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12/16/2012 6:01:00 AM
Kingman jury immune to snatched cat fever, acquits woman
Panel says Freiert not guilty in trial over 'stolen' kitty
Kristin Freiert
Kristin Freiert

Erin Taylor
Miner Staff Reporter

A jury took less than a half hour to acquit a local animal rescuer of stealing a cat.

The six-person jury deliberated for 26 minutes before finding Kristin Freiert not guilty of misdemeanor theft for failing to return a cat to a woman in Golden Valley. The woman sought help from Freiert to reduce the number of cats in her home through adoption or spaying and neutering.

Freiert contended that she had tried to return the cat after it had been spayed in May 2011 but that the owner rejected it, saying that it wasn't the same cat.

The case went to trial in October but Judge John Taylor declared a mistrial following allegations of juror tampering after a juror was seen talking to two of Freiert's witnesses. More than 50 potential jurors were called to Kingman Justice Court Wednesday morning for the second trial. The verdict came in shortly after closing arguments Thursday afternoon.

Freiert was a mix of emotions after the verdict was read.

"I am so frustrated, but I feel so blessed," she said. "This has been a year and a half of nonsense, but it taught me a lot of lessons, some that I never expected. I learned I have a lot of friends out there."

The cat at the center of the case, Denny, remains in Freiert's care for the time being. She already has several cats of her own and said she would like to find Denny her own family who will spoil her and make her the center of attention.

Mohave County Animal Control said the woman in Golden Valley was not cited for having too many cats because she came forward to ask for help and was actively working to reduce the number of felines. The woman started with four cats, but the population exploded because the animals were not fixed and they began to mate with each other.

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Reader Comments

Posted: Thursday, December 20, 2012
Article comment by: V Stokes

CRUD! Not fully awake, I deleted my possible spam and junk mail before remembering my prior post here.

If anyone replied...please re-send. Sorry for the trouble.

Posted: Wednesday, December 19, 2012
Article comment by: V Stokes

Could Kristin or someone else who knows her contact me? I just have some feral cat questions that I think she could help with. My vet (though very good) isn't skilled in this area.'s ok to leave my Email addy in this post (no making fun of the aol addy....I've had it for 20 years.

Posted: Tuesday, December 18, 2012
Article comment by: A Kristin-Supporter- In-The-Court-Room

To Marla: You ask - "Who's next? - the people that feed strays?" Yes - Animal Control Policy - if you feed a stray for more than 6 days, it's yours! -- along with the fines and accusations and citations that A/C and the courts may toss your way. They once cited a guy for a pack of unlicensed stray dogs roaming onto his unfenced acreage property for more than 6 escalated into a court case too.

Animal Control and the County uses this 6-Day Policy against kind compassionate animal-lovers who feed cold and hungry strays, but it wasn't allowed in Kristin's trial even when the Cat Lady abandoned Denni in Kristin's care for over 2 months. It must just be a selective policy.

Being falsely accused and wrung through the political wringer, can happen to any of us - even if we're not as "obsessed and zealous" as Kristin - as the Persecutor/Prosecutor labelled her. Well, I'm proud to say that Kristin is my friend who has...."intense enthusiasm and fervor, shows great warmth of feeling, and is intensely devoted and earnest" the innocent animals in Mohave County.

Posted: Tuesday, December 18, 2012
Article comment by: A Kristin-Supporter In-The-Court-Room

Intimidating, suggestive and deceitful questions caused unwarranted and unforgiveable sadness, stress and embarrassment to a very decent, compassionate person.

The "Persecutor/Prosecutor" arrogantly insinuated with his sneaky questions, that Kristin obtained her own personal cats in this same thievish manner - unbelievable!!

He also failed in his foolish attempt to paint Kristin as more irresponsible than the Cat Lady, since Kristin now had more cats than the Cat Lady (thanks to Kristin).....yet fully aware, that Kristin's cats are all spayed, neutered and healthy!! This line of questioning was purely spiteful - and irrelevant....Lt Larson had already admitted that there is no legal limit of cats.

Contrary to Erin testifying that the Cat Lady's home was "spotless", the Defense Witnesses testified of filth to the point of vomiting from the stench and from the sight of a cat litter box dripping diarrhea up on the kitchen counter. This health issue alone, should have been reason enough to cite the Cat Lady instead of citing Kristin.

This entire case stunk as bad as that cat box! - and what a sinful waste of tax dollars. The most frequent question from concerned tax payers - "What's wrong with Mohave County"?!?

And the local Rescue who untruthfully testified against Kristin, has no doubt lost respect, donations and volunteer services from many many animal-lovers

Posted: Tuesday, December 18, 2012
Article comment by: Another Kristin-Supporter-In -The-Court-Room

Per the Police Report by Sgt Barbara Larsen she states on 6/16/11 “I was contacted by Erin Kenyon, Shelter Mgr for Western Arizona Humane Society (WAHS), in reference to a Theft”. Hmmm, My first thought is “Why is Erin Kenyon making a call like this directly to Sgt Larsen?” “Why is she getting involved in a private matter between a Two Citizens?”.

@ A Kristin-Supporter In-The-Court-Room
You are RIGHT ON with your observation. If I called WAHS & said I think someone took my Cat I would be told “You’ll need to contact Law Enforcement if you feel that way”. Erin Kenyon stuck her Nose into something that never was her place to do so!!

Posted: Monday, December 17, 2012
Article comment by: Jerry Burch

My family would like to Thank : my Witnesses, my Attorney and all my Supporters/Friends (many of which I had no personal interactions). Thank you for knowing who I am & for what I stand for.
We are appalled and dismayed at the unbelievable disregard for Taxpayer money wasted on this case. It has been estimated to be near $40,000. Money that could have gone to Senior Programs, Programs that have been cut, or animal Spay/Neuter Programs.
What we learned in all this is that Free Speech is not without consequences. A call from a supposed animal overseer to a Friend in the Law Enforcement Department can actually begin a very expensive frivolous case, just because.
These people who claim to be in it for the animals actually got on the stand and Lied. Outright lies, not misstatements, for the Sole Purpose of trying to Punish Kristin and the Animals. An animal rescuer took the stand and supported a Hoarder. This same person will be given Donations in the guise of Animal Rescue. Watch where you give your Hard Earned $$$. Taxpayers and Citizens of Mohave County if you stand by and allow this to happen to Kristin understand it is happening to others as well. And unfortunately if the people entrusted to do their jobs find it acceptable to bring Personal actions then IT ALSO COULD HAPPEN TO YOU. If you feel you have done nothing wrong, know your Rights & Options. Hold All People in Jobs of Responsibility accountable otherwise You Will Go Thru This Some Day.
Email: if you would like to be informed of the further legal actions that will be brought against those that failed to do the right/legal thing.

Posted: Monday, December 17, 2012
Article comment by: pandora's box .....

@trained just brushed on the biggest story in Kingman, without even knowing it. The Miner itself mentioned the influence that particular "Good Old Boy" wielded in Kingman. Did I say "influence"? Nice term for extortion, threats, etc. Oh for the day when these people would be subpoenaed to testify under oath regarding crimes committed under authority here. The biggest story in Kingman, even bigger - if you can believe it - than what happened to a house cat.

Posted: Monday, December 17, 2012
Article comment by: Jim Consolato

Finally common sense kicks in.

Posted: Monday, December 17, 2012
Article comment by: concerned citizen

This was truly a waste of everyone's time, and the taxpayers money.

Posted: Monday, December 17, 2012
Article comment by: Marla Kiriakidis

So happy to hear that the jury was smarter than the persecutor. And I do mean persecutor. Now we all need to call and complain about the waste of our money. Because this was a complete waste of time and money. I'd like to see an investigation of the motives behind this case and the one against RUFF. Why animal activists? Why these women? Think of what could have been done with all the money that was wasted. Who's next? The people that feed strays? Or maybe the people that feed birds? The County Attorney's phone number is 753-0719. Remember, if we don't speak up nothing will change.

Posted: Monday, December 17, 2012
Article comment by: Lisa Rogers

Thank God it is over for you Kristin, I am so happy you..

Posted: Sunday, December 16, 2012
Article comment by: Deb Arnott

Finally! One of our most effective animal advocates has been vindicated. Hopefully she will overcome the disappointment she must feel as a result of this false accusation and will resume the fine work she has done for so many people and their beloved pets.

Posted: Sunday, December 16, 2012
Article comment by: Wietse Haak

Justice after all! It is a bloody shame, so much time and money has been invested in this case, which was clear from the beginning. Why would Ms Freiert return another cat to the owner? Come on! The good thing about all of this is, that a lot of people may have learned that you have to spay and neuter your pet to avoid overpopulation.

Posted: Sunday, December 16, 2012
Article comment by: Jeanne Brooks

Well Thank Heavens for a great jury team putting this ridiculous case to an end. The woman with the cats should still be monitored and required to spay & neuter all of her cats. If she was a resonsible pet owner and got them fixed she wouldn't have needed to ask for help. The #1 way to stop the overcrowding of homeless pets is thru spay and neuter and it also helps to protect them from serious health issues. Thankyou Kristen for all you do for our furry friends. Now, it would be a great service to all pet owners if the Daily Miner and other publications would run a "special article" on the responsibilities of pet ownership. If you love dogs and cats, rescue and save a life. Stop breeding.

Posted: Sunday, December 16, 2012
Article comment by: A Kristin-Supporter In-The-Court-Room

Kristin's trial was a ridiculous waste of tax payer dollars. A pool of 40+ jurors were paid....a Sheriff's deputy was paid to stand guard to quell crazed animal activist uprisings. Two Baliffs - one to shush us for an occasional whisper - and the 2nd Baliff to sit in front of us as our babysitter.

If you or I called the Humane Society to complain that someone swiped our cat, they'd say it was a "civil matter" and for us to contact the Sheriff's Office ourselves! But the Humane Society personally called a Sheriff Investigator to go to Kristin's home to confiscate the cat. The Humane Society's unusual over-involvement reaked of unethical vindictiveness.

This same Investigator admitted that there is NO LIMIT to the number of cats a residence can have.

Maybe such ridiculous trials are encouraged for "experience enhancement" for the young, county-apppointed lawyers. The Jury's Not-Guilty verdict attracted a crowd of other young county lawyers -- one obvious poor looser, had the nerve to order us exhilarated, clapping, cheering WINNERS to be quiet!....So we got even louder.

Congratulations, Kristin!

Posted: Sunday, December 16, 2012
Article comment by: Jack BeQuick

Common sence prevails, thank you jury!

Posted: Sunday, December 16, 2012
Article comment by: sad but true Mr. C,

The how, why it came to be are now a thing of the past. Justice does not always a sweetness we would like it to have.

Posted: Sunday, December 16, 2012
Article comment by: Allie Werhan

I have known and worked with Kristin for quite a few years, and to think she would steal a cat is as she says, nonsense. She works tirelessly to get cats rehomed whether they are strays or on their last day in the animal shelter, and we should all be grateful for people like her. I am so glad a jury saw through the polictics in this case and found the truth.

Posted: Sunday, December 16, 2012
Article comment by: Lucia von der Hayde

kristin helped adopt two of my kids. She bottle fed my cat Smokie that is so nice and survived because of her. She helped so many cats and dogs because she loves all of them. I wish we had thousands of people who really care like Kristin does. Thank you my friend Kristin and good luck saving more of our children. Lucia.

Posted: Sunday, December 16, 2012
Article comment by: Web Dawg

Awesome news, but here we are one and half years later of stress on Kristin and who knows how many thousands of dollars out of her pocket, money she would have used to save other pets.

Hope you're happy, who ever the "Lady in Golden Valley" is. Kristin saved your cat at the expense of many others .

Posted: Sunday, December 16, 2012
Article comment by: Trained Observer

Interesting how this can make it into court but a child molestation case involving more than one victim gets stalled while the accused delays and delays.

Posted: Sunday, December 16, 2012
Article comment by: My Heavens

If anyone wonders how govt wastes our tax dollars............this is a prime example.

I absolutely cannot believe the govt would spend time and expense taking this silly case to court. Guess they just need to make work for themselves and the attorney.

Posted: Sunday, December 16, 2012
Article comment by: just a fact

Such a waste of money. Why isn't the GV woman punished for having that many cats in the first place?

Posted: Sunday, December 16, 2012
Article comment by: Gabby B

"Cat Snatched Fever"!!!!!!!!!! I love it!

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