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11/28/2012 6:01:00 AM
Kingman Letter: Let's follow this path

There is something seriously wrong in our country! We have strayed so far from our origins that it's going to take a very strong, smart president to lead us back.

I'm talking about a real leader who will cut through all of the B.S. and self-serving crap we are getting out of Washington, D.C., and pull us back together as a whole. Obama has shown over the last four years that he doesn't have the skills to do this, and Mitt Romney wasn't the guy either. Our Congress is full of self-serving fools and the media are now making news instead of reporting it. There are no more real investigative reporters, digging up and reporting the truth; they all want to put a spin on it. I don't care what party you belong to, does anyone think we are on the right path? So what do we need to do?

First - Congress works for us. Cut their pay, benefits and time off, eliminate pork barrel spending and add-ons to bills that have nothing to do with the original bill. Every member of Congress must vote on all bills. We need to get serious with Congress!

Second - Cut the federal spending and start moving programs back to the states. Congress can establish the standards that must be met, but leave the means to the states. This includes Social Security, welfare, health care, etc.

Third - Tax all imports and reduce fees for U.S. companies that produce in the U.S. to bring jobs back to the U.S. Don't let the imports have an unfair advantage.

Fourth - Secure our borders, then come up with a plan to register everyone in this country. They don't need to become citizens, just get them registered, then we can work on a fair and humane disposition. I've had enough of this divisive, do-nothing, self-serving federal government!

Paul De Nubilo


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Reader Comments

Posted: Thursday, November 29, 2012
Article comment by: The Fox Hound

Well Paul almost everybody agrees with your opinion of congress. After all they only have a 11 percent favorable rating among Americans. So if that is the way that the public feels about Congress I doubt that the money to fund elections comes from the people. It of course comes from the richest of the rich and when you give all the money for the show you want the best seats in the house. Its just that simple. Congress doesn't work for us. It works for them. So to expect change from congress is absurd. We the people are not all members of the tea party. We the people are all the citizens of America and we all need to pay our fair share. Elections should be funded by us not the super rich. They should be like they are in the rest of the world shorter and with a lot less money involved. Congressmen must raise 2 thousand a minute to run their next campiagn. So of course they are running all around the country collecting money for the next election. Gerrymandering is the real problem and yes both partys are guilty in setting up voting districts that do not represent what the majority of Americans think. 68 percent of the Republicans that won elect received 89 percent of the vote in their district. Yet the national election was almost split equally. If 89 percent of a district is Republican or Democrat then it doesn't reflect the way Americans really feel about the way the country is being run. The districts should be redrawn to reflect the real make up of the country not just to keep crooks in power to steal from all of us.

Posted: Thursday, November 29, 2012
Article comment by: Linda Athens

Missed Again:

I didn't miss anything but you sure did. We threw God out decades ago. This administration however has the most atheists in it, the most homosexuals, the most marxists/communists/socialists (usually all atheists) of any presidency.

Obama is, in fact, probably the first POTUS I can actually remember that completely ignores God and never attends church at all and makes no bones about it. He has thrown out Christian holidays and celebrations at the White House but has made sure he celebrates muslim holidays. You liberal dopes ought to wake up and smell the coffee once in awhile.

He has already stated, in a bind, he will back the muslim nation. He also has declared we are NOT a Christian nation anymore and gave credit to islam for being here from our inception. WRONG!!! They did enter the ocean from N Africa, attack and kidnap our people however and demand ransoms.

Thomas Jefferson, so disturbed by it, while in England requested a quran to read so he could figure out what they were about.

Then obama lied and declared Jefferson was so enamored of islam, he owned his own quran. He even brought it out to take the oath on I believe, as if Jefferson revered it. WRONG! Jefferson despised what the muslims did to our people. Called the Barbary Pirate Wars.

I know American history afraid to print your name.

Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Article comment by: Get real LA


" can you imagine in the 1950's several states would legalize Marijuana"...HA

Do some more reading Linda. Can you imagine in the 1930's Marijuana was deemed a miracle drug by the Medical Community. It was Only made illegal to slow down the flood of Mexican workers entering the southwest post depression. The effects of actions of the plant were NEVER brought into consideration. It was simple an immigration tool...Period.

Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Article comment by: No Joker

Right! Let's cut their pay and benefits so that the only people who would ever feel like holding office in Congress or running for President are people who are already millionaires, who only want to get into power to change laws to benefit their family's EMPIRES! GREAT IDEA!

On second thought --- how about we just go back to having Kings and Queens?

Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Article comment by: origional kingman resident

@ Randi

There are 2 houses of Congress. One, (the House of Reps), has a majority of republicans and the other, (the Senate), has a majority of democrats. Both houses have to agree on a final bill before it moves over to the president to be signed. Currently, both parties have a say in legislation.

Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Article comment by: stuart varon

The dems. dont want socialism...they want a level playing field...fair wages,a good place to live, and fair taxes...so what do the rest want? I hope the same thing,but, i doubt it..What the government now, both parties call entitlements, I call my saving plan..for over 50 years I paid 6.5 percent of my income into soc. sec...my boss matched that..that means 13 persent of my after tax income.. I also payed and had matching funds from my last employer for 30 years..thats what is called a pension fund...the government now calls it an entitlement program..they put in iou.s.. Now they want to cut things...on all us old people..TAKE IT OFF THE TABLE, PAY BACK THE GOVERMENT IOUS TO SOC. SEC BEFORE YOU PAY BACK CHINA AND THE OTHERS... THAT WOULD GIVE US ENOUGH TO LIVE ON AND WE WOULD SPEND IT AND MAKE MORE JOBS HERE!!!!

Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Article comment by: H J

Point 1. Excellent! We the electorate have allowed Congress & our elected officals at All levels (local,
State and Federal) to serve there own best interest
And not the Voters! It's past time we all hold them accountable to us by making there lives just as unpleasant
As they have made ours!

Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Article comment by: tj denton



1.A political and economic theory of that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated...

2.(in Marxist theory) A transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of communism.

hmmm, redistribution of wealth, regulations on every single aspect of PRIVATE sector jobs. over taxation for being successful. i dont know how one can argue that we arent headed to a socialist state. ide rather you liberals just admit it than lie about it. i mean come on, the definition is right there! that definition about completely describes todays america, and you still deny it. laughable.

Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Article comment by: Missed Again

@ Linda

"Except, what started us down the wrong path was throwing God out, the glue that held us together."

You missed again Linda. Do some more research as this was done long before Obama, You, and I. I have the answer, see if you can find it.

Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Article comment by: Anson's Nephew

“Most of the super rich are lefties.”

And your proof of that is ….?” Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Article comment by: Me too! .

Old Desert Woman:

Most of the super rich are lefties.

Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Article comment by: Linda Athens


Obama stoled the election and the GOP are not cheap.

Biden gave about $200 to charity a couple of years ago, obama not much more until it was brought out and out of necessity, he started giving more to make him look better. Plus, they use OUR money to the max, even taking separate planes to the same events hours apart. That is true GREED - to hell with the taxpayers it says, we can do what we want.

Romney gave 30% last year making your remarks full of holes. If you would do some research, you would see Republican Christians give more to charity than anyone.

Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Article comment by: Linda Athens


Good letter! Agree with most of it. Except, what started us down the wrong path was throwing God out, the glue that held us together.

We were founded and lived by moral absolutes from the Bible. Without moral absolutes, we are really rudderless. For instance, on abortion, Christians know it is murder, atheists do not.

Biblical principles teach individual responsibility to the max. That includes taking care of your own family and churches taking care of widows and homeless, etc. And it teaches to get married and stay that way - work on it if there are problems. This could go a long way in solving those problems. Once we dumped God, we dumped all those principles and socialism (spreading the wealth) filled in the big holes left.

Enter the Godless atheism that has now taken over the country. Can you only imagine in the 1950's, us being told that many states would legalize marijuana. This is one of the predictions of the end time, a whole country drugged.

Mitt Romney could certainly have headed us in the right direction family wise, money wise, taking care of ourselves and so much more. While not the perfect candidate, he certainly beat obama who stoled the election in the first place.

Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Article comment by: Randi Grogan-Musante

Your first view point I agree with, however, Congress is clearly GOP and since the GOP are very greedy, it will never happen but as a Liberal Democrat I agree. However, the people have spoken and President Obama not only won the electoral votes but over 4 million popular, I support him and have since I cast my vote in 2008 and knew he'd win in 2012, proudly displayed his re-election stickers on the back of my car.

On your 2nd view point, I DO NOT agree. Social Security, Medicare are Federal Programs not the States. Please refer back to the origins of these programs.

Third view point, won't happen, nothing more to say on that.

Fourth view point, really? Those immigrants brought over as children, who pledge allegiance to our flag, should get full citizenship. Those who came over illegally pregnant should have an easier path to become citizens since their child was born in the United States, have them register and go through the process to become citizens. For those who come here illegally non-pregnant, yes, have them register to become citizens. The process isn't fair to those who are from other countries who go through the correct process.

Finally, Mitt Romney's self deportation was a joke and even the GOP after the election stated how ridiculous his idea was. Actually, he had many issues the GOP is now laughing at. Medicare and Social Security is a social program, it's Federal and should remain that way, it's never going to go your way in other words.

Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Article comment by: Old Desert Woman

Give it up Capt Nice, I'm tired of hearing the word Socialist. I'm sick of these so called Conservatives, supporting the plundering super rich and military who get far more government welfare than the poor.

We have here some good advice. What can we do? We can stop complaining and calling names and start writing to Congress and Senators and Representatives. It's easy to do on line. Let them know what we think. Make your voice heard. We can stop supporting businesses that don't pay fair wages and use fair business practices. We can drive less and use less fuel until we have better, safer fuel sources. We can buy from local people and grow our own. We can buy American made products until more jobs are created. We can stop buying cheap foreign garbage at our neighbors expense.
We have neglected values, the kind of good values that consider our neighbor, real family values that give people jobs and living wages, values that promote honest work and fair play.

Romney had none of these values, how could he help? It's up to us. We must do our part and get involved and make good choices.

Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Article comment by: Anson's Nephew

“I think with Romney we could have achieved what your talking about but this country is bent on socialism.”

A sleaze that specialized in destroying American businesses and had no respect for half of the nations population would have been a disaster. Too many questions still remain about Willard the Money hider for him to have ever been anointed as the leader of nation for which he has much disdain. As to “socialism” it has been suggested before that exactly what socialism is be verified prior to making inaccurate statements.

In short, you lost, get over it.

Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Article comment by: anonymous anonymous

Problem is your like a lone voice in the wilderness, we are a divided electorate, 32% republican, 42% democrat and remainder 26% independent and minority parties, so exactly how do you propose to garner a 50.1% majority for your idea? For the logical thinking the folks who make these laws your proposing will cut their own pay, benefits is fantasy or self delusional thinking since just is not going to happen!

Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Article comment by: Capt. Nice

I think with Romney we could have achieved what your talking about but this country is bent on socialism.
I say let the country run it's course and let the people see if they like being like Mexifornia because there isn't much logical thinking people can do.
There are to many people out there who have their hands out wanting government running their lives and that will not work.
Wait till you see the reaction your letter gets from the left and you will see what we are up against.......IDIOTS

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