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8/19/2012 6:00:00 AM
13 hopefuls eye new District 4 supervisor seat
Candidates respond to questions from Miner

The new District 4 supervisor seat isn't lacking for candidates, with nine Republicans, a Democrat and three Independents in the race.

All but two Independents responded to the Miner's request for responses to two questions, which read as follows:

Question 1: Please state, in detail, a specific policy, program or law you would prioritize and work to implement in your first year in office, and explain the importance of achieving that goal.

Question 2: Media access to county officials and county information has been severely restricted, with Public Information Director Darryle Purcell serving as the conduit. What will you do to ensure that the new county manager has an open door policy regarding access to, for example, Financial Services Director John Timko during budget preparations?

Bob Boyd, R

Question 1:
Taking a close look at the County's spending is a major concern after talking to the people of my District. Although I will be only one supervisor, I will push to get an outside independent auditor to perform a forensic audit of the county's general fund. I will place this item on the agenda, and ask for immediate approval. This will clearly show us where are money is being spent giving us a greater understanding of our future direction.

During a forensic audit, outside professionals compile and assess financial data that is used to view our past spending, give us a picture of where we are today while showing us how to best allocate money for the future. The auditors rely on the principals of law, business, ethics and general accountancy.

Once this is accomplished, any money spent by the board and or county manager must be made more visible to the citizens of our county.

Question 2: The supervisors need to oversee the new county manger's conducting of daily business.

As a board of supervisors, we can work with the media to serve as a conduit to all of our communities in our county openly communicating the boards business.

Joy Brotherton, R

Question 1:
My first priority is to involve the people in the governing process. It goes without saying that I would vote to institute the Call to the Public for the very first Board of Supervisors meeting after being sworn into office. I will have town hall meetings in the areas of my district at a time when most residents can attend. I am concerned with the people's needs, including our employees, so establishing an honest dialogue and developing rapport with all citizens of Mohave County is paramount to our future.

My key focus will be on Mohave County government becoming a productive county and not a dysfunctional one, one that attracts economic development and an improved labor force. That will involve streamlining regulations, relaxing zoning restrictions and improving the ability of the various departments to respond to the needs of the building community. In short, the county would be a friend, not a foe of business and builders. These accomplishments start with citizens who develop renewed confidence that their elected officials are really working for them. This will begin with a genuine and concerted effort by the county leadership to have a "customer-service" and not a "bureaucrat-subject" mindset.

Question 2: If the county leaders are honest and working for the people, they should have no hesitation granting media interviews. The debates would be on policies and not procedures. The county officials are employed by the people and the people should be able to access their representatives and employees anytime. We don't need a gatekeeper, rather someone to be a conduit to county officials. The public information officer would serve that goal and encourage lines of communication between the press and the administration. No one should ever be unwilling to speak to the press. The county manager will have an open door policy, and will establish it countywide. The board of supervisors will verify the county manager or administrator understands that they work for the people, under the direction of the board of supervisors.

That would be best exemplified in the budget process. The county should restore an open workshop process, with all the pertinent information available to the public, and conduct at least one meeting in the evening. It would be completely transparent and all parties would be able to address department heads and elected officials with questions.

Curtis Cutshaw, R

Question 1:
I find it difficult to choose only one. District 4 encompasses a large area with several diverse communities. Each one has their own issues, concerns and needs. I would implement a traveling town hall which would rotate on a regular basis so that the residents of each community could voice their concerns and needs without having to travel. This gives every citizen a voice.

Economic development is also a priority. Contracting businesses that have shown interest in locating here would be one of the first things I would do. The restrictions and red tape placed on existing businesses as well as new industry need to be evaluated. We need to become a more business friendly county so that positive growth becomes a reality, not just in District 4 but in all of Mohave County because we are all in this together.

Question 2: I believe in government transparency. Lack of communication creates animosity. So many times this could be avoided by a simple explanation of how and why certain decisions are made. There will be times that information cannot legally be made public (as an example, issues regarding employees when individual rights would be compromised.) In general, I feel that information should be made available not only to the media but to the citizens.

Mervin Fried, R

Question 1:
Why does one have to implement new policies, programs, or laws when one gets elected to office? I feel that it is the duty of a representative of the public to keep government from enacting too many rules and regulations that make it difficult to live and conduct business.

Since the county has seen fit to, at this time, convict me of a crime and brand me a law breaker, perhaps that's exactly what I should be. I should be a law breaker, a county supervisor who removes and discards laws, ordinances, rules and regulations. Maybe laws that stifle business from coming to our community, ordinances that prohibit children from having lemonade stands or bake sales, rules that violate rights and intimidate citizens participation in government, and regulations that are so onerous and burdensome on businesses that are located in Mohave County, that they seek to move elsewhere.

As a candidate for county supervisor, I feel it will be my duty to protect the rights and sovereignty of the citizens from the encroachment of government power. I want to be the citizens representative in government, not a representative of government.

One of the first items I will put on the agenda is the elimination of the position of public information officer for Mohave County. I do not believe that this position is necessary as all documents and information should be readily available for anyone who wishes to review and analyze it. The press is the eyes and ears of our community and should have access to all documents and information. Many rely on the media to inform them timely and accurately of proceedings that are going on in our government at many levels.

Question 2: As for an open door policy from the new county manager, are we sure we are getting one? I agree with an open door policy, but has the county started advertising for a new manger? Have they sought resumes from candidates for the position? Are they only seeking "in house" candidates? Please remember, when Mr. Walker renewed his contract for only one year, there was a lot of uproar about his tenure with the county. Perhaps Mr. Walker only renewed his contract for one year to avoid any further uproar at the time and will now seek to lengthen his gauche contract as county manager. How many out there trust what Mr. Walker says?

Earl Hamlyn, R

All five supervisors working together for the good of the people of Mohave County is my top priority. It is imperative that the representatives of Mohave County put aside their own personal agendas and move forward in the same direction. My years of experience as chairman of the Mohave County Planning and Zoning Commission have shown me that, in working together, no problem is unsolvable and great things can be accomplished. Everyone knows what happens to a house that is divided. Under the guidance of five united supervisors, Mohave County will prosper and by working with the cities in the county, all will benefit.

I will stand strong for my district, the people who elect me, ensuring my constituents are treated fairly and receive equal representation. There are a number of issues that need immediate attention. We will solve each one of them, one at a time, together!

The five supervisors need to regain the respect and trust of the citizens of Mohave County. It is impossible for us to move ahead as a county if the supervisors cannot work together for the betterment of the folks they represent and Mohave County.

Question 2: All county business is and should be open to the public. Generally, the only information from which the public can be restricted would be certain information in personnel files and executive sessions. Government entities have public information directors to ensure open lines of communication between the public, media and internal departments. The public information director should act as a dynamic, positive representative of the entity represented, not as a watchdog, protecting government employees from media and the public. The public information director should act as an advocate for the media, public and internal departments to inform and expedite answers to questions; helping to clarify which department can help solve a problem or provide answers to questions.

There will never be a closed door policy with me. I do not like secrets. The public pays taxes to support the county and they want to know and have every right to know how their tax dollars are being spent.

When the public feels that they are being told the truth about the business of the county then, and only then, will this county begin to move forward in a positive manner.

Robert Lane, R

Question 1:
Tax policy.

Single family home owner, my priority! Implement laws to protect wealth, living standards, dignity and dreams. Prop 13 has laws we need, but not all.

Laws we need:

1. Land and home to be fixed as one entity.

2. Property value and tax rate to be fixed at 1 percent.

3. Improvements to be exempt from property value taxes.

Seniors, low income, disabled vets, keep status. Our balanced budget will not be on backs of the home owners.

This helps families to budget, while saving them hundreds on property tax!

This also helps home sales.

New companies are concerned for their employee housing and living conditions!

This small change in taxes will lead to many areas and entities. I am old school with ethics and earn my keep. No selling words, no secrets, no good old boys here! I will show honesty and pride, thank you!

Question 2: Citizen Advisory Panel. The media and this panel will have direct access to the county public information director, or else! Want to know who started the $5 million building? The media, does. Who makes up all the different rules, regulations, codes, etc. - give me names! The media will have my full support. The call to the public will have support through the panel and media in organizing statements and questions to the correct person or office with a time and place for answers. If I am elected, the media will be so busy in District 4 with the Health Department, zoning Department, Road Department and open storage codes, in the middle of no where, with grandfather clauses needed.

Jack Pozenel, R

Question 1:
An open door policy for the public is vital and healthy. The taxpayers need to feel welcomed in their buildings and that they have the ability to input in the processes and procedures that govern them. They need to know who their representation is on an ongoing basis. I am someone who is willing to be proactive and reach out to them before they get frustrated. Someone they will know through regular outreach instead expecting them to come to me. We can't fix potential or actual problems if we don't know or won't listen to what the needs are. This also translates into the Economic Development of our county in such a competitive market. Almost every other town, city and county across our nation is fighting for economic growth and development. We need to stand out above and beyond them by showing strong leadership that works for the people they serve. Sound business decisions are made through cooperative input and ideas. We have a great county with many great resources but until we are willing to show those businesses and industries that we are willing to work together they will continue to look elsewhere.

Question 2: When there is already suspicion and continual unanswered questions, denying access and publicly belittling citizens only continues the downward spiral of distrust and frustration. Taxes come from the hard-earned money of citizens and businesses and they have the right to request, question and receive timely information and answers. The lack of transparency is a disservice to our communities. The following quotes come directly from the County website: "One of the most important functions of the County Manager is to serve as a bridge of communication between the public, the various elected officials and the Board of Supervisors"; and "The County Manager is appointed by the Board of Supervisors and serves at the pleasure of the Board." I will work to ensure that the individual who is selected fully understands and is willing to comply with throughout the term of their employment both of these statements before they are offered the position.

Ted Roper, R

Question 1:
As a new supervisor, my priority would be economic development. A healthy local economy will stabilize our tax base. The Board of Supervisors should fully support the economic development group in securing new business opportunities for Mohave County.

Mohave County excels in the following areas: logistics and transportation, manufacturing, energy, and health care. The two major issues keeping new business from coming to Mohave County are: 1) A lack of facilities that meet the needs of the new company. Typically companies prefer to lease rather than build. 2) An absence of a readily available statements detailing the demographics and capabilities of our workforce. We must be able to quickly convince interested prospects that our labor pool is sufficient.

I would like the county to move away from the bureaucratic permitting process we have now and move toward a partnering relationship with new prospects. Mohave County is land-rich, and we need to explore all options available to use the land to bring in new business. We should also survey our existing business to determine how our economic development group can assist in their retention and expansion.

Question 2: The Board hires a county manager to be responsible for the day to day operation of the county. One of the most important functions of this position is to serve as a bridge of communication between the public and the Board of Supervisors.

The new, five-member Board of Supervisors will need to insure that the person selected as county manager will not only be a leader, but also an excellent communicator who listens to the public, the cities, as well as the media, and responds to concerns and questions from a position of customer service. The new board and manager should review the current media-relations policy and insure that, at all times, the appropriate information is properly released to the public and the media in a timely fashion.

Rick Sherwood, R

Question 1:
The first priority of the 2013 Board should be restoration of public confidence. There should never be a question as to who the BOS or county administration and staff serve, as we all serve at the will of the public. The people have spoken loud and clear. We must reinstate the call to the public. We need to address the costly security system, which promotes an unfriendly reception. These issues should be addressed on our first BOS agenda.

Our budget must be addressed. We have to look at how to best serve the public and how staff can facilitate that need. Mohave County has one of the highest unemployment rates in the state. We have to promote the quality of life that attracts the younger generation to remain in our county and the ability to prosper by creating jobs. The loss (leakage) of our labor force to other counties and states has to be addressed. The state has created the Arizona Commerce Authority. We need to position ourselves to grasp the opportunities they provide. If we encourage needed industrial development as supported by our General Plan, we will position ourselves to reduce the residential tax burden while promoting County services.

Question 2: The underlying premise to this question is, do we need a county manager? Our population doesn't seem to warrant this position and eliminating it would certainly ease the burden of the taxpayer. An alternative would be a strong clerk of the board with the interpersonal skills, knowledge, and authority by the BOS to relay the intent of the board and the county protocols to the press and to the public. The BOS must speak with one voice. The press absolutely needs access to the clerk of the board in order to do its job and the public needs to be reassured that their concerns are being heard. Clearly, these interactions are not happening today. Having a clerk of the board with these skills would eliminate the need for a public information director. Should the BOS determine that a county manager is in the best interest of the county, the skills required for employment include public relations, requiring only one person skilled in addressing the concerns of the public while relaying county issues to the press or others.

Norty Turchen, D

Question 1:
It is difficult to prioritize one item in my first year in office, as there are so many issues, such as budget restraint, review of permit and building fees, water problems, and the usual political promises that you will hear and read about. However, one issue that is most important to me is communication and representation. What is meant by this is to allow the residents in District 4 to be made aware of what is on the up and coming meeting, and allow them to speak at this meeting. I will have a part time office in one of the rural areas where I will be able to take a survey on the issue and present the results to the BOS. Please understand that I am one of you and that your voice is my voice. I will always be available to you.

Question 2: As far as open door policies, I have worked under a city manager form of government in the past, and I would like to use these principles. To have the BOS interview the candidate for Mohave County manager and have him enforce the Freedom of Information's Act, with the exception of executive sessions by the BOS. Have the candidate and the BOS investigate if the public information director is needed, and to make sure the open door policy is adhered to. Let's not make it sound like we are hiding something. And, finally, have all workshops and committee meetings open to the public.

Independents will not be on Primary ballot. They will be listed on the November ballot.

Liz Albright, I

Question 1:
Why create another law or policy and procedures when we already have enough laws? These laws, policies and procedures should be enforced equally and not be enforced based on a person's position or status in life, as guaranteed under the constitution.

For example: The recent prosecution of a citizen of Mohave County for wearing a derogatory T-shirt to a board of supervisor meeting. Or the non-prosecution of the assistant to the county manager for allegedly violating Arizona Revised State Statues in regards of county employees having personnel contracts with the county.

Another example - the recent firing of a Mohave County employee for the alleged violation of Mohave County Merit Rules in regards to political activities on county time, and the non-firing of a Mohave County employee, the public information director, for the alleged use of Mohave County resources to investigate an individual who is supporting the opposition of a current board of supervisor. This violates the Mohave County Merit Rules of political activity on county time and using county funds.

I will put an end to the discriminatory use of the merit rules, policies and procedures and criminal offenses and see that they are enforced the same and equally, which is guaranteed under our constitution.

Question 2: Return the call to the public. This falls under the public information. The citizens of Mohave County have the right to ask the board of supervisors anything they want. The supervisors should be accountable to the citizens of Mohave County.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, the county should not be hiding information from the citizens and taxpayers of Mohave County. The more transparent and forthcoming you are with the public. Then the citizens of Mohave County will view the county administration with a more favorable opinion. I will ensure that the media has access to all information requested, as long as the information is not in conflict with county, state and federal laws.

James Clark - I

The Miner did not receive a response from Clark before deadline.

John Ford - I

The Miner did not receive a response from Ford before deadline.

ICT - Trotters RV
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Reader Comments

Posted: Monday, August 20, 2012
Article comment by: Linda Athens

My vote goes for Joy Brotherton and I encourage others to vote for her also.

Joy has been around here a very long time and I believe genuinely loves Kingman and wants to see the best for our citizens and our county in every way. I believe she is good and honest and will be fair.

She will find common sense solutions to problems. She lost a wonderful sister a long time ago, both cut out of the same good cloth.

Posted: Monday, August 20, 2012
Article comment by: Like it

I think they all oiled the squeaky wheels that have been grating on the people's ears. Bring back the call to the public, simple as placing on the agenda and voting it back, so is the end of the county manager. I just hope that before hiring a new one, they have a longer list of people we do not need to support anymore to grind us down. I like the plans to put people to work, hope the efforts are not soon forgotten. Drugs, petty theft, vandalism and domestic violence, even murder all seem to go down as soon as people have jobs to occupy their time and a hold your head up way to buy groceries.

Posted: Monday, August 20, 2012
Article comment by: K D M FAN

2 Simple questions and only one candidate could answer them. Robert, be proud to know the people see who follows instructions and gives precise answers in detail on both questions and how all will benefit, this proves you are the only one qualified and your answers are really sound and needed . We will vote Robert Lane

Posted: Sunday, August 19, 2012
Article comment by: Robert Lane Needs Taxation Education

From Robert Lane: "Property value and tax rate to be fixed at 1 percent."

What in the world does this mean? It makes no sense.

1% property value or 1 percent tax??? Either way, it would bankrupt the county. That's a very wide opinion of which he has no experience whatsoever.

As a Board of Supervisor, he should know he has to authority when it comes to determining exemption status. Arizona Legislators are responsible for determining exemption and senior information. All of these programs are already in place. If he did a little research, he would know this.

Posted: Sunday, August 19, 2012
Article comment by: Mary Ann Turquist

This is the first time we can vote for someone who has experience going in to fight for us against Walker and Johnson. Vote for a Leader who will fight for us!

There is only one candidate – Earl Hamlyn.

Posted: Sunday, August 19, 2012
Article comment by: realistic now having to work at a casino

I have read every statement from every candidate and they all say the same thing with out any knowledge of how to fix anything,they all say let the call to the public will solve questions and problems.These candidates cannot even show you how to make the call to the public work except Robert Lane stating how useing the citizens advisory board would help with completing the knowledge of the questions and answers.Thank you Mr. Lane,and by the way, taxs are #1. People do understand this .Oh you might become the good ole boys target because of you explaining the rules and regulations of codes,permit and fines to grow departments , and their attitudes ,while stopping all big companies like Walmart dist. and others.I asked a catering truck driver in El Monte CA. how many places she goes to a day, her reply was 16 or17 ,that made me spill my coffee,we married 8 months later.You must know how to get jobs,so bring them here it will solve the problems in the county, please .

Posted: Sunday, August 19, 2012
Article comment by: L J

Not one of these candidates mentioned anything about cleaning up our neighborhoods. We're tried looking at junk cars, run down buildings, trash, weeds, etc. and why we pay higher water rates than people who live in Kingman do
For a water treatment plant we don't ever use? We noticed Joy Brotherton being a real estate agent would promote the building industry, but people who buys those homes need jobs to pay for them. I would not locate a business into this area where our customers, suppliers, etc. would see where we actually live & work!

Posted: Sunday, August 19, 2012
Article comment by: just a fact

Some of these are laughable until you realize they are serious. It is obvious that many have their own (not county's) agenda and a personal ax to grind.
Why did Earl Hamlyn have his own personal write up a few days ago? Will every candidate get one? The other group that covers part of Kingman -- will they each have a write up?

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