton and be sick or die but if we treat the cause we can be whole again. Our officials are now treating the cause.

Posted: Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Article comment by: color blind

Go there.......and OPEN your mind. Prisoners aren't always that costly. If they were, we wouldn't be locking people up like crazy.

Ok, nnp,now that I've read what you have to say I can see that it is a complete coincidence that all of the whites from picture perfect came here and all the hispanics went further away.

They often send certain people to certain prisons for certain reasons. There are even sex offender yards. It is definately not to be closer to their loved ones.

I think if someone took a good look at Kingman's prison they would find some string pulling was going on. Let us hope that with the break out, all that will change.

Oh and By the way that you sound nnp, IF I was an hispanic in trouble, I certainly wouldn't want you on the jury. Certainly they should come here LEGALLY, but they are not our enemy rather our neighbors. There are other countries that we need to worry about. In the long run we might need our neighbors to the south. BUT, I am AGAINST illegal immigration.

Anytime there are prejudice and injustice, it is a real tragedy. It is a pity that our prison system feeds prejudice and puts our country back over a hundred years. I don't know what prison nnp is talking about, but in our prisons you must STAY with your race. What would Lincoln or Martin Luther have to say about that?

Its a great place to send our 18/19 to finish bringing them up right! They could come back home full grown, good ol boy, Aryan brothers! Come on Kingman, lets see how many of our teenagers we can send down there for a couple decades. We wouldn't want to help the world. Lets keep prejudice ALIVE!

Posted: Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Article comment by: nnp nnp

The blame can't really be placed on the ADC, or the management, or the staff. But people really don't want to look at the real problem, themselves.

The flaws in the system are simply this. Tax payers want to pay as little as possible for prisons, and the increase percentage, in crime, has out paced our societies ability to cover all the prison costs to the extent they did in the past. (Some people just come here to rob and bleed the system). Remember this when you here somebody crying about prisons, prisoners, and escapee's.

The prisons are filled with Mexican's. Mexican's here illegally, and legally, as well as the children, now adults, of illegal alien's. This portion of the prison population amounts to approximately 50% of the prison population. (The other 10%, out of the 60% total Hispanic's, are the Mexican American population that are original to Arizona, simply put).

The prison has approx. 3,000 prisoners. The inmates cost approx. $65.00 an day. Do the math, I'll help. The cost of housing the 1,500 Mexican's inmates is about $97,000 a day. The total cost is roughly $194,000.00 a day. Cut out the Mexican's and the public will save big money, and at the same time the prisons can have more money to do the job the way they should.

I don't intended to tell the pubic or the AZDC what they need to do to in order to solve the problem. I don't get paid to do this. But if the prison had 1,500 less prisoners, then more money could be dedicated to serving the pubic better by having better security, and a huge savings as well. Stop the Mexican's from crossing the border and stop them from having kids in our country, or except the massive problem, and it is massive. Just look at the $97,000 in costs per day. If there was more of this money dedicated to public safety the prison break would not have occurred, based on the information to date.

Posted: Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Article comment by: Seen enough

I don't see that beating up on the rank and file members of the prison as being a reasonable response to this incident. These correctional officers are for the most part doing what they can with what they have. This kind of shoddy behavior on the part of managment occurrs throughout the criminal justice system and on an almost a daily basis.

Consider the Mohave County Probation Department they're loading up probation officers on standard adult supervision case loads with sometimes over one hundred convicted felons rather than the 69 or 70 mandated by the Arizona Office of the Courts.

Who will we blame when one of these probationers goes out and kills a string of people and/or committs other heionous acts because the supervising probation officer simply had too many people to monitor on his or her case load and didn't notice signs of trouble?

Are we going to hold management at both the county probation department and AOC responsible or are we going to blame the rank and file probation officers who have little to no say in how many cases they're assigned?

Time to wake up and hold management's toes to the fire in order to keep this kind of crap from reoccurring!

This is an issue throughout the criminal justice system. We need management to do the right thing or give them their walkin papers! Are we going to wait until we have another disaster before we take action?!!!

Posted: Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Article comment by: PIZZLE PIZZLE

Not to hijack the comments, but-

The reason that these killers were placed in Kingman is due to overload on the state's prison system. Now why do we have that, without significant numbers of violent crime? Prohibition of personal drug use. People are taking up space for things that should not even be illegal. Because of that- the John McClusky's of the state are moved around constantly to make room for others. The state nor the company cares what youre in for- just that you're in.

You see here in Kingman a DUI or drug offender is in the same yards and conditions as MURDERERS. Where is the LOGIC in that? The entire system needs reform from not only a correctional facility standpoint, but also on the law enforcement side.

Posted: Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Article comment by: I Agree

The BOS is fatally flawed. They do not make many good decisions that benefit Mohave County. They make me hate local government. It starts at the top.

Posted: Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Article comment by: nnp nnp

Picture perfect, I'm not being difficult with you but here's how it goes:

It is pretty standard for an offender to be sent to the prison closest to where they live. There is no room down in southern AZ prisons.

The prison was built to house inmate population, most of which is from Southern Arizona. These prisoners don't care to be way up here in Northern AZ, but this is where the prison was built. This is where the have to go.

So if there is no room in the prisons down south, and they have to move prisoners up here, then it stands to reason that people convicted and sentenced here in Kingman will go to this prison.

And if it is such a resort as you say why should Mexican National's be in this prison? So they can have a better life than they have in Mexico. My point here is that you seem to be leaning towards supporting Mexican's illegally in our country, on one hand, and attacking whites by calling them Aryan Brotherhood members on the other hand.

I already tried to explain the prison culture to you i brief. Mexican National's are a gang of many names, Mexican American's are a separate group of gangs that hang together, (these two are separate but can come together and do). Together they are about equal in numbers, and consist of 60% of the population. The blacks hang together they are 15%, whites are maybe 20% and hang together under the Aryan type gang banner (any white that goes to the prison will be in this group, like it or not) , and the rest are Indians, Asian, whatever.

As for who goes to what program, as I have tried to say, it depends on your behavior in the prison, as to wither you get into a program. (the inmates in the medium security have violent back grounds, wither they stabbed a person once or 50 times, wither they shot someone, or kidnapped someone. Bad is bad). If you apply for a program and your behavior in the institution supports you going into that program, then you may be selected. This is just how it works at prisons. Many people don't want to get into programs because they'd rather not participate. It doesn't mean anything to them. Many minorities look at it as siding with "the Man" and will have as little to do as possible with programs unless they are forced to participate.

Bottom line is races hang together. In person you either hang together or swing separately. This is life in prison.

Posted: Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Article comment by: Jon Mullinix

Assessments finds flaws at prison?
Just looking at a photo of Kingman prison
I see flaws, I was involved in prison building , some design, in California these were maximum / medium security buildings and they had many guard towers with rifle platforms surrounding the prison and they worked well. I don't see any towers in the Kingman photos. are there any?

Posted: Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Article comment by: Dog gone great behavior

nnp nnp: I'm going to guess " who has the behavior least conducive to programs."

It couldn't possible be the guy who stabbed a man over 50 times, could it? He was selected for the dog program.

Posted: Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Article comment by: picture: perfectly normal

nnp, nnp, sounds good HOWEVER, would be nice to know why the A. brotherhood is getting so much favortism here in Mohave County, especially our plush kingman resort. Sure there are many hispanics in our prisons as well as blacks. Check the % of their population, it makes you wonder what is going on there. In regards to the favortism, if you are A. affliated you can be a murderer and/or stab someone 50 times and still qualify for our dog program. You can smuggle drugs into a prison and not receive charges. Is that not a bit strange? If you're an anglo you can rob a bank two times in one day and get probation. (Mind you ONLY in mohave county!). Look up the people from picture perfect, what are the odds that only the anglos from this were sent to the kingman prison? Ok ,PERFECTLY normal you say. Well maybe since the A brotherhood people broke out and has received much heat, maybe that will even out opportunities in this area. I'm not saying the whole county is racist, but it sure looks like somebody was pulling some strings.

As for the Mexican Nationals, you don't have to worry about them, they only do HALF time, they'll be back doing more crime in no time.

Fair is fair, if you are an American CITIZEN you should have the same opportunities as everyone, EVEN in Mohave County. From the looks of things some of those opportunities include: robbing a bank twice in one day and qualifing for probation, smuggling drugs in a prison and NOT receiving charges, being a violent criminal and get a VERY limited space training dogs, & getting sent to a plush prison near home. The list does go on, it would make a good research topic.

Is it just me or is it strange that only Anglos were given the above opportunities? Is it me or that the opportunities were EVEN given at all a bit strange?

Posted: Monday, August 23, 2010
Article comment by: DV s

BIG QUESTION why would anybody think a "KILLER" would ever be a model prisioner..?? They had something like 150 VIOLENT CRIMINALS in there and THEY let them off with good ? behavior. Why don't the officials learn. Or is it like the government we are just sopose to believe all the lies...And the officials are sopose to be the experts... But this has gone on for a long time....WATCH WHO YOU VOTE FOR, LOOK AT THEIR RECORDS...

Posted: Monday, August 23, 2010
Article comment by: Good Riddance

It will be a very long time before our community will trust or believe anything the people who run this prison have to say. They have inept employees as well as CEO's who do not know how to run a prison. There is inadequate training for every person who works there.. It's time for no more excuses. Internal audits are a joke. As this escape has proven.

Posted: Monday, August 23, 2010
Article comment by: nnp nnp

Some people here sound like Obama racist. What are you? Mexican guys are sent elsewhere.

For your information 60% of the prison population IS Mexican. Half of which are Mexican Nationals. Whites now have to gravitate to gangs to stay safe from the Mexican's in prison.
Get rid of the Mexican National's.

White gangs came out of a need to protect themselves from the massive numbers of minorities overwhelming prisons. The same problem exists in California.

As I understand it inmates are classified for programs based on behavior, not race. Some inmates don't give a darn about behavior, and reject the idea of participation in program's. Guess who has the behavior least conducive to programs.

For those who don't know the prison Warden was a Black female.

Posted: Monday, August 23, 2010
Article comment by: Another Scam

Get rid of the non-violent prisoners and make it a dog kennel. Send the violent ones to hell. Now, when strangers come around, we really have to wonder, is this guy taking recess from the prison? Lock and load!

Posted: Monday, August 23, 2010
Article comment by: Ms. no name

@ Corrections for this article:

Thank you so much for your words, I agree completely.

Posted: Sunday, August 22, 2010
Article comment by: Been There Done That

As a forrmer employee I can relate to the first comment made as they are fairly accurate. One might want to ask why individuals who fail the psycholigical testing are allowed to take it a second and third time if need be to pass it. It seems to me if you fail you fail and in that area it should be a red light to those running the place. They are like other corrections facilities that I have worked for in that they have their "Chosen" people to whom the rules do not apply. This is unfortunate but it always comes back to bite them eventually. It is unfortunate that it took something of this calber to happen before the public as made aware of what is actually going on out there.

Posted: Sunday, August 22, 2010
Article comment by: Correction for this arcticle

Just letting u know every inmate in ADC including at the prison has a id card. What this report ment was that the inmates were not properly displaying thier ids.And remember please that inmates have 24 hours a day to watch officers movments day after day, could this have been avoided yes but I know these officers take thier jobs very seriously and are working day and night to make sure this never happens again. Please remember that no one takes this harder then them next time you see an officer in town coming or going to work, instead of attacking them, show them support and understanding. Its true most officers are knew and doing a very hard job. Corrections Officers are the forgoten police. Every day they go to a place and get locked in with convicted felonds who out number them 100 to 1 willing every day to protect you. Its unfortunate but escapes do happen, most security problems are found untill they are exploited by inmates and that goes for every prison. Please show your support for the officers putting it on the line every day for our safety. Say what you want about the mangement but please lay off the officers they are doing a great job, one I doubt most could not and would not do.

Posted: Sunday, August 22, 2010
Article comment by: Somoene who knows

I would like to inform the public of past suspect terminations of staff at the prison that have resulted in a large portion of the senior staff there to be let go over the years. If you look back into the records, and that is if these records still exist. There have been officers who have supposedly been under investigation and then terminated for charges that under some circumstances would be heard in a court of law. But the charges from the supposed investigations are let go when the employee is let go. These charges range anywhere from female officer's fraternizing with inmates, to officers drinking liquor from their vehicles in the parking lot, to being accused of bringing contraband I.E. drugs, cell phones and other items into the prison as a paid mule for inmates, to sleeping on the post, to leaving equipment at the shift exchange area on the perimeter. It is interesting to know that some people get terminated for certain things, while other officers continue to be allowed to work there that have also been caught doing these same things or other things that should result in a termination. The inner circle mentality is rampant, and if you are part of that inner circle, chances are that you will remain employed after getting caught sleeping on the post while other people who are not of that inner circle will be terminated for it. And letís not forget that some inner circle officers get terminated when their usefulness is worn out, or they fall out of favor with former and current brass there. A lot of the senior staff that get terminated is those who are in line for a higher pay bracket. The turnover rate out there is stupendous! Most people go through an academy to find themselves put down and ridiculed by supervising staff, and the majority get forced into mandatory overtime etc so much so, that they just burn out after a short period. People walk off the job when they are treated worse than the inmates they are there to foresee. Some few are sick of being scrutinized and treated more criminally by supervising staff than the inmates. These things contribute to low morale amongst officers resulting in the high turnover rates of this prison. Not all supervising staff is bad. Some of the supervising staff is known for listening to officers when they complain of safety and security issues, and then they attempt to fix those problems in a satisfactory and timely manner. Most of the time they meet a wall from upper management, but they do try and sometimes are able to fix some of the problems brought to their attention. If this prison is to work successfully, changes need to occur in the treatment of staff, the correction of safety and security issues, and they should look into changing some other policy and procedure issues that are changed daily it seems, with the direction of the winds.

Posted: Sunday, August 22, 2010
Article comment by: A white-y for justice

Can ANYONE explain why the MURDERERS were in the dog program? Why aren't we using such a program for youthful NONVIOLENT offenders? It may help to reform them. Is it possible that these two were in a program that they never should have qualified for, BECAUSE they were in a white supremist group? All it would take would be having members that could pull some strings. I hope Mr. Ryan is looking into this possibility. Arizona already has a bad enough reputation for being racist. He may also want to look into why ALL the white guys from operation picture perfect (in Kingman) are out at this prison. The hispanic guys were sent elsewhere. What are the odds of that happening? Sounds like the A. brotherhood had a stronghold on our prison. Thats one of the bad things about private prisons, corruption occurs easier, much easier.

The race groups have enough power on the INSIDE of prisons, we sure can't have them running it from the outside!

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