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5/3/2011 6:00:00 AM
Golden Valley animal rescue organization gets reprieve
Shelter has 6 months to get down to 135 dogs

Suzanne Adams-Ockrassa
Miner Staff Reporter

KINGMAN - The Board of Supervisors narrowly approved a six-month extension for Rescue Unwanted Furry Friends Foundation in Golden Valley Monday.

District II Supervisor Tom Sockwell originally made a motion to deny the permit to remain open for RUFFF, but replaced it with a motion to approve a six-month permit after District I Supervisor Gary Watson convinced him to give the animal sanctuary one more chance.

RUFFF has been seeking a renewal of its zoning use permit for some time. In April 2010, the animal sanctuary was cited for operating a kennel without a license and being over the county's limit of four dogs without a kennel license. Owner Hillary Allison has been working with County Planning and Zoning and Environmental Health staff to come into compliance with county requirements.

She was granted a six-month temporary zoning use permit last summer in order to give her time to come into compliance and reduce the number of animals on the property.

Allison applied for an extension of the permit in January and was approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission last month.

Allison asked the Board Monday for a little wiggle room in the number of animals she could keep on the property. The permit approved by the commission limited the number of dogs she could keep to 135 and she asked if it could be increased to 200. She said she didn't plan on keeping that many dogs on the property and she is not accepting any more animals. However, that doesn't stop people from abandoning dogs or other animals on her property.

She also said she was trying to adopt animals out, but has a number of large dogs that people aren't adopting because of the economy.

Several people from Guardian Angels for Pets Force, another animal rescue organization in Mohave County, said they would be willing to help RUFFF increase the adoption of animals and even transport animals to other states for adoption.

"I don't want to see RUFFF closed. She does provide a service to Mohave County," said Betsy Seems. "It's not an easy task to find homes for animals, but hopefully we can have that goal (of reducing the number of dogs to 135)."

Old issue

Board Chairman Buster Johnson said the county has had an issue with RUFFF since 2003.

"I'd like to see this moved to a conclusion," he said.

"This is almost like reading a novel. They've never been in compliance," Sockwell said. The county has spent an unknown number of staff hours trying to fix the situation. "We keep rolling this down the road. I'm to a point were I don't want to go there any more," he said. He warned if the Board approved the permit they would be in same situation six months from now.

Sockwell then made a motion to deny the extension of time, which was seconded by Johnson.

What would happen to the animals, if the permit is denied and the sanctuary closed, Watson asked. He understood that Sockwell and Johnson had been dealing with the situation for some time, but the disposition of the animals if the shelter closed did not look good. He asked them to give RUFFF another 6 months to get the number of dogs down to 135.

Johnson said he understood Watson's concerns about the animals, but RUFFF hasn't been able to take care of business and there was nothing in the extension paperwork that required RUFFF or GAP Force to work together. It would just be a waste of another six months, he warned.

Sockwell eventually relented and changed his motion to approve the extension of time, but warned that it would be the last time.

Other action

The Board also:

• Approved new fees for adoptions at the county animal shelter to cover the cost of immunizations for parvo.

• Tabled a request for a rezone of a parcel of property from agricultural/residential to manufacturing to allow a wastewater treatment plant in the Beaver Dam area to expand and update its equipment. Watson wanted to find out more about the situation surrounding the plant.

• Accepted a letter of resignation from Moccasin Court Justice of the Peace Mitch Kalauli.

• Denied a temporary expansion of the Powerball Café's liquor permit for an event on May 20, 21, and 22. The Café is located off of U.S. 93 in White Hills. The Mohave County Sheriff's Office opposed the permit at a previous Board meeting, saying the café is quite a distance away from any major population center and it would draw a large crowd of bikers.

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Reader Comments

Posted: Wednesday, May 9, 2012
Article comment by: Anson's Nephew

oops - sorry! Did not notice the date line. My bad.

Posted: Tuesday, May 8, 2012
Article comment by: Anson's Nephew

Good grief! What in the hell happened to the 300 word limit most of us have to live under? The issue is simple - Ms allison is doing something no one else wants to do - the BOS and County Health hate life - end of discussion.

I wonder why we never hear about Keepers of the Wild? Another animal sanctuary in the county.

[Did you read the dateline? This article is over a year old, published before the word limit was in effect. -- Web Admin]

Posted: Tuesday, May 8, 2012
Article comment by: Ruth Ann Stillwell

I think it is really great someone who is going by the rules keeps on going. If I were Hilliary I would not waste my time answering the derelicts that continue to harass you. They have excess time on their hands..

Posted: Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Article comment by: Hillarie Allison

@ Anon-a-mouse - I really don't want to deal with any of you any more so if you want to come here, do the day-to-day work, pay for it all, and find homes you are welcome to. I've rescued, spayed & neutered over 10 thousand animals in Mohave County and all I get is grief! I hold adoptions almost daily (unless I'm out at work to support this place) and have NOT been resentful of callers - you're confusing me with someone else. Why don't you tell the other rescues to give away their animals and see how far you get? I have to be sure the potential adopter can afford the pet and I have to recoup some of my vet expenses on that animal. I will not let these animals be destroyed but I will not "give" them away to wind up in the pound! Free is disposable and there has to be some kind of commitment to the animal. All the other groups charge a set ,hefty fee. I ask for a reasonable donation to help with the costs at the vet-nothing else.

I am thouroghly disgusted with all of you who know so much better. If you did, you'd be doing what I do to save countless animals from abuse and destruction.

I don't publicise our location because I don't want animals dropped off here, but even then, it happens, because people know how well the animals are cared for.

I WANT ALL THE ANIMLAS ADOPTED! whether you believe it or not, but not to the wrong home. I haven't sacrificed all these years and spent all MY money on saving them only to have them abused or dumped at the pound!

Please stop your rantings as you are really hurting these animals.

Posted: Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Article comment by: The bottom line is: Do yourself a favor

In the past I had no great use for the BOS, not until I physically started checking things out for myself. Anyone can say what they want to, weither it be true or not, but this thing with RUFFF is ALL public record. For those of you that are to lazy to do some work seperating fact from fiction, you should not criticize those that are willing to go the extra length. Hillarie has only had 6 month, temporary license to stay open, nothing permanent since 2003. Check it out for yourself.

The BOS could have closed down RUFFF years ago but they have tried to work with Hillarie, it is she that WILL NOT work with them to the benifit of her animals. She said it several times, she does things her way, well this time it may be at the expense of her animals lives. She does not think that the rules apply to her, only the other recuses and that is not a good thing for her or the animals that she claims to love.

Wake up Hillarie, take anyone's help that is willing to help. Your animals lives are on the line here and forget about your false pride. The BOS is not the enemy, you are.

Posted: Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Article comment by: Hillarie Allison

One more thing, just for clarification: All ZUP's are "conditional use permits" and can be revoked at any time. The other rescues have the same conditions.

No one has suggested that the GAP caused the issues - only that they got involved without consulting me or what I needed. As for the "extension of time" , this was supposed to be a new permit, not an extension, but was suggested by P & Z to go this route to save me money! The fee wasn't paid in January because I objected to having to pay over and over for the same permit when I was being charged nearly twice what the other rescues were paying. The County responded saying they wouldn't even submit the request without the payment so I paid! You have a way of twisting eveything to look ugly - which I don't understand. You are only making it more difficult for these dogs to find homes.

Since you are so fond of public records, I can't find GAP listed anywhere on any official organization - not the State or the IRS. The are no Articles of Incorporation or Organization. These things are requiered in order to be recognized as more than just a few people who got together and gave themselves a name.

Posted: Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Article comment by: Hillarie Allison

@ Besty Senn - The 2007 ordinance states - material impervious... and draining into a wastewater system...... What do you think that means? It means cement and a huge septic system, which none of the other groups have been required to do. Open lot storage has nothing to do with the animals but did require me to build a "veiw obscured" fence, which I did!

That your GAP forced offered to help is not really correct either. You TOLD me what you were going to do - through the internet and that you "expected my full cooperation" . I have your letter. No one wants to be told how to run their own affairs. Had you offered to help in the true spirit of "helping", you would not have been met with resistance. But you did not. YOu offered to put animals on your website - which I allowed and was grateful for- and this has not generated ONE ADOPTION! You have had the dogs on your other website for a year, and this also hasn't generated ONE ADOPTION. This isn't a matter of pride on my part - I don't believe shuffling dogs to other rescues is a solution. Getting them into their own homes is - which is what I've been doing for 11 years! The help I need is raising funds for some of the "conditions" the County has on my permits - something you stated GAP would NOT do! I need help at Adoptions -which you also don't do. I need help with the daily chores - which GAP also hasn't offered. So how are you helping RUFFF?

There's an old saying that comes to mind : "With friends like these, who needs enemies!"

Posted: Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Article comment by: Anon-a- Mouse

I dont think that Hillary really wants to adopt out any animals. I know people who have contaced her about saving some of her animals and she is almost resentful in dealing with phone calls and she is secretive in a sense with info on her animals. She doesnt want to give the animal away, she damands a donation. In the situation that she is in you would think that the most important thing is to give those animals a home and stop worrying about donations for now! She seems to spend more time defending herself in forums like this than answering her phone calls or encouraging people to come see her animals. At first I was on her side but I have fallen off her support list as many others have. These animals need homes and someone needs to take control of these animals and actually try to give them to homes!

Posted: Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Article comment by: Hillarie Allison

@ Good Riddance - How rediculous to compare driving without a license/insurance and it's dangers to a Kennel permit and suggesting that not having this kennel permit is costing the tax payers money! I have SAVED the tax payers money by not having Animal Control house,feed and exterminate thousands of animals! I have no financial help from the County so it hasn't cost the taxpayers one red cent! By the way, are YOU in compliance at your home???

@ Comply....I have been trying to comply from the beginning but they've changed the requirements from the time I started RUFFFHouse and some of those requirements are not good for the animals -which is what I've been fighting! I've paid all the fees and have submitted expert designs and the county has refused them in the past. They are now, finally, allowing the changes needed and I have complied with all of them. They've had me in a "Catch 22" but have now made it possible for me to comply and not casue harm to the dogs and cats. Which is what I'm doing.

The problem with the media is that they only tell a small part of the story and usually get things wrong! And then you get the people who think they know better, most of whom have never even been to my place, commenting on these sites. This breeds more negativity and hurts adoptions and donations, which are needed to make all the changes or improvements the County wants.. Caring for this Sanctuary is very expensive and any improvements cost even more money and sometimes it has to be raised - which isn't done overnight! So it isn't a lack of desire to comply -sometimes it's the moeny needed - and these "requirements" have nothing to do with the animals or their care - like putting in bathrooms for volunteers and back-flow restricters( which I've done twice) - and are only needed for bathing/grooming, which doesn't get done here, but at the groomer. But nevertheless, it's required of me - makes no sense at all, but costs me money. So, you see, you only know a small part of what goes on and what's required. My last inspection went great and I'm just waiting for the County to get back to me with the Kennel permit and I'll be in compliance. Some of these things have NOT been required of the other rescues, but are required of me. Fair, no, but that's how it goes. Just so you know, I'm requred to pay $200.00 more than the other rescues than the other rescues - how is that fair? And every time they "give" me 6 months, I have to pay again and poll everyone again and it's very time intensive and expensive!

Posted: Monday, May 9, 2011
Article comment by: To Comply or Not Comply

True, compliance does not insure proper care of the animals, but if it does insure your animals' existance and the continuance of your rescue, it is only logical that you would do everything in your power to comply. It does not make sense that you have pushed the County to this point when the lives of 300 animals are at stake. The conditions of your zoning use permit are the same for every other rescue, are they not? Why should you not comply like all the other rescues apparently have? Since R.U.F.F.F. has been allowed to continue operating for over 7 years without being in compliance, perhaps the County and Board of Supervisors do have a streak of compassion and are not such ogres afterall. But as with anything, there is a limit. If cooperating with this G.A.P. organization, who graciously offered to help with adoptions, will save your butt and allow you until 2013 to comply, for God Sake, cooperate and accept their help!!!

Posted: Monday, May 9, 2011
Article comment by: Good Riddance

@Hillarie, You just answered my question on how this problem has come about. It's just a piece of "Paper". That's why we have uninsured
motorists with no license or insurance, they like you, are doing it their way, in the meantime guess who is footing the bill for those not in complaince? The Taxpayer.
I commend the County for trying to work with you since 2003.

Posted: Monday, May 9, 2011
Article comment by: Hillarie Allison

@ Good Riddance & Get the facts straight - You people need to get YOUR facts straight! What is it with you and "compliance"? All that is is a piece of paper - it does nothing to insure proper care of the animals - which has NEVER been in question! I have been fighting the County for years for "compliance" and I've done so inthe best interest of the animals - not the County. I guess I've rufff-led some feathers which is why the Superisors have been so harsh - I didn't roll over and aquiese when it was harmful for the animals I care for. What can't you understand about this? Because I've beenwilling to stand up and fight for what's best makes me the "bad" guy? And why don't you sign your names?????

Elmer has not been fed any "non truths" ( it's "untruths",not non truths) . What is it that you have to hide that you want all the attention focused on me? Hmmmm? RUFFF animals are all beutifully cared for and loved and many are available for adoption - the best possible outcome. But your negativity has hurt adoptions and is hurting the animals youclaim to care about! Elmer has been an integral part of this organization since before it began and knows the honest truth aobut what goes on -not YOU. Help is always appreciated but not when it's demanded. The people who truly care about RUFFF and it's animals are volunteering regularly and have for many years. YOU sit at your computors and critisize - help like that I don't need. Critisim and ignorance only make things worse for the animals

If anyone would like to adopt a wonderful dog or cat, then please contact RUFFF @ 928-565-BARK (2275).

Posted: Sunday, May 8, 2011
Article comment by: Betsy Senn

Hillarie - no one in the GAP Force is saying that your anmals don't receive the best of care and deny that you love each and every one of them unconditionally. However, most animal lovers believe a dog is much better off in a loving furever home than confined to a kennel for years and years....confined, imprisoned, trapped, locked - same thing. If they are adoptable, which most of yours are, there's just no excuse for denying these innocent dogs the freedom and joy of a loving furever home. And that is what GAP's objective has been from the very beginning. GAP does not want you to be closed down, GAP has never had any say-so in the P&Z or BOS decisions or approvals or denials. Except maybe, GAP's offer to help reduce your dog population did aid in obtaining your latest 6-months extension? Buster and Sockwell wanted to close you down immediately....that and all of their previous decisions were theirs and theirs alone....soley based on your non-compliance with the P&Z conditional requirements since 2003.

We're truly saddened by your feelings of desperation for the lives of all your dogs, especially now that the closure of your rescue may be a reality unless you reduce your dog population within 6 months. You're going to need all the help you can get - GAP has offered help - why would you refuse help in such dire circumstances? You don't even need to be personally involved with us - we contact the no-kill rescues, they contact you, and hopefully you'll cooperate with them to accomplish the adoptions - for the sake of your dogs. Personal pride needs to be set aside and fully focus on finding homes for your adoptable dogs.

If the BOS closes RUFFF for non-compliance and non-cooperation, fat chance that all 300+ of RUFFF's innocent animals will find safe loving furever homes in but a few short months. And it will NOT be the fault of GAP.

RUFFF never did have a full Zoning Use Permit...what RUFFF was issued on 7 July 2003 was a CONDITIONAL zoning use permit (BOS Resolution 2003-229). The 7 conditions were not met, yet it was extended for the first time 6 July 2004 until 7 July 2005. You requested another extention 7 Oct 2005 after your ZUP had been expired already 3 months. Your reasons were title and road dedication issues, delays in contruction and acquisition of funds. A site inspection then indicated RUFFF now had zoning violations on the open lot storage and you had established your rescue operation prior to meeting the conditions of the original BOS Resolution. Despite this non-compliance and violation, they voted to continue your item from their 9 Nov 2005 meeting to their 11 January 2006 to their 10 May 2006 to their 14 June 2006 meeting - when another extension was agreed on again with conditions - and that no more than 135 adult dogs may be maintained on your did not oppose this limit at that time...this extension expired on 3 July 2008.

Despite this expiration of your ZUP, RUFFF continued in violation of the Mohave County Zoning Ordinance, and the number of animals has increased to approximately 200 dogs and 100 cats. It was also stated that anecdotal information indicates there have been substantially more animals kept on the property at various times.

The current ZUP for RUFFF was once again considered on 14 July 2010 - The Department's recommendation was for denial of the ZUP...and the Environment Health Division does not recommend increasing the number of animals allowed on the property and would recommend that, at best, the number of animals allowed be lowered, based on the number of volunteers and resources the applicant has available to her, or alternatively that the operation be deactived. (This terrifying decision was made even before GAP existed - so we can't be blamed!)

The Zoning Use Permit was again CONDITIONALLY approved by the Mohave County BOS on 2 August 2010 for a period of 6 months to allow RUFFF to work with Development Services and Environmental Health to bring the operation into compliance with county regulations....this extension expired 2 Feb 2011.

And yete another request for an Extension of Time was received on 26 Jan 2011...the application was deemed incomplete due to lack of filing fee, which was paid on 9 Mar 2011. The Commission heard the request for extension at its 13 April 2011 meeting and recommended another extension of time. This latest - and last extnsion of time - will be in effect until 2 May 2013 if all conditions are met...and one of the conditions was that the applicant shall reduce the number of dogs on the property to 135 or fewer within 6 months of this approval.

Another stipulation of this final extension states that this ZUP is subject to revocation upon 60 days notification by the BOS if in the opinion of the Commission & the Board, the continued use of the property would be contrary to the public health, safety and welfare.

From 2003 to 2011, these are the facts - a synopsis of the history of the Zoning Use Permits and Extensions of Time, public record. It should be no surprise that the BOS is loosing patience. And it's really amazing, that under such circumstances, GAP's help to find loving furever homes for RUFFF's adoptable dogs has been met with such resistance. This is about the only comparison that I can honestly make, sadly to say, between RUFFF and Pet Protection of 8 years ago....Pet Protection's founder also was in denial and uncooperative with the volunteers who were trying to help find new loving furever homes for her dogs.

And in the 2007 Animal Ordinance, I'm not reading where there is even a mention of cement required for outdoor kennels. It is written that interior floors shall be of impervious construction....and that kennels must be sloped to drain properly to a waste water and/or drain system. In the new Animal Ordinance of Oct 2010, I believe cement was at first a requirement for outdoor kennels, but then changed to sand....but the new Animal Ordinance has been put on-hold until the November 2012 election. So how could cement have been an issue with RUFFF all these years? The 2007 Animal Ordinance can be read on the GAP website:

Posted: Saturday, May 7, 2011
Article comment by: Hillarie Allison

@ Betsy Senn - Betsy, you comments are very wrong - and you know nothing about many of these things you're commenting on. I most certainly did have my Zoning Permit - in fact I got it before we ever moved in here in 2003. It was renewed in 2006 and again in 2010! Cement was the main requirement holding me from getting the kennel permit, which I told you personally on numerous occassions, and is primarily why I've been fighting the County on that requirement - which is in the 2007 ordinance for kennel permits.So how can you say I've never had permits or that cement had nothing to do with it? How is it that you know so much about my business?
Your statement to the BOS was that you wanted to post animals on the internet like you did for pet protection - it's on the video- and that could lead anyone to think you were making a comparison. Mr. Prince did not mince your words. And he has been with me for many years and actually does know what's happening with RUFFF - you and the GAP do not. You are dong more harn than you even realise.

If you truly wanted to help, you would ask " What can we do to help?" not inform me of what you are going to do nor surprise me with these things at the Supervisors meeting. I don't come to your house and tell you how to run things and I don't want you telling me how to take care of my business - no one would. YOu know darn well that these animals receive the best of care and are not "imprisoned" here. They run and play and receive lots of love and attention - more than many a privately owned dog. They have a loving, happy home here and until they can go to their own home, it's the next best thing. Sorry, but the P & Z unanimously approved the permit for 2 years with the exception of lowering the number of dogs to 135, which was arbitrarily thrown at me by Buster Johnson in 2006. No reason, just a number he pulled out of the air. I have it in writing that the permit would be in effect until May, 2013. once again, you don't know what you're takling about.
As for Petsmart - you also know nothing aobut why I chose not to do adoptions there, and I 'm not going to enlighten you here, but I have my reasons. I didn't bring up the event - your member did and acted as if she was a big part of it, which she was not. As for my adoptions, you don't even have all the pictures of the dogs that are available at RUFFFHouse so there is nothing for you to post. I am holding adoptions every week-end and daily by appointment so your help on the internet isn't really needed. Besides, these dogs and cats are already listed on over 300 sites. So thanks anyway. There are many things in the works that you have no knowlege of but many of the other posters are aware of what we're doing and are helping tremendously. So while you can argue with the others who've written here about what I have done, you cannot argue with ME about what permits I've had and what was required of me. I'm the only one who knows what is needed and what has been accomplished other than the people who've actually done the work and help here on a regular basis. Not any of your GAp force people, who only strive to hate me because of the referendum. The one that actually succeeded due to the fast work of Arden, Frank and myself and the proper attorney, not the GAP force.

I take strong exception to comments about the care of the animals and being told I "have a good heart, but..." These people don't want to help - they only want to criticise in an underhanded way and I won't be a part of it. The animals at RUFFFHouse are all fine and happy and awaiting the right home - not another rescue. Find someone else to "help". Please.

Posted: Saturday, May 7, 2011
Article comment by: Good Riddance

I think it's time all this arguing stop, its certainly not helping the animals. A lot of lies & non truths have been written.
Read the facts & decide you are going to do the best thing for the animals. Making sure they all get decent, loving homes.Everything I've read Hillarie has been noncompliant, the blame is squarely on her shoulders, if she had been working with the county from day one, I don't believe there would be this problem. No one wants the animals killed. Everyone needs to get on the same page & help adopt out the healthy dogs she has. That would be the right thing to do. The dogs would thank you.

Posted: Friday, May 6, 2011
Article comment by: GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT !!!

Elmer, I feel sorry for you that you have been fed such a line of bull and you continue to believe it...Do some research and find out what the facts are for real...It is public record....

Posted: Friday, May 6, 2011
Article comment by: Animal Caretaker

Go to and search for charities. Neither RUFFF nor Rescued Unwanted Furry Friends is listed. Before I donate, I do my due diligence on an organization before I turn over my hard-earned money. I called this IRS and was told the 501(c)(3) was revoked because she did not report. I called Hillarie, and she told me RUFFF came under the "umbrella" of Golden Valley Food Bank. I called the IRS and was told that wasn't so.

Posted: Friday, May 6, 2011
Article comment by: Elmer Prince

@ get the facts straight & Animal Caretaker. It's YOU who need to get your facts straight. HIllarie has had her 501(c)(3) since 2000 and has had to reapply due to changes in IRS regulations, which she's done. She's in good standing with the State and has had her zoning permits from the beginning. The Kennel permit is what she doesn't have and for very good reason - she won't make animals live on cement! That is the main thing that she has been fighting the County on for years, and has prevented her from getting the permit. She has done this for the health and welfare of the animals - something you can't understand.

As for the volunteer driver, I was told directly by the director of the other rescue that she made ONE trip only and it was she that alluded to being at the 3-day event. That she helps is not in question and is admirable, only that she made it seem that she was doing alot of things she wasn't.

As for GAP getting HIllarie the 6 months - I believe if they'd stayed out of it, it would have been approved right off. It was only when they brought up negative things that are only their opinions, opinions given by 2 who have never even been to RUFFF,that the debate started. Maybe GAP helped OR maybe they hurt. Gap has no idea what has transpired between Hillarie and the County and what things have been accomplished. They know nothiing of the operation or the adoptions. They jumped in WITHOUT even consulting HIllarie or offering help prior to the meeting, other than posting on thier website, which Hillarie allowed them to do for months now, and not one call to adopt ever came from that!

So when you say "get the "FACTS" straight, it's YOU who need to get them straight. I have them right from the horse's mouth and have been involved with RUFFF since the beginning and before when I helped HIllarie and a small group build the Longlake Shelter to stop the tribe from shooting the animals behind the Police station -long before there were ANY other groups rescuing animals in this area. I know the facts -stop trying to change them or mislead people with your accusations - you're only hurting the animals. And why have none of your posts mentioned the ANIMALS? Hillarie puts the animalss first - not a peice of paper!

Posted: Friday, May 6, 2011
Article comment by: Betsy Senn

Elmer Prince - how dare you mince my words.....when have I ever EVER compared RUFFF to Pet Protection??!! There was and is NO comparison whatsoever. Pet Protection was a cruel, crappy, disgusting place that desserved to be shut down. It was hell for those dogs - and until I went out and investigated for myself, of course I defended Pet Protection....I never dreamed that a supposed animal-lover rescue person would be a hoarder!! oh my, were my eyes opened to the fact that this happens way too often!!!

You say "GAP Force could have stayed out of it and it might have just been approved"???.....what are you talking about? The BOS approved exactly what the Planning and Zoning unanimously approved/recommended - 135 dogs and 6 months. Cement was never a requirement for RUFFF to get her permits...and she has never had a zoning permit, only a temporary one, that was extended and extended since 2003 - RUFFF has never been in compliance. The GAP Force had nothing whatsoever to do with the decision of the BOS nor of the Planning and Zoning. You are giving the GAP Force way too mujch can we have such power, 'cause after all like you said, we're only a few insignificant people.

Yes, I was fully aware that RUFFF had an adoption weekend - and I do hope sincerely alot of dogs were adopted. So please tell me, how many and which dogs were adopted out so I can paste a big proud "adopted" on their pictures on the GAP website. However, a more convenient and easier accessible place from which to adopt out rescue animals, would be to join forces with the other local rescues at PetsMart - 49 dogs were adopted from there this past weekend....49!!!! RUFFF wasn't there, because 501(c)(3) and proper permits are required to be able to adopt out from PetsMart. Still, if RUFFF would allow some other properly permitted and non-profit Rescue to handle her dogs at these Adoption Days, more RUFFF dogs could be adopted. Why isn't this being done?

And why do you consider it so important for GAP to attend these adoption days at PetsMart anyways? We did stop in there during the weekend to say Hi and to pat the dogs. It certainly looked to me like they had plenty of volunteers helping....are you insinuating that if GAP doesn't physically help out these Rescues at their adoption days, that we're bad or not really true animal-lovers?

And you say RUFFF's dogs are not trapped inside their kennels 24/7. Well then tell me, how many hours in each day are each of those dogs removed from their kennels?? Sorry, Elmer, but any true animal-lover should realize that it's not mentally or physically healthy for a dog to be confined to a kennel for years and years. And the Rescues that we will be contacting will also be no-kill.

RUFFF's dog population must be reduced before 6 months, or she may be shut down. The GAP Force does NOT want RUFFF to be closed down -
how many times must I repeat that before it sinks in? We're only trying to help adopt out some of RUFFF's dogs....for RUFFF not to cooperate with GAP, makes no sense whatsoever.

Posted: Thursday, May 5, 2011
Article comment by: Animal Caretaker

Amen to Get the Facts Straight. The other rescues are fully permitted, with IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit status. Why won't RUFFF do that? She says she's been in business the longest.

Posted: Wednesday, May 4, 2011
Article comment by: Get The Facts Straight !!!

To elmer get you facts straight... the gap member who said she transported animals to CA is a new driver and has made two trips to CA and was not able to make the trip in April because she was moving and was also unable to help with the three day adoption at Petsmart due to being in the middle of her move... otherwise she would have been there to help.
Why weren't you there for HIlary at the BOS meeting speaking up in support of her? Hilary was going to be shut down but thanks to Gary Watson and GAP she now has 6 months to get in compliance like all the other rescues have to is up to Hilary if she continues with her rescue or not. She has no one to blame but herself for the problems she is now facing and only she can resolve them and stop blaming others for her decisions.

Posted: Wednesday, May 4, 2011
Article comment by: Susie Bertram

There are so many good people that take in abandoned pets for whatever reason and I'm one on them. Just to feed a few is expensive and also rewarding to see them leave with a full tummy. I can't tell you how many that have come here but not once have I grumbled about that. Not saying I can afford it by no means, am unemployed and no income, but, happy to be able to help out when needed with my meager savings. So, to all of you who complain about the shelters, get a real life and see how you can understand or feel the anquish animals feel without love and especially food to survive. Selfish people is all I can think of. Those unwanted pets never had the choice to say if it was good or bad. I just know they are grateful for anything.

Posted: Wednesday, May 4, 2011
Article comment by: Elmer Prince

@Betsy Senn - GAP Force, You say there are too many dogs "trapped" in "kennels" 24/7. How do you know this? I happ[en to know that these dogs are NOT trapped 24/7 and that if it weren't for Hillarie and RUFFF, most, if not all of these dogs would be DEAD! Sure, it'd be great for these dogs to have a couch to play on and a lap to snuggle in, but these dogs CAME from those places, most taken out of the Mohave County "pound" and taken to RUFFF to be cared for until a forever home could be found. You think taking them to another, unknown rescue is better? I think not. These dogs have already been through trauma, maybe several times before being rescued and loved by Hillarie and the RUFFF volunteers. Putting them in another rescue doesn't change the situation for them one bit. Many other rescues don't live up to the standards Hillarie has - they seperate bonded dogs and adopt out to anyone. Most have much smaller dog pens without all the extras Hillarie provides for these creatures. Deborah is right, if you want to help so badly, go out and do some of the work at RUFFF and give the dogs attention that you claim they lack (which I can assure you, they don't). Or raise money to help with improvements or pay her vet bill!

I've been in rescue 17 years and it always seems that it' s the posters and crossposters that cause most of the trouble for legitimate rescues. I watched and re-watched the BOS meeting and while your comments were rather positive, some of the others in your group were very inflamatory - questioning the care and welfare of the dogs at RUFFF. I have checked and there have NEER been any complaints about the welfare of the animals at RUFFF. In fact, the AC officers I've spoken to have nothing but praise for HIllarie AND RUFFF. And one of your members claimed to take runs to CA for another group - I check that too and she made ONE trip a few moinths ago and did NOT volunteer at the 3-day event she referred to. Nor did any other GAP members. Are you aware that HIllarie held an adoption last week-end as well? I know, because I was there. and helped. Also, what makes you think you or any of your members know what goes on daily at RUFFF? Why don't you know how hard HIllarie has worked with the County to get her permits, for years bucking them because she didn't want to see dogs living on cement - which is the main reason she doesn't have her kennel permit. She has had her zoning permit since 2003. A permit is only a peice of paper and doesn't insure that the animals are cared for one bit! Her animals are cared for better than many privately owned animals in this County which has been attested to, legally, by 4 veterinarians - and they ought to know better than YOU.

JMHO, but your GAP Force could have stayed out of it and it might have just been approved, since it was unanimously approved by the P & Z commission. But you had to stick your noses in it. YOUR comments may have started the negative slant that the BOS took. It seemed to me that your group's comments actualy made things worse. But from other things I've read from GAP , it seems your group wants to take credit for everything. And are you registered as an official group with the State? Do you have membership or by-laws? I cannot find anything any where saying you do, so it seems you're just a few who want to be in the limelight.

To the others who commented, like Lynne and Deborah - good for you. You've volunteered and know the score. Thanks to people like you , and the many other supporters ( of which I'm one) RUFFF continues to help the homeless animals of this area - animals who would otherwise be DEAD! Hillarie should be applauded, not harrassed.

How is it that Buster (funny he has a DOG'S name) , who lives in Havasu where there are NO limits on the number of pets, and has never been to RUFFF, can be so smug. And Sockwell, who has visited RUFFF and vowed to help ( I was a witness to this) and then changed his whole tune, as he does with everything else, cares not about the animals or all the money HIllarie has SAVED the County by taking these unwanted babies and giving them medical care, making sure they didn't reproduce, finding good homes and caring for the ones that didn't get homes for years. To liken RUFFF to Pet Protections is a travesty and huge insult. Shame on you for that Ms. Senn. Of course, I remember you standing before the BOS many years ago pleading for Pet Protection and saying how great it was when Hillarie and many, many others told the horror stories of that organization. And I also remember Hillarie taking 25 dogs from that organization, which I'm sure cost her alot, and all the pigs, that were living in horrid conditions, that now lounge in comfort at RUFFF.

Posted: Wednesday, May 4, 2011
Article comment by: Stop the cycle instaed of enabling it

Petsmart is holding a low cost spay/neuter today....
money that is spent on housing these dogs could be better served to stop the cycle with low cost spay/neuter services.
Just yesterday I saw people giving away free dogs out of the back of there truck.... sad. They'll end up in a shelter soon enough and a shelter is no way to live for a dog.

Posted: Wednesday, May 4, 2011
Article comment by: The Real Common Sense

What is it with Buster and Tom? Did Hillary hurt their little feelings at some time in the past? These two clowns need to grow up and stop with the harrassment of what is obviously a much needed facilty in Mohave County. What a useless pair! I cannot for the life of me think of one sensible thing these two have accomplished for the county. Their list of accomplishments make us look like the dumbass capital of the state. My God will 2012 never get here so we can rid ourselves of these two morons?

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