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6/4/2013 6:00:00 AM
Kingman Letters: Playing favorites with gay people

It's amazing how the law and others look at handicapped people and laugh or judge them, but when it comes to the gay people everyone is there to help them out.

My question to all of you is this: What is wrong with our society?

Handicapped rights count too, you know! Please don't forget about that. Hint hint to Uncle Sam, who is letting gays serve their country.

Enough is enough with playing favorites with the gay people. Let's show some respect to the handicapped. At least the handicapped people such as myself won't sexually intimidate you and others - get my drift?

Kenny Lee Barrows


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Reader Comments

Posted: Monday, January 13, 2014
Article comment by: Rev. Edward Lindsay

Here we go again people defending there beliefs and that's good we need to uphold our values. The lady that quoted scripture I only have a few things to add 1st Lev. 20:13 depending on what bible you use has different text. And this should actually start at Lev.20:1 so you actually get the feel of what God was telling Moses so this was written probally about 2-3 thousand years ago but that does not make it untrue! The reality is Gay people have been around since the beginning of time that does not make it right in God's eyes he dosen't change with the times like people like to think it simply isn't true. 2nd the most accurate scripture we Clerics is the Hebrew, Greek interlinger Bible the English translation of Lev. 20:13 is this " If any one lie with a man as with a woman,both have committed abomination, let them be put to death: there blood be upon them" Ref. Douay Rheims Bible. Now these are not my words but God's words as with All things God is a just judge we as humans can do what we like (Free Will) but one day All of us will be held accountable for there sins, so it is your choice to sin or not becuase no one is going to take your punishment for you and I can assure you if it was a sin then it is still a sin today God almighty does not change period. With Blessings Rev. Ed

Posted: Thursday, June 20, 2013
Article comment by: kingman resident

@ Amaryllis Smith. Very well said.

Posted: Thursday, June 20, 2013
Article comment by: anonymous anonymous

Poor Frank Lee Speaking thinks gay folks are some modern day invention, guess he does not read his bible much God destroyed a cities for such activities long before America was even a twinkle in anyone's eye today! I think that wide stance Senator caught in the airport bathroom was a conservative, or his congressional buddy chasing them interns around the halls of congress and on line from Florida!

Posted: Thursday, June 20, 2013
Article comment by: Please Explain

@ Frank Lee Speaking

I have to agree with you Frank. I believe we've allowed ourselves as a country to degrade our moral values. Also, there are legitimate moral couples out there that for medical reasons cannot have children but would enjoy adopting one. I believe it is morally wrong for gay couples to be allowed to adopt, simply because it's "physically" impossible for them to procreate. Let the children grow up in a morally correct home that promotes natural procreation.

Posted: Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Article comment by: Anson's Nephew

Ms Smith

“I'm sorry but, your tolerance means acceptance of what to me should not be tolerated.”

And that is your right. Good for you.

Posted: Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Article comment by: Amaryllis Smith

@ V Stokes,

I am probably the mother you refered to about not allowing my child to come home with the person they love. No, I certainly didn't allow either of my children to come home for a stay and sleep with one they weren't married to be it gay/straight.
What makes people think I should compromise my values and beliefs for someone else's loose as a goose morals. What ever happen to children respecting the parents who sacrificed, loved them, nurtured them and did everything possible to give them a good life and taught them to respect themselves, to have confidence in themelves and education to accomplish the things they want to in life.

I'm sorry but, your tolerance means acceptance of what to me should not be tolerated. I'll respect their right to live by whatever choice they make, but the two afore mentioned situations I don't have to put up with in my home!! They are not coming and sleeping in my house in either of those!

Posted: Sunday, June 16, 2013
Article comment by: V Stokes

"But no matter what you will never find a parent anywhere who says "Gee, I am so happy my kid is gay and not straight.""

But I'm sure you would find many that say "I am so glad that my kid is happy in their life...even if I may not agree with it ".

Unlike a post not too long ago where a mother said her child wasn't welcome to come to her home with the person they loved. Nice tolerance there huh?

Posted: Sunday, June 16, 2013
Article comment by: Anson's Nephew


“Not everyone has adopted the leftist view that yesterdays perversion is just todays ‘(chosen)alternative lifestyle’’.

I notice that you did not actually – as usual – address the question, so I will proffer it once again. Tell us exactly why what other people (both straight and gay) do with their genitalia is any of your business and how those activities directly affect your life?

Posted: Friday, June 14, 2013
Article comment by: Frank Lee Speaking

@ansons nephew

"Why it is your business I do not understand, but … well, whatever"

Not everyone has adopted the leftist view that yesterdays perversion is just todays "(chosen)alternative lifestyle". Pass all the laws you like giving them special treatment. I suppose it makes them feel less guilty about themselves. But no matter what you will never find a parent anywhere who says "Gee, I am so happy my kid is gay and not straight."


Posted: Friday, June 7, 2013
Article comment by: Amaryllis Smith

Mr. Barrows, there is nothing wrong with our country. We are living in the end days. Everything you see and hear about in the world today was written about, YES, in the Bible eons ago. What we see is God's word being played out in real time.
I know there are many who are not believer in the truth of the word of God but, I happen to be a believer.
The Bible is the ultimate history book of all time.
In the new testament it was prophesied that women will turn to women as man has turned to man in the end of the age. In Lev.20:13 God's word says "if a man lies with a male as he lies with, both of have committed an abomination.
We all have to choose how we deal with it. Admittedly I don't deal with it well. I would Never Ever be purposefully mean to a gay (I HATE that Term, it doesn't make homosexual less than what is, homosexual) but, I would Never tolerate, accept or whatever else my child coming to visit with "their partner, significant other etc.) in my home. That is no different than the fact I wouldn't allow them to come into my home and stay with an opposite sex "partner, significant other).
It is my home and I retain the right to expect anyone coming into it, that includes my children and grandchildren to abide by my values in MY home. If that isn't acceptable to to them they don't have to come. Parents today have been driven by fear of loss of their childrens' love and comprised their own values while loosing respect from their children as well.

Posted: Friday, June 7, 2013
Article comment by: in case anybody is interested .....

U.S. ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro today expressed support for the massive Gay Parade in Tel Aviv today, "on behalf of myself, President Obama, and the American people" He elaborated just a bit, stating "there's no better place than to celebrate (being gay) than in Tel Aviv". If any of you out there feel that your unrestrained support for all things Gay hasn't been properly expressed lately, you have Obama's assurance that the situation has been rectified, in front of the whole world in your name, on the streets of Tel Aviv today.

Posted: Thursday, June 6, 2013
Article comment by: Michael Murray

If you think gays are catered to you are sadly mistaken. The thing is gays don't sit back take crap when they pay the same taxes, have children, are educated, fight for their country etc. Where do you get off saying Uncle Sam lets gays fight for their country. Do you think they have gay sniper classes and straight sniper classes. Like a person wakes up one day and says " I think I will be gay so I can go through more crap." Gay marriage and gay rights are being put in the media more and approved because gay people are fighting back. Oh and don't forget gays have their own Republican committee called Log Cabin Republicans. Yes we vote, we teach, we educate, we spend, we pay, we live so shut up!

Posted: Thursday, June 6, 2013
Article comment by: STUART VARON


Posted: Thursday, June 6, 2013
Article comment by: Highly Amused

In my opinion, it sounds like Mr. Barrows is himself prejudiced against gays. Who gives a crap what others do in their lives? Does it directly affect yours? No. Not all gay men or women will hit on people without knowing their sexual orientation, for reasons such as these. They are often taken out of context and accused of sexual harassment, when their only fault has been the inaccuracy of thinking the other person would be amenable to their asking for a date.

In simplicity, Mr. Barrows, the gays ask only one thing: the same rights that you yourself enjoy.

My uncle, when he was alive, was gay. And I never knew a more kind or genteel man such as he. He would often give people his last whatever they needed because he cared that much about humanity. I had seen him go hungry because the family across the street - who have three kids - had no food. He would give them everything they had to make sure those kids would eat.

All they're asking is that our government give them the same rights and considerations afforded to every American. The right to marry who they love.

Posted: Thursday, June 6, 2013
Article comment by: Ill be back after some thought

Ok.....I landed here call me curious. I see the author...ok. I know its going to be a poor me or us against them senario.

Then....I read Handicapp vesus the gays on depth of prejudice that comes from living with either "affliction".

Am I wrong or is being Gay reduced to an affliction, desease, or injury.

Until I see how the two groups of people are possibly equal on a "prejudice wheel" Im waiting for clarity. If possible.

Posted: Thursday, June 6, 2013
Article comment by: Gay Friendly, And That is Only Half of It

I don't read LA's rants but did glanced at the first few words and I have found myself agreeing with her. Yes, this is the most gay friendly administration. It's also the most female friendly administration. Let's not forget the most Hispanic friendly administration. Oh, and the most peace loving administration (ended one of GW's wars and will have ended the other before leaving office). Yes, we have an all inclusive friendly administration. Thanks, LA for pointing out what a great man we have in the WH.

Posted: Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Article comment by: Anson's Nephew

The Smart Frank

“… I'm not a christain conservative so I personally don't care what they do in their bedroom.”

That is something that has long fascinated me – the utter obsession by the so-called christians (small “C” deliberate) about what other people do with their genitalia? And some of them (LA) even know exactly what they do! It just amazes me that when challenged about how other peoples sexual activity affects their lives they can never answer. What is it with those christians and their inability to mind their own business?

Posted: Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Article comment by: janice palmer

why can't you people quit being prejudiced against everybody. if its not one group, it is another. I think you just want someone to gripe about so you can be heard and see your name in print.

Posted: Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Article comment by: V Stokes

How odd Capt. Nice...

I spent 24 yrs in the Navy and never once was I hit on by another sailor. It did happen once in some port (Seattle? San Francisco?) when I wandered in to a gay bar with a liberty buddy. A simple..."Sorry, I'm straight and we just stopped in for a beer" and it was the end of the encounter. I wouldn't call that a confrontation.

I find it funny that I often hear of things like you stated from people that served for an enlistment or two....but rarely from those people who made it a career. I hear much more about heterosexual harassment from both male and females. Wonder why that is?

Posted: Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Article comment by: Frank in Kingman

Why do the christian conservatives have such a fascination with the gay lifestyle? Are they jealous or what?
I've met people that were gay and I didn't care what they were, but then again I'm not a christain conservative so I personally don't care what they do in their bedroom.

Posted: Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Article comment by: Kami C.

Oh lawdy, some people are mental.

Posted: Tuesday, June 4, 2013
Article comment by: Capt. Nice

Golly gee A.N. I thought you were a man of the world. Evidently you were never in the service and confronted by gays.
Me being a big dumb blond, I seemed to be a magnet for gays as they thought I was a push over, but even tho I was a big dumb young blond sailor, I was also a boxer, so I won't elaborate.
I always say, find a liberal who has been robbed or mugged and you will find a liberal who became a conservative real quick!

Posted: Tuesday, June 4, 2013
Article comment by: Ronnie ( RJ) Lawless

...As a child who grew up in Kingman your statement reminds me of why I will never return to Kingman itself or surrounding areas. "everyone is there to help them out(gay people) really. Is that why there are countless organizations working to not only deny me the rights I am fighting for today, but to also limit the number of rights I may have enjoyed in the past. I am a 27 year old gay male, born and raised in Kingman, who is lucky enough to have a fairly successful career in the entertainment industry. I fought against hate, disrespect,and people like you to get to where I am. It saddens me that people with your mindset not only have the audacity to voice your opinions, but that any publication, online or in print would deem it worthy of publishing. If you are so sexually intimidated by gay people perhaps it's due to your own, questioning mind.

Posted: Tuesday, June 4, 2013
Article comment by: Quiet Response


If gay people are being favored as you tout so vigorously, help me understand HOW HANDICAPPED people can get LEGALLY married and RECEIVE benefits under the Constitution Of The United States Of America and gay people CANNOT get legally married and DO NOT receive the same benefits as those WHO CAN are LEGALLY married.

If you have issues with the Government and the manner in which our elected officials may or may not be treating handicapped people, vent your ANGER and VENOM at your closest elected official.

Leave gay people who have jobs, pay taxes and contribute significantly to their respective communities out of your misguided rantings.

Posted: Tuesday, June 4, 2013
Article comment by: R L

I wonder what this means for me since I am both handicapped and gay. I do not feel anyone has played favorites. Either one comes with me being stigmatized!
One would think that since you feel judged by society for being handicapped that now YOU understand what its like "as a handicapped person" to be judged for something. So hopefully you would learn something and quit judging other people! "Gay people". It seems like a good time to start!

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