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4/3/2014 6:00:00 AM
Letter: Prisoners are on Easy Street

A long time ago, our justice system was quick and didn't mess around, but now we have a bunch of softhearted bureaucrats who would rather play patty cake with the criminals instead of punish them.

My question to all of you is this: Don't they even care about the victims of these animals? After all, don't the victims deserve more respect than the criminals who terrorized and killed their loved ones? Where's the justice for them? Get my drift, bureaucrats? That also goes for the public defenders as well. What goes around, comes around - that's how I feel.

Years back, prisons weren't so easy to be in, but now politicians are letting the guilty run the prisons. They riot if they don't get what they want. What happened to our old system?

Kenny Lee Barrows


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Reader Comments

Posted: Monday, April 7, 2014
Article comment by: pl .....

I didn't think much of the Yippies or the Weather Undies (Jerry Rubin went to Cuba before returning to get run down in front of the Federal building in downtown Los Angeles, suffering two broken legs but dying shortly therafter in hospital from a heart attack). I didn't make it to Dallas until age 40 in 1990 working for American Airlines operations. Of all my life's regrets, if only I'd stayed away from the 1972 Munich Olympics, but that's another story (all right, I got sick from the coffee cake sold there, and then there was that Palestinian terror attack & Golda's Revenge afterwards that I........oh, anyway).

Posted: Monday, April 7, 2014
Article comment by: Frank Lee Speaking

"I was there when ......."

Yeah, yeah. A regular Where's Waldo. Next you will be telling us how you were behind the fence at the JFK assination. Or even better, you will claim you were one of the mysterious bums conspiracy loons say were arrested in Dallas that day.

Posted: Monday, April 7, 2014
Article comment by: Frank Lee Speaking

"arocryphal story that appears to be lacking in actual fact."

No more aprocryphal than the DUI story you have used in the past.

You are not required to accept anyones claim without a police report containing facts. And no one has to accept yours either without that.

Posted: Monday, April 7, 2014
Article comment by: Anson's Nephew

“BM: As you accuse others of untruths, ignore real facts, why not stop using my Grandfathers name…”

You know why. As to ignoring facts, please provide proof, thank you.

“My Grandson did not urinate on the Alamo.”

Did I say he did? Nope, I said he urinated on a public building (unspecified) and exposed himself. And why are you hung-up on the façade of the building now known as The Alamo. Funny stuff.

“Remember, I lived in Texas 35 years..”

So what does that have to do with your grandson peeing in public? Or is that something Texans do regularly?

“The Ranger count is correct.”

Sorry, I still cannot accept that six Texas Rangers were on the look-out for a kid peeing on a public building.

“It wasn't indecent exposure.”

Of course it was and that is a charge regularly filed when a person is caught urinating in public.

“Ever been to a beach lately?”

Yes, and if you expose yourself you are arrested. What’s your point?

The kid broke the law and for all we know he fought with the “six Texas Rangers” resulting in his injuries.

Posted: Sunday, April 6, 2014
Article comment by: pl .....

@Bob Moore......in summer 1970 when the Weather Undies (Jerry Rubin and pals) tried to "seize" Disneyland, I was there when the Gestapo showed up in phalanxes. A guy came up to me wearing a red star on his lapel, and was carrying the implements of a journalist. He spoke to me, "I am here from Pravda to cover this event. But the police are coming this way. You should get out of here with us (hundreds of people were beginning to flee)". I took off with everyone else. Maybe I don't regret that particular decision, but later in life when the dissent was more deeply-rooted and I had become a victim of government crimes, my mind changed. A person should always try to act consistent with their understanding of events and what manhood requires of them.

Posted: Sunday, April 6, 2014
Article comment by: Linda Athens


As you accuse others of untruths, ignore real facts, why not stop using my Grandfathers name and use your real name, Bob Moore? That would be one step towards truth.

My Grandson did not urinate on the Alamo. Only the front wall is even the original Alamo anyway and I dare say, a whole lot of men in that Alamo at one time did a lot more than urinate on it.

Remember, I lived in Texas 35 years, been there a few times, have grandchildren who live in SA. Alamo has a restroom, are cheap w/it, make you buy something in the gift shop last time I was there to use it. It had just closed.

Plus they have horse carriages right next to the Alamo that routinely crap right next to it and in spite of complaints, they remain. The Ranger count is correct. There is video. The women's group who at the time was running the Alamo were in a war w/the Rangers.

Requests to view the tapes have been ignored. Many viewed the start of the beating before he was drug behind a wall. One woman, taking pics w/her daughter even wrote of the witnessed brutality. He's also been fined thousands of dollars by the Alamo for damages before a case?

It wasn't indecent exposure. There are two floodlights on the front, that side goes far back and is dark. Ever been to a beach lately?

Posted: Sunday, April 6, 2014
Article comment by: Anson's Nephew

It is interesting how righties do not believe criminal acts have consequences. When I mention The Criminal and his co-conspirator The Dark Lord were both the only convicted criminals to ever be appointed to the highest offices in the land I was told, “It was just DUI’s,” as if DUI convictions don’t count.

A local woman admitted to voter fraud by voting in the 1960 election of JFK when she was 16. But that wasn’t “really” a crime.

And now, “beautiful grandson” notwithstanding, we are led to believe that urinating on a public building (which also entails indecent exposure) is not a “real” crime.

“Six Rangers jumped him…”

I doubt the veracity of the above based on the Texas Ranger Division of the TDPS having only 150 Rangers and their area of responsibility covers criminal investigations for major incident crime investigations, unsolved crime/serial crime investigations, public corruption investigations, officer involved shooting investigations, and border security operations. They are not responsible for catching young men urinating on public buildings.

So once again we are treated to an apocryphal story that appears to be lacking in actual facts. Why?

Posted: Saturday, April 5, 2014
Article comment by: Linda Athens

There are many deeply disturbing stories concerning law enforcement in the US right now.
This one is a stunner.

Remember, six months ago, the beautiful young black woman in DC with her toddler daughter strapped in the back seat who ended up dead, shot by Capitol police?

First, they called her a terrorist threat, then said she was unbalanced, on drugs, etc.

Six months of family waiting to find out Miriam Carey had no drugs in her system, had no drugs, prescription or otherwise anywhere in her car, was shot repeatedly in the back of the head with her toddler in the back seat.

Her great crime? She turned into a wrong driveway, was trying to make a U turn back out when officers fired 7 rounds at her (on video), hitting her in the back of the head and shot in heavy traffic, people around, infant in vehicle.

Still alive, undoubtedly panicked, she sped up, drove two more short blocks and as they hunted her down and killed her, she wrecked into a guard shack.

Suddenly, the media went mum and yesterday, when a press conference was being held, by her attorney I believe, only one media source showed up, World Net Daily.

Posted: Saturday, April 5, 2014
Article comment by: Frank Lee Speaking

"Some of them (prisoners) can get killed in the process....."

So they won't be getting out in the future and commiting more crimes against innocent citizens. Also, taxpayers will be saving money when they are dead and gone.

Care to respond and tell us what the downside of it is.

Posted: Saturday, April 5, 2014
Article comment by: pl .....

You know, Linda, with all due respect to your own church experiences, one of my own which turned me away was when a pastor looked out over the congregation and said, "Do you know how I know that God is so good to you? Because you are here!" (in the context, as opposed to being in an alternatively worse setting, like being dead or locked up) But the thing is, prior to that evening in church on more than one occasion in my lifetime, had I made the stand which true patriotism and manliness required, I would not be in that church, but locked up or dead. That is the exact feeling and understanding I get from accepting a plea bargain, or failing to answer premeditated wickedness properly. I'm so sorry for your grandson. After the Texas police are done with destroying his every chance for a life worth living, perhaps they can go to Syria and finish off the children whom Obama's al-Nusra goons have missed. I better stop writing now, before I put this into practise right here, after their crimes.

Posted: Saturday, April 5, 2014
Article comment by: Linda Athens

To make a point, personal story.

Have a beautiful grandson, early 20's. Couple of yrs ago, went w/his Mom/younger bro to vacation at Corpus Christi/ocean over Spring break/saved a yr for trip.

On way home, stopped for night in San Antone, walked an hour from motel down to the Riverwalk and Alamo. Never been there, needed restroom, raced around looking for one while Mom and Bro waited up the street.

Alamo had just closed, are stingy w/theirs anyway. Desperate. he ran around the dark side of the Alamo, started to go on ground, NOT Alamo, only front facade even original.

Six Rangers jumped him, beat his head into a walkway and wall, handcuffed him in back, tried dislocating his shoulders, so dazed his Mom thought they would kill him, report lied, said he was drunk.

After night in jail, two weeks later back home, he was found on a sidewalk in a coma. No injuries, no theft, no reason. Nearly died, on ventilator, finally pulled through. Beating related?

Later, they CAME for him 600 miles, held in jail 9 months, finally given court date, has now gone 600 miles back to San Antone about 6 times to trial that is ALWAYS postponed.

Trying to keep job, show up in SA.

Another man, drunk, did same. Six mos in jail, no prob, he was set free. My Grandson is on hold

Posted: Friday, April 4, 2014
Article comment by: who opened the window ...?

thanks Linda Athens for your absolutely true comments on the present criminal justice system.

Posted: Friday, April 4, 2014
Article comment by: Doing Research


I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

: a person who is one of the people who run a government or big company and who does everything according to the rules of that government or company

So you’re blaming people for doing their job as it is described? Why not blame judges dismissing cases? Why not blame elected lawmakers for passing weak laws?

This is exactly like if you buy a pickup truck, and your wife wanted you to buy a minivan, and she yelled at and hit the truck for not being a minivan when you get it home.

There are competing victim’s rights groups and rights groups for prisoners – because prisoners are human lives, just as much as unborn babies in the eyes of some. They may not act like it, but someone in prison for credit card fraud isn’t a serial killer.

Prisoners riot because it’s all they can do and their lives are miserable. Some of them can get killed in the process, usually by each other. I knew a guy that spent 2 nights in jail over a weekend once – not even prison. The lawyer told him to not to look anyone in the eye and to only say “excuse me” and not “sorry.” Because if you said “sorry” then you would be considered weak and likely to get either beat or raped.

Sounds great, huh?

Posted: Friday, April 4, 2014
Article comment by: Mr Dead WRONG

Kenny, you are so off! Do you have any first hand contact with prisons and prisoners? Many are extremely disturbing with hardly any medical care and homicides happen monthly. Food? Many do NOT get enough. Many prisoners are not monsters, they may have a drug or alcohol problem, does that make them "monsters"? If so there are many in our society, as alcohol is common.

Posted: Thursday, April 3, 2014
Article comment by: Anson's Nephew


Excellent response. Something that puzzles me about Adelson is how the GOP’ers’ and TEA-you knows are bowing at his feet and kissing his ring. What is obvious is that – thanks to the GOP’er controlled Supreme Court – Adelson is free to give as much as he wants, in secret, or publicly. However, virtually 80% of his money comes from Communist China through his Macao operations. Now the question I have is how do we know that money is not coming directly from the Chinese government through the grand casino tradition of money laundering?

The GOP’ers keep insisting that we need to know everything about each person who wants to exercise their right to vote and yet do not seem to have a problem with hidden funding for candidates. Am I the only one seeing something drastically wrong here?

In my opinion – worthless of course – anyone contributing to a campaign in ANY amount should be identified with no exceptions and only those who can vote should be allowed to contribute. No corporations, privately held companies or non-profits. If you cannot cast a ballot you should not be allowed to contribute to a campaign – period.

Posted: Thursday, April 3, 2014
Article comment by: Linda Athens


The rest of the story of our forebears and their one time delving into communism was, they learned, INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY was what would work, and they went right back to that.

Enter the liberals in the 1900's, started giving stuff away, wussified the country, wooed the blacks from the party of responsibility, the GOP, to the party of, you can't trust yourself to do it alone so let us do it for you.

To think Republicans rake in the money is a complete joke. As I have pointed out before, The New Leviathan by David Horowitz and Jacob Laksin has ALL the stats. They did the work. All you have to do is read it.

"How the Left-Wing Money Machine Shapes American Politics and Threaten's America's Future."

Have you got what it takes to read the real facts? I doubt it. Here's but one.

Environmental Groups -
Conservative -32 Total annual revenue - $96.17 million.
Progressive - 552 - Total Annual revenue 3.56 BILLION.

DiscovertheNetworks identified 122 major progressive foundations, 115 of which do not have zero or negative assets. The 115 total assets as of 2010 were $104,555,636,781.00.

That is over 10 .16 X's larger than total assets value of the Right.

Incidentally, while soldiers were being shot, obama was fundraising....AGAIN!

Posted: Thursday, April 3, 2014
Article comment by: Linda Athens


This may well be true in hard cases such as murder.

In small cases where 30 days in jail and then get cut loose to go out and try to get on with a decent life is long gone.

Instead, they drag it on and on and on and on until, you look back and discover, you have been in their system for five, ten, fifteen years, on probation all that time, made to go to meetings you cannot afford and if you don't show up, they add more probation. You often can't afford the meetings because you are required to do community service in the middle of the week when you would normally be working.

Have a family to support? Too bad. I for one am totally disgusted with these type punishments. It isn't just me, I know others whose family members have had their lives destroyed by this dragging the lesser cases on forever.

They are all designed to make money and they also throw the person charged into depression, often back into drinking or drugs.

Then there's that charge to actually BE in jail. Often thousands of dollars.

I'm all for correct punishment. This is not correct punishment, it's destroying lives.

Posted: Thursday, April 3, 2014
Article comment by: The Fox Hound

A long time ago when our forefathers came to this land people were free to do everything for themselves. And you know what Kenny lots of people thought that if they banded together and worked hard they could get more done. That worked for a while but soon the people that were in charge of spending the money collected, found ways to make themselves and their friends rich in the process. Wow it seemed that both parties were quite willing to be bought off by people that wanted special favors. For example just last week Sheldon Adelson had a little party in Vegas with all the possible Republican runners and because he gave over 90 million to Republicans and probably some Dems as well, they all come a running. He wanted to know what are you going to do for me. That was a private meeting so I can only guess what was promised. But I would bet a lot that they all promised him anything he wanted. Because you see Kenny our Republican packed court said that money is speech and they feel the more of it you have the louder your voice should be. Kinda makes that bootstrap plan a little harder to pull off though.

Posted: Thursday, April 3, 2014
Article comment by: Who, and How Much?

Kenny, haven't you heard yet about the money that can be made in running private prisons? and I'm not talking about the inmates making the money or running the prisons.

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