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7/18/2014 6:01:00 AM
Kingman Letters: Is there something in the water?
John Huppenthal
John Huppenthal

The latest Arizona Republican to engage in political self-destruction, Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal is particularly troubling this time around, not so much for the distinctly unsavory ideas put forth under the various pseudonyms Falcon9 and Thucydide, but because they are simply incorrect.

Huppenthal has admitted to The Arizona Republic that on occasion he "engages in debates" online, while posting under various pseudonyms.

Making allegations that Franklin D. Roosevelt was primarily responsible for the Great Depression as well as pushing Adolph Hitler to power is simply insupportable from a historical viewpoint. To have the top educational official in Arizona, whether or not he actually believes what he posts, exposed as the progenitor of such outlandish ideas is simply inexcusable.

Arizona has a PR problem on the national political scene anyway, and to have this story "hit the wires" is only going to deepen the scorn and ridicule with which many in the Arizona political spectrum seem to be regarded.

Is there something in the water here that seems to lead politicians to commit public political suicide?

Having ideas that lie well beyond the accepted "norm" is the right of every citizen, and in many ways, is a very real and positive trait, as this is largely a trait that leads to innovations in many fields - but to simply alter historical fact to fit one's own theories is not by any means acceptable.

It is especially egregious when the top administrator responsible for the education of Arizona's children engages in such impolitic and improper commentary.

Huppenthal's various comments on "the poor" are simply mean-spirited and disparaging and wholly inappropriate. It is not difficult in this age of instant communication for a technically competent person to identify the IP address of someone online. John Huppenthal was "outed" as the author of these ridiculous postings, and his obvious disregard for the possible, perhaps even inevitable, revelation of his authorship speaks volumes about his lack of discretion and lack of political and practical foresight.

I wish it were not so, but it obviously is.

Jamie West

Golden Valley

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Reader Comments

Posted: Monday, July 28, 2014
Article comment by: Ex Gop

@ tired of bigoted liars . Still not one word about the bigoted liar John Huppenthal. His racist attacks on children under his leadership is despicable yet typical of many , NOT ALL of the Republicans I've met. Of course you and your so called conservative cohorts skirt the issue. Should Huppenthal be fired for those comments? Yes or No.

Posted: Friday, July 25, 2014
Article comment by: Tired of bigoted liars

"If this doesn't expose the xenophobic ( fear of anything that doesn't look, talk and think like you) 1950's Alabama mindset of the right, I don't know what does. (I hear dueling banjos)"

I don't know I think you could probably stuffed a few more insults in there for that whole group of people that you are judging by a post that Athens wrote. Way to be xenophobic yourself.

Posted: Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Article comment by: Ex Gop

If this doesn't expose the xenophobic ( fear of anything that doesn't look, talk and think like you) 1950's Alabama mindset of the right, I don't know what does. (I hear dueling banjos)The article is about Mr. Huppenthal and his disparaging remarks about the children under his stewardship. This publicy exposed, but not shamed hypocrite is propped up by the likes of Ms. Athens who promptly switches the topic from this imbecilic republican to Mr. Obama. That may work on your friends on the right but please Ms Athens, what is your opinion of the names and the conduct of Mr. Huppenthal? Please untie the half of your brain left tied behind your back from yesterdays one party line communistic radio shows available to the poor Kingmanite masses. Huppenthal, should he be fired. proudly ex-gop

Posted: Monday, July 21, 2014
Article comment by: Anson's Nephew

Ms Athens

Once again you post utter nonsense that has been debunked for, literally, years.

“Birth certificate - a fraud”

Suggest you read the “Trip to Birthervillee” blog from 9/17/13 that thoroughly proves that garbage to be utterly false. And BTW, you said you would challenge each item in that blog and have yet to do so. When will you?

“Went to school as a foreign student here - lied about it (verified)”

Nope, the right wing liars claim Obama attended Occidental college on a Fulbright Scholarship which was impossible because such scholarships are available ONLY for master's or doctorate programs for foreign born students.

“…founded ACORN…”

A total falsehood.

“Well, we're too busy reading, studying, becoming informed.”

And the laughs just keep on coming!

“FDR was a disaster…Had we not had FDR, the depression would never have lasted so long.”

When it comes to not understanding history there is a prime example.

”BM is a case in point - confronted w/truth, he has no clue.”

LA when confronted with facts runs every single time.

Posted: Monday, July 21, 2014
Article comment by: Jamie West

I am surprised, even astounded by the vicious and vituperative response that my letter got. Certain of the readers of the KDM obviously believe that any person that has the sheer temerity to point out the failings of any Republican office-holder must automatically be a card-carrying Democrat. (I'm not) I was assailed in these pages for not attacking the current President, and I will admit that I did not write a critical word about President Obama. The reason for that is simple: I was writing about Mr. Huppenthal. I tend to be a funny sort, if I set out to paint a picture of the ocean, then the ocean is what I tend to concentrate on.
Civilized people of erudition and education may engage in civil discourse, even on subjects that
enflame the passions. I do hope that one day
such civility will be the rule on these pages, instead of the exception.

Posted: Sunday, July 20, 2014
Article comment by: Tea Partier!

The old saying “Is there something in the water?” has now become such boring and worn-out cliché used by liberals who think they that term only applies to conservatives, particularly when referring to Kingman, Arizona.

If so, then the same could be said for one well-known frequent liberal agitator in Lake Havasu City, or that he must be “off is medications”.

Posted: Sunday, July 20, 2014
Article comment by: Trained Observer

I realize it is hard for a narcissist but
It is also sad when people make a medical diagnosis when they clearly have no training or background to do so.
No matter how many times a lie is told, it does not turn into the truth. It is especially sad when people can never do any research or critical thinking but instead repeat the same old worn out lies they have heard.

Posted: Saturday, July 19, 2014
Article comment by: pl .....

@Mr. Williams.....following World War II, evidence was presented to the Truman, Bone, and Kilgore committees regarding Standard Oil's assistance to Adolf Hitler. Additional damning evidence turned up later which was not reviewed by the committees. Also, in 1938 just before the outbreak of WWII, the Luftwaffe urgently needed 500 tons of tetraethyl lead (related to valves' durability in plane engines, without which the Luftwaffe could not have bombed London, for example). The 500 tons was sent to Germany by Ethyl Export Corporation of New York. You wanna know which American corporation's European subsidiary supplied Hitler with the trucks to overrun Europe? You don't have many guesses. Oh, and then there's the Bush family ties through Union Bank with Fritz Thyiessen, and the $25 million funneled to young Adolf Hitler to fund Roehm's Brown Shirts and related actions (do a little study and learn how well Hitler actually lived while rising to power - surprise surprise). And there's plenty more where this came from, meine freunde.

Posted: Saturday, July 19, 2014
Article comment by: Frederick D Williams

@PL. Would you or someone please name the Major American Corporations that gave Vital Assistance to Adolph Hitler? I only know of the Lend Lease to Russia that the Republicans tried to stop.

Posted: Saturday, July 19, 2014
Article comment by: mr. parker

"Arizona has a PR problem on the national political scene anyway,"
Says who, the New York Times, the upper west side of Manhattan,the false liberal journalists?

Before I moved here a lot of people from WI and relatives in NY,said finally, we have some politicians that will try to stop the illegal invasion. A number of people had been killed in WI by illegals driving the wrong way, driving drunk and just committing other crimes.
The support for securing the border was overwhelming then and the 'Rats are going down big time this year because of this planned fiasco occurring now.

"No the problem is an overdose of Fake News", all the liberals hate FOX, it's the number one network in viewership and most trusted*. They want the good old days of 3 networks spewing the same party line. You could watch ABC,CBS, and NBC on 3 televisions and they had the same stories, the same viewpoints and only a few different feature stories.

"... spreading lies about Roosevelt and the Depression". We have people here who believe that W was responsible for 9/11(01) attacks. I could argue that FDR wanted us to get into WWII to save the economy. After all, sending lend lease supplies,cutting off natural resources to Japan were not exactly the actions of a neutral nation.
*TV by the numbers.com

Posted: Saturday, July 19, 2014
Article comment by: Linda Athens

Only Solution:

Yes, you go right ahead with your spiel against Republicans, you who would defend the Democrat party that gave us the KKK, ardently fought against civil rights and freedom for the blacks, the party who has kept their foot on the jugular of the blacks, especially the youth for as long as I can remember.

Yes, the Dems have much to be "infamous" for but thank god for Republicans who are there to point out the dozen or so scandals, out right lies and impeachable offenses of Mr. o who has lied from day one.

1. Birth certificate - a fraud
2. Parents conceived him during the Selma march era. (Actually he was 4 yrs old then)
3. Lied about his Constitutional lawyer abilities (didn't work in the capacity he swore he did)
4. Went to school as a foreign student here - lied about it (verified)
5. Most significant item in his background, was a two bit Chicago street organizer, founded ACORN, the most corrupt organization with the most voter fraud in our history..
6. Said "if you like your Dr/insurance...you can keep them." A lie.

Ignorance must be bliss because the left stays in it year...after year...after year.

Conservatives? Well, we're too busy reading, studying, becoming informed.

BM is a case in point - confronted w/truth, he has no clue.

Posted: Friday, July 18, 2014
Article comment by: Linda Athens

Good grief! You rail on about the "top administrator" but say nothing about the POTUS who has about 12 scandals going at once, everyone of which he could be impeached over.

Please take the enormous log out of your own eye first.

FDR was a disaster and exactly as Huppenthal stated. It is you sir who do not know your history.

Had we not had FDR, the depression would never have lasted so long. I again re-iterate, it is YOU and other libs who have no clue as to our REAL history from Geo W on for it has all been

It is far past time to get back to our true history and the real story...that we are a wonderful, loving, compassionate country....truly a shining city on the hill.

And please, take a look at how Ronald Reagan handled airplanes being blown up....and then note what obama did....slid out for yet another $45,000 fund raiser dinner. What an absolute, complete embarrassment he is to our country.

Time to stop the lies o, stop the overspending o, stop the incessant golf, vacations, fund raisers.

It's time to to at least TRY to lead, TRY to treat Israel w/the decency and respect they deserve.

I realize it is hard for a narcissist but...maybe some counseling is in order??

Posted: Friday, July 18, 2014
Article comment by: Just A Thought

No the problem is an overdose of Fake News. The majority of Arizonians watch Fake News and the repetitive broadcast of miss-information and out right lies is the cause. They actually believe the lies are true and are to lazy to identify the truths. With the Daily Minor also has a hand in this ignorance with Editors writing opinions and passing them off as truths.

Posted: Friday, July 18, 2014
Article comment by: trained observer

Is there something in the water here that seems to lead politicians to commit public political suicide?
If only. Instead they continue in office. This man should step down completely. He is unfit for any office but particularly one dealing with education. Instead of spreading lies about Roosevelt and the Depression, he should be finding ways to keep students in school, encouraging them to study math and science and promoting literacy.

Posted: Friday, July 18, 2014
Article comment by: Jamie for Office

An intelligent and well written piece. Jamie, we do have a problem in this state with the slate of candidates we are given. There are many reasons for this. Probably the main reason is the Republican Party has been hijacked by the Tea Party. These folks have pushed out the old Republican guard and seem to encourage each other to come up with more radical ideas and nonsensical "facts". Jamie, your letter shows intelligence by using our language to clearly convey your various points. We could use such intelligence representing us. Consider running. We need you.

Posted: Friday, July 18, 2014
Article comment by: pl .....

Haven't read Huppenthal's online commentaries, but it's no stretch to say that President Franklin Roosevelt knew about major American corporations' vital assistance to Adolf Hitler. As President, he certainly could have brought pressure to bear upon Congress against this behaviour. It would probably have been advisable if Mr. Huppenthal had openly stated his beliefs, and better still to have prepared some documentation. In that case, I would argue against criticising him, since that might show that the state's top education official had an ongoing intellectual curiousity and wish to communicate informed perspective.

Posted: Friday, July 18, 2014
Article comment by: Only Solution is For Everyone to Get Out and Vote

Jamie, it isn't the water. It is the political philosophy of those running under the Republican brand. The Republican Party emboldened the "stupids" (for lack of a better word). G.W. "War Criminai" Bush condemned college graduates, demeaned the educated, and told those of poor intellect that they were brilliant.

The Republican Party also has over decades railed against the same government that gives their supporters farm subsidies, corporate welfare, pay checks. According to every Republican spokesman, "Government isn't the solution. Government is the problem."

So Jamie, we are left with nuts running under the Republican name. Folks like Huppenthal, These Republican office holders believe all kinds of nonsense because they are feed it when they watch Fox and listen to right wing radio - turn in once in a while - every news piece is anti-Obama, and one is constantly fed the fear factor.

The real question is how do so many vote Republican? Well weak minds that follow Fox religiously are simply brain washed. Then there are those (I've met many here in Kingman) just not willing to vote Democrat. This compounded with the fact that so few actually vote. The low voter turnout is really the major problem. The higher number voting would "water down" the wackadoodles.

Posted: Friday, July 18, 2014
Article comment by: The Fox Hound

Yes there is something in the water here in Kingman, it is full of ignorance and greed when ever the local politicians take a swim. These radical rightwing politicians simply operate with their own facts. Forget that 90 some percent of scientists believe in global warming they will side with the oil and coal interests because that is where the money is. The Koch brothers and other billionaires can buy whatever kind of government they choose. Forget the facts they have their own. Fox noise is a perfect example. People who get their news from fox have been shown to know even less than people who watch no news what so ever. Many of these people are good people that are simply misled by the rich and elite corporate bosses that now run the govt. and they are in both parties not just those that like the tea. Although they love to call Obama a socialist he has not brought us change we can believe in, he has basically given us more of the same. Just last week Eric Holder made a deal with Citibank and fined them 7 billion dollars even though it was obvious that many of its employees knew what they were doing was against the law. Both parties are bought and paid for and only care about what the elite wants.

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