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3/17/2013 6:00:00 AM
Column: Real reporting? Not yet

Rich Thurlow

OK, I admit I saw it on Fox News, but the brief segment was about a reporter from ABC asking very Fox-like questions to Jay Carney. Carney is the White House spokesman, and in general terms he was not answering the question about how much it cost for the president to go to Illinois or to play golf with Tiger Woods.

Now I'm not one of the guys who thinks the president should never take a vacation. I know George W. Bush spent a lot of time on that ranch in Texas, dreaming up ways of spending money much faster than taxpayers could provide it. That's one of those things Bush did well and Obama does better.

As for the cost of all that travel, it's a legitimate question when the government can't afford to keep the White House open for tours due to the sequester.

Anyway, Carney was pretty steadfast in terms of saying a lot but, ultimately, saying nothing, to the point where the guy from ABC barked, "Answer the question!"

These are the kinds of questions Obama and members of his team should have been answering for about 45 months now, if you deduct time for the honeymoon with the press that presidents are supposed to get.

And some see the exchange as a sign the press is going to get tough and not give Obama a pass any more. Not me.

About a month ago the Miner ran an AP story regarding the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya, and how Obama was briefed on what was going on while they were still alive and chose to do nothing. There were military options at his disposal, but the president opted to go to bed, then got up and went to Las Vegas to campaign and raise money.

The story about Obama's indifference to the plight of four Americans who died at the diplomatic mission was written in a fashion favorable to the president. For example, it wasn't until about the 20th paragraph that AP got around to the president's non-role, his decision to do nothing. That would have been the lead paragraph for any other president.

Think of the pounding Bush endured for staying in that Florida classroom after he knew about the attacks on the World Trade Center. Even though he could have done nothing to alter the events, Bush was mocked and ridiculed for just sitting there.

Obama could have done something in an attack that lasted hours, one that was being watched in real time.

One would think this information would lead to a host of other stories, many of them about the president's apparent inability to lead, his unwillingness to take charge when circumstances call for it.

Four Americans died and the president chose to lead from behind the funeral procession.

The U.S. hasn't had a high-ranking diplomat assassinated in decades. Christopher Stevens' death was unusual.

We've got a way to go before the national media start treating the president as someone to be questioned and not believed without question.


The modern newspaper business demands that more than a few hours each week be spent with the online version of the Miner. A lot of those minutes deal with reading and approving or deleting reader comments about stories and other stuff that appeared in the Miner.

It's not unusual for comments to turn political on items that have nothing to do with politics. That being the case, there's been a heck of a lot more opining about Benghazi in the online version of the Miner than in the printed edition.

One of the president's staunchest supporters has repeatedly stated that Republicans are to blame for Benghazi because they denied funding for security. I'm skeptical, given how much money the government spends daily, but let's pretend for a moment it's true. Let's concede that it's a fact that the Republicans said no way to the bricks and mortar, the manpower and the weapons that would have made the Benghazi mission safe, that because of that and the unrest in Libya it was akin to handing out a death sentence to Stevens and other members of the staff.

You still with me?

Then why would Hillary Clinton's State Department keep the Benghazi mission open? Given President Obama's legendary attention to detail, why didn't he demand that Stevens and the rest come home until those tight-fisted Republicans came to their senses?

Even for Obama and Hillary Clinton, that would be a no-brainer.


Consider this from the Patriot Post:

"The White House is offering high-end donors an opportunity to become members of the board of Organizing for Action, Barack Obama's permanent campaign apparatus. According to The New York Times , donors who give or raise more than $500,000 will be offered seats on the board of OFA and direct access to the president at quarterly meetings, along with invitations to other White House meetings, presumably to discuss and shape policy that OFA seeks to influence. Press Secretary Jay Carney said there was no cause for alarm, although he was at a loss for words when it came to explaining how the OFA effort amounts to anything more than institutionalized influence peddling at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

"This certainly doesn't sound like the Barack Obama who vigorously campaigned in 2008 against the "special interests" who buy access to elected officials. Maybe this is simply the "new politics" he kept promising us. Besides, if you're going to "fundamentally transform" America in your own image, sometimes you have to make compromises."

Similar gems with a conservative (not Republican) perspective are abundant in the Patriot Post. I recommend it to all my friends, especially those who lead a little bit to the left. Visit www.patriotpost.us/subscribe/.

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Reader Comments

Posted: Saturday, March 30, 2013
Article comment by: Capt. Nice

What about calling obama "obammy" isn't that being a bit racist? Obummer is not racist like you would like to say. but your obammy has racial overtones wouldn't you say...of course you are desperately going back to see if someone else said it, but I doubt if you will find it...someone might have, but I think it is your own creation....shame on you!
It kinda reminds me of Jessee Jackson and his kind who use racism as a business and then there are people like you who just like to keep racism alive.....I wonder why?
When will Blacks wake up and realize the left has never done anything for them and have actually kept them down.

Posted: Tuesday, March 19, 2013
Article comment by: Anson's Nephew

Ms Athens

The non-stop posting of comments taken from Limbaugh, Beck, FAUX News or chain e-mails do nothing towards making any of our posts accurate. In fact this practice simply makes everything you post tiresome.

Posted: Tuesday, March 19, 2013
Article comment by: Anson's Nephew

“That includes the over 3 BILLION we are giving to Israel that you somehow forgot to mention.”

Yes, Linda, how about that?

Posted: Tuesday, March 19, 2013
Article comment by: Nice Chuckle


You may be on to something. I say we stop giving the aid to foreign countries until we can fix our own problems. That includes the over 3 BILLION we are giving to Israel that you somehow forgot to mention. Wouldn't you agree?

Posted: Monday, March 18, 2013
Article comment by: Linda Athens

Mr. Thurlow:

I bet you wished Carney had been asked about our billion dollar giveaway to the Muslim Brotherhood in the middle of our sequester too. Arnold Ahlert/Frontpagemag doesn't skimp on details.

One day before sequestration, Kerry announced $60 million to Syrian rebels followed next day by $250 mill to the America hating Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in exchange for economic reform, which if deemed successful, goes up to one billion from us.

Only Republicans voted against this gift to Morsi, an outspoken Jew hater who has instituted Sharia law in Egypt.

Announced in Rome, Kerry revealed we are also sending MRE's/medicine to the Syrian rebels in hope we impress Assad? What? Now we're into impressing cold blooded killers?

We've already provided $385 million to Syria, another $80 mill in communication equipment. In spite of our own 17T in debt, Syrian rebels were disappointed and one said "it is obvious the real support is absent".

Remember Shel Silversteins book The Giving Tree? The little boy took and took from the tree until all that was left was a stump to sit on. We'll be there one day with insanity like this.

Of the timing of this giveaway, former military intel officer/police detective Mike Snopes said "This is an amazing example of obama's priorities - spouts gloom and doom for us, many of whom suffer daily, spouts hope to Syrian rebels, many of them al Qaeda and other terrorist group members"

Don't forget the 200 state of the art Abrams tanks ($4.3 mill ea) and 20 F16 Jets ($45 mill ea) to Egypt only Republicans voted against while half of sequestration is on our own military.

And then obama said, part of our help to Egypt is for their young while our black youth have over 50% unemployment.

Posted: Monday, March 18, 2013
Article comment by: Linda Athens

Os Guinness has written a book "A Free People's Suicide" which is must reading and recommended by Dr. Ben Carson and Rush Limbaugh both.

It addresses leadership without character and freedom without virture among others.

As the Republican party flounders around, wrongly thinking they should "re-brand", they are making a big mistake. If they go for amnesty, they lose their base - gay marriage the same. The GOP has always been the party of freedom. It is time they embrace what they were founded on.

Ron Paul said in his fiinal speech, he never figured it would be so hard to sell freedom....but it is.

When you have a leader with no character as we do now and his party convincing millions they need liberating as they create one victim group after another, big trouble is coming. This kind of liberation always means bigger government and less freedom.

It isn't freedom when you corrupt age old customs that have worked and do NOT need liberating. Such as marriage - one man and one woman.. Sex within marriage.

Sex with anyone anytime isn't freedom. I worked in the WIC office once. I saw what that freedom did. Child after child with all different fathers, some didn't even know who the father was - most far too young to even have children. The children uncared for - Mother stressed, needed handout. Usually no Father around to love and care for kids. .

It isn't any surprise the Sunday night series, The Bible with no stars at all in it except perhaps Roma Downy playing Mary has multiple millions watching it. Down deep, Americans are craving the roots that once bound us without putting us in groups.

Posted: Sunday, March 17, 2013
Article comment by: Anson's Nephew

“… inflammatory name calling should be left on the grade school playground …”

As I have pointed out previously I have taken the tact of “name calling” based on how the righties seem to love it. And I have stated many times that when Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly, Coulter, Malkin, Levin, Savage, Reagan, Miller, et a,l cease the name calling, so will I.

And actually most of my “name calling” is not actually “name calling.” My references are to facts – unlike those of the Right wing Shouting Heads. Examples - The Criminal, he is, simple at that. Willard the Money Hider, he is, simple as that. As to “shuruff” I use that to point out the idiocy of both our local Shuruff and that moron from Maricopa County – an yeah, that one is “name calling.”

Posted: Sunday, March 17, 2013
Article comment by: Anson's Nephew

“OK, I admit I saw it on Fox News…”

And that terminates any discussion on the subject. FAUX News – LOL!

“One of the president's staunchest supporters has repeatedly stated that Republicans are to blame for Benghazi because they denied funding for security. I'm skeptical, … but let's pretend for a moment it's true.”

A simple search for the facts will prove the Republicans have repeatedly denied additional funding for both embassy and consulate security – even doing so following the Benghazi mess. As to shutting down consulates and embassies – really? That’s your answer? Sad.

Posted: Sunday, March 17, 2013
Article comment by: Uncle Anson

Great article Rich. Besides being spot on, there is an interesting observation to the article. This is for those posters out there ho pledge blind allegiance to an ideology .

Notice how Rich is able to make a case without juvenile name calling. No criminal or shuriff or X the money hider or ad naseum. inflammatory name calling should be left on the grade school playground and frankly not even tolerated there. When a person does that sort of thing it immediately removes any modicum of self respect from the writer and removes any consideration from a reasonably intelligent reader as to any interest in the writers opinion. Make an intelligent argument, based on fact. Facts depend on perception as well. Check this out. If you are looking at a ball half white and half blue and you are looking at the division of color you see a ball that is blue and white. Any other position and you see a blue ball or a white ball. It is the same with opinion. State your position, give your reference, even if it is opinion and let others see a color based on their position on the ball.

Posted: Sunday, March 17, 2013
Article comment by: David Rogers

Rich give it up. Please do some journalistic research and investigation of your own. You will find that our great President won a resounding second term. This tells me that the majority of Americans feel you and your followers are not in tune with America. Wise up and be part of the solution and stop being the problem.

Posted: Sunday, March 17, 2013
Article comment by: Rick O'Shea

I'm starting to look forward to your articles.

Don't forget about all the money Obama's wife spent on vacations. You ever find it funny that some liberals on here are fond of saying things like, "Obama won, get over it" or "Obama won, deal with it" when ever someone blames Obama for something. Well you liberals can't keep blaming Bush forever for Obama 's short comings so get over it and start laying the blame where it belongs, on Obama's head and deal with it.

Posted: Sunday, March 17, 2013
Article comment by: anonymous anonymous

Is it not curious that fox and friends might be the fox in the American hen house? What media outlet preaches hate for the very same government our constitution designed and set up? One guess fox and friends, owned and operated by a foreign born billionaire married to a Chinese born woman 40 years his junior, what foreign intelligence agency would not call it a coup to infiltrate and take over a major US media outlet and use it for propaganda against American system of government? Now ad to this this same avowed capitalist billionaire is building him and his wife a retirement home in Beijing China a communist country! Is fox and friends our 5th column in America? Are those who worship at the fox and friends alter spies, traitors or just dupes falling for the propaganda?

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