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2/17/2010 6:00:00 AM
1 arrested in protest of county's 'policy'
Mervin Fried speaks to a crowd Tuesday as Luca Zanna records the protest against recent county actions. Fried was later arrested for misdemeanor trespassing when he attempted to enter the County Administration Building with the pitchfork slung over his shoulder. He was later released on bond.
JC AMBERLYN/Miner Mervin Fried speaks to a crowd Tuesday as Luca Zanna records the protest against recent county actions. Fried was later arrested for misdemeanor trespassing when he attempted to enter the County Administration Building with the pitchfork slung over his shoulder. He was later released on bond.

Suzanne Adams-Ockrassa
Miner Staff Reporter

KINGMAN - With signs, flags and flyers in hand, a group of 50 Mohave County residents Tuesday expressed their disapproval of a county policy that prevents politicking at the County Administration Building.

The group gathered around noon in front of the County Administration Building, about an hour before the Board of Supervisors met, in support of Golden Valley resident Luca Zanna.

During a November town hall meeting held by Sen. John McCain, Zanna was asked by Supervisor Buster Johnson to stop passing out flyers containing information about McCain's voting record.

Zanna, a member of the Mohave County Minutemen, has asked the county to apologize for infringing on his First Amendment rights and admit that there is no law that prevents the public from passing out political information on public property.

"I'm part of the Tea Party movement," said resident Randy Cone when asked why he attended the rally. "We can't take the country back from the corrupt politicians if we don't take the county back first."

"This is an insult to us," Zanna said at the rally, referring to the county's policy and statements made by Board Chairman Tom Sockwell and County Manager Ron Walker. "They work for us."

Sockwell and Walker have both written letters to the editor to explain the county's policy. Zanna feels that both letters were insulting, discriminated against him and his wife and put his family in danger by insinuating that he might be a terrorist.

Later, Zanna reminded the crowd that he would soon start collecting signatures for his effort to recall Sockwell. He needs to collect more than 3,700 signatures in order to place the recall on the ballot. Zanna said he was willing to pay $1 for every valid signature. Only signatures from registered voters in Sockwell's district would be considered valid for the recall petition.

"We have the option to come together and do something about this. We have to do this," said Bridget Langston, Zanna's wife. "They can't call us 'fringe lunatics' and get away with it."

"Walker is the biggest problem," Zanna said. How could a county official, someone hired to serve the public, attack and try to intimidate a law-abiding taxpayer? he asked. "We're not afraid!" Zanna shouted at the building.

"The founding fathers would have been proud of you people coming out in support of our founding documents," resident Mervin Fried told the crowd.

Fried, who was carrying a pitchfork slung over his shoulder, was later arrested for misdemeanor trespassing when he attempted to enter the Administration Building with the farming implement.

According to the Mohave County Sheriff's Office, Fried was allegedly told twice, at least once by Walker, that he could attend the Board meeting but would have to leave the pitchfork outside. Fried allegedly walked into the building anyway and a deputy arrested him. Fried was later released on bond.

According to MCSO and county officials, residents are allowed to carry guns into the County Administration Building as long as they are holstered.

Several other people spoke out in favor of Zanna's push against the county at the rally.

"The policy still needs to be enforced. There are plenty of other places for people to carry on demonstrations, pass out flyers and speak their opinions," said Walker after the rally.

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Reader Comments

Posted: Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Article comment by: We Can Recall Sockwell

Folks, the recall is really charged up, we are raising money and getting signatures! This county has been under the corrupt thumbs of this BOS for too long, and they have gone too far. We can now remove Sockwell from office. Help us do this.
Please go to to help! We meet every week, we need your help, be part of history to clean up this county! for info!

Posted: Monday, March 22, 2010
Article comment by: Betsy Ross

And a P.S. to Kingman and Icarus. Protest is what started America. Against King George. Against lack of freedom and tyranny. We stand for something. We have always been 'protesters' here in America. That is why we have Civil Rights, and your Gun Rights. That is what stopped the war in Viet Nam. Americans are not wimps. At least some of them are not.

Posted: Monday, March 22, 2010
Article comment by: Betsy Ross

To Kingman and Icarus. First of all,his name is Luca ZANNA. Not Zanny, as you so childishly call him. And, suggesting they are on government assistance is also childish and without foundation. The name-calling, and placing them with L. Farahkan is an example of how little you have to say that is of substance. Can't you at least ACT like adults instead of rambling and calling names? And discuss the issues at hand, as Zanna does? You disgrace yourselves. Do you even KNOW why he is doing what he is doing? Have you informed yourselves. If you have, and I doubt it, then you are saying that people have no rights to freedom in this country. The small freedoms, like asking a question in a Meeting. What a crime!

Posted: Monday, March 22, 2010
Article comment by: kingman arizona

many of the followers of zanny,, are on the government dole,.weak minded zombies,.calling themselves patriots,.
call them parrots,.

Posted: Thursday, March 18, 2010
Article comment by: Please Step Up and Help with

To help with RecallSockwell go to or e-mail
The cause is growing stronger every day, but we still need people to circulate petitions and we need donations.
Now is the time for change and we can do it.7t1yay

Posted: Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Article comment by: The Watcher

Hey Jim Morrison, I thought you died a long time ago. I bet The Doors will be extremely estatic knowing you are still above ground. Are you ready to head back on tour? And by your posted comment, it does sound like the Jim Morrison we all came to love.

Posted: Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Article comment by: Jim Morrison .

noncompliance and revolt is the only solution, isn't it amazing?

Posted: Sunday, February 21, 2010
Article comment by: Parties are Just Another Way of Power Manipulating Power.

I agree with Working Man.

Candidates should have to file their pledges with the needed number of signatures with the county, state, or federal election department. Let the ballot reflect all those that meet these qualifications. Then hold a run off for the top two vote-getters.

Let their record of success determine if they stay in power.

Posted: Sunday, February 21, 2010
Article comment by: really?

when the goverment fears the people, it's democracy. when the people fear the goverment, it's tyranny. where are we?

Posted: Sunday, February 21, 2010
Article comment by: Alan R. DiCicco

Many of you no name comments mean nothing. Most of you exist only in your mind. What are you afraid of? The truth shall stand forever and lies are soon exposed. Tell us your names.

Posted: Saturday, February 20, 2010
Article comment by: No name provided

Yeah, Fried. Bring a pitchfork into a BoS meeting....Geez! You might as well have been "packing".

Posted: Friday, February 19, 2010
Article comment by: taxpayer

How many of these idiots are paying taxes?? How many are actually doing constructive work to make this area better?? Or are they receiveing nice fat government checks in the mail, on either disability, SS, welfare, WIK, Unemployement or some other governement handout. Easy to criticize the government when you get a nice fat check from them to pay your bills. RISE UP, STOP TAKING THOSE CHECKS AND EMANCIPATE YOURSELF WITH A PAYING JOB. TRY TO MAKE ENDS MEET. I bet the issues you speak of will lose all importance....No more time for nonsence with pitchforks.....

Posted: Friday, February 19, 2010
Article comment by: kingman

"Hey Worker, why do you ask if any of the people who showed up in support of Luca Zanna is receiving government checks? Are you attempting to say that because people stand up for their rights and protest must be on welfare? What a childish comment. Maybe many of the people you refer to as on some form of assistance actually have better paying jobs than you, unless you are actually Ron Walker or Tom Sockwell. If you are one of these two people, afraid to mention who you actually are, maybe you won’t have a job too much longer. " hey watcher,. you should investigate,. and find out where their money does come from,.seriously!!! off shore? overseas?

Posted: Friday, February 19, 2010
Article comment by: kingman

nutcase alert, that best describes this zanny follower with a pitch fork? is this a cult?

Posted: Friday, February 19, 2010
Article comment by: Mike

Where's all the common since go?Show up with sighns you people and get respect for your positions and views you hold,bring a pitchfork and get busted for trespassing,all respect go's bye-bye,Who people represent,the conservatives or anarchist?GET REAL.

Posted: Thursday, February 18, 2010
Article comment by: Smoke Em If Ya Got Em

Ron Walker prohibits smoking on the County Admin. property. Our founding fathers were all a bunch of tobacco farmers. So, bring your cigs and stogies over to the County Admin. Building tomorrow at noon and lets blaze up in their honor. That would be symbolic speech, right?

Posted: Thursday, February 18, 2010
Article comment by: Icarus

@ Paul Frankfurter:

Yes, I'm sure Louis Farahkan and the Black Panthers will look forward to you standing with them when they get here.

Posted: Thursday, February 18, 2010
Article comment by: V Stokes

@voice of reason

The Jefferson thing has never been proven one way or another...odd that there is no documentation that it actually happened. They had newspapers then I think..and historians?

Your rambling is very hard to read..but if you look at anything printed here and compare Mr Zanna's with those of the elected officials..who would you say is trying to be intimidating, angry and ignorant? I'd have to vote for those officials who seem to think they can never make a mistake and wouldn't apologize if they did.

I don't think I agreed with Mr Zannas suspicion of the NG during the Street Drags...but that doesn't make him any less correct in this issue. I'd truly like to see Mr McCain at least say he was sorry that this happened... though he had nothing to do with it.

Think of it this way...if your neighbor plowed into your fence and caused damage....but never even admitted fault..though your gate is crammed though the radiator of his car..would you expect at least an apology? And if you didn't receive it...would you just humbly go about your business? If true..then you would be the sheep and your neighbor the wolf....who do you think will be eaten in the end?

Posted: Thursday, February 18, 2010
Article comment by: V Stokes

@move on already...

They put those space, caps, return, and tab keys on keyboards for a reason...might want to try using them next time.

And I think protecting and promoting the US Constitution and pointing out government malfeasance is a darn good use of anyones time.

Posted: Thursday, February 18, 2010
Article comment by: Daryl

We will take back this country .Sign me up.Throw out the bums,And put people in office who respect and live by the Constitution of this great nation. ""VOTE"" PEOPLE",And no who you are voting for.

Posted: Thursday, February 18, 2010
Article comment by: The Watcher

I enjoy the names people have bestowed on certain county officials and I think the best one so far is “Yahoo From Texas” referring to King Ron Walker, the self-proclaimed ruler/dictator of Mohave County.

A couple prime examples of his “mightier than anyone or peasants” mentality was when he kept Mervin Fried from entering Tuesday’s BOS meeting with his pitchfork holstered and slung around his shoulder. The Yahoo From Texas also kept the woman from carrying her American flag into the meeting and was overheard saying that if the flag was smaller, he would allow it into the meeting. I guess the old saying “size really does matter” applies to the mentality of certain county officials .

We could also rename Tom Sockwell to General Erwin Romel because he seems to want to take one of the infamous World War II German Panzer tanks and crush the opposition to his arrogance.

But what are interesting factors is county officials and of course, King Walker believes pitchforks and large American flags are more dangerous than pistols. I say this because many of people who entered the meeting had their side arms slung from their belts. Could it be King Walker and his faithful sidekick Tom Sockwell believes they could have been impaled by a deadly farm implement or the shaft the flag was attached to? I don’t know about everyone, but I haven’t seen Sir Lancelot, one of the Knights of the Round Table in the Arthurian legend, riding galloping through Mohave County on his faithful steed, let alone riding down the aisle of the Tuesday BOS meeting.

This brings up interesting points we all must take into consideration when we all attempt to comprehend what the Yahoo From Texas was thinking in regard to the farm implement and the American flag. Did he believe Fried was attempting to show what our ancestors did in Colonial days by rising up against big government with the only weapons they had at their disposal – farm implements? Or did King Walker believe Fried was attempting to present the subliminal message – toss out the poop or possibly corrupts officials in the county administration?

Posted: Thursday, February 18, 2010
Article comment by: Negativity


So, people who disagree with you are commies and pinkos? Very enlightened attitude sir, you just spoke volumes about you and your cronies views.

Posted: Thursday, February 18, 2010
Article comment by: No name provided


"...before you spout idiocy..."

So if they don't think like you they are idiots???

Posted: Thursday, February 18, 2010
Article comment by: No name provided

I am all for free speech. The so-called "political movement" calling itself the Tea Pary is nothing more than an organization of uneducated, uber-conservative parrot-heads. Think for yourselves for a change. Question motives. Double-check your facts. Before you spout idiocy, realize that the whole world does not think the same way you do.

Posted: Thursday, February 18, 2010
Article comment by: Woody


Great response to these "know nothing but grip" liberals...

And to the other Patriots there that day, "uh rah" and remember, all these name callers, commies and pinkos are the same evil people who harrassed and ate out the substance of our fore Fathers. They lost then and they will lose again. And again. And again...

To the pathetic person telling good people to leave, I suggest if you don't like what is happening now, maybe YOU should leave. Try to find a hole big enough to fit your mouth. Because if you don't like what others are doing NOW to save this Country, you sure as hell WON'T like what's coming!

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