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12/25/2012 6:01:00 AM
Kingman Letter: It's time for major gun changes

Is it any wonder that this country is geared toward gun violence? Fanatical gun owners vow that "no one" will ever take their guns away from them. As Charlton Heston, the actor and former head of the NRA once said, "They would have to take his gun out of his cold dead hands."

In other words, he would fight to the death to keep his precious guns. Movies and video games glorify killing. Gangsta-rap promotes killing cops. Young and old alike watch adults getting brutally killed every single day in TV shows, and on the news.

We, as a society, have grown culturally accustomed to this disturbing trend toward violence.

We no longer flinch at the idea of someone being killed unless we happen to know the victim. It's not that we accept violence, but we do expect it, and are not shocked by it anymore because it is an everyday occurrence.

And we do fear violence. That is why there are more than 300 million guns owned by people in this country. However, what we, as a society, are not accustomed to is the mass murder of children. This is something new to us, so we are appalled, shocked, and unwilling to accept any atrocity that is directed toward our children.

The atrocity of the Newtown, Conn., mass murder of 20 children must change our way of thinking. We can no longer be complacent about gun violence.

But arming teachers is not the answer, and it is insulting to the police and our military who train for months to become skilled "shooters."

It is a teacher's job to teach our children. They are not trained "shooters." And to pit a scared, trembling teacher with a handgun against a crazed gunman with perhaps an AR-15 with a high-capacity magazine is ludicrous.

Despite fanatical gun-owners and the NRA's objections, we must have better gun control, and we must tone down the violence on TV, in the movies, music, and video games.

Our children deserve to be safe and live in a country full of love, not one full of guns, hate, violence, and fear.

Lori Gabriel-Dane


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Reader Comments

Posted: Friday, December 28, 2012
Article comment by: Bob James

Lori you asked and I quote, so do you disregard other laws that are "dictated" to you because you refuse to be told what to do?

The point is this according to the Constitution of our Great United States of America oh by the way is the LAW of the land. We the people under the Second Amendment have a right to be bare arms and that right shall not be infringed period no debate about it.

No amount of slick lawyer talk will change that so when you and others want to ban guns any type of gun it is not legal to do so and their for even if the Constitution was ignored and they passed a law doing it, we would be required to appose it in any way necessary.

To answer Franks question its hard to say, allot of the younger guys are gunho and would follow any orders they received where as us older guys would be in the streets fighting against it as no order to confiscate guns would be lawful, do to the Oath we took to uphold the Constitution of not only our Country but Our State Constitution as well.

Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2012
Article comment by: origional kingman resident

@ Lori

Gun owners, (be they republican or democrats), do not have to compromise. The Second Amendment ensures their right to bear arms and the Supreme Court has upheld that right several times over.

Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2012
Article comment by: maggie passaro

The Gov. Can not and will not protect you or any children...it's not about that. It is strictly about disarming the Americans , to innitiate more control, against defense less peoples of this country. And if you can get off the Main stream media bandwagon long enough , you might find that it is factual data, that the mass shootings are all done in GUN FREE ZONES. AND Adam Lanza's personal Dr. Rima , has stated that he was not on medication , and was not in a violent frame of mind, his illness did not set him off.
We have NO evidence that HE was even the shooter, and NO ONE SAW him shoot his mother , now did they ?
Again we are being fed a bunch of hype from a Fascist tyrannical so-called GOV. to push forth an agenda. I am sick about the loss of any life, but I don't see anyone crying a river for the innocent children that OUR misguided military is sent in to "GUN" down , spraying bullets at a rate of hundreds? thousands? of huge caliber bullets , per second...wiping out not 20-30 people, but hundreds of little children in all the country's WE ( US GOVERNMENT) and the U.N. decide to invade and control.
nuff said !

Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2012
Article comment by: Bruce Brodie

This comment is by my son Randall !
Folks call or write your congressmen. Logic must prevail, if we allow legislation to go through that is more restrictive than the previous assault weapons ban it is the inch before the mile they will surely take. These people are using this tragedy to push an agenda they have been pushing for years dictating what we can and cannot own. A person who has malicious intentions will devote time to train with whatever is available, a motivated person can be as devastating with a break over shotgun as they can with any other firearm. All it takes is time to become proficient and motivation. On January 3rd legislation designed to do nothing but disarm and victimize innocent Americans will be presented to congress, we can not allow this to take place.' The machine that is our federal government is trying to assume more powers as they have in the past, taking away our rights not representing our best interests. We can not sit back and hope things work out for the best, let your representatives know what you want from them.

Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2012
Article comment by: Lori Gabriel-Dane

To Ryan S.

Okay, let me rephraze that for your clarification. Would you disregard laws that you don't happen to agree with just because you believe that's telling you what you can or cannot do? Just wondering. By the way, thank you for your service to our country.

Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2012
Article comment by: Bob James


The reason I personally will not compromise at all on gun issues is once we do where does it end no one has the right to dictate to me or you how or what to do unless the person is breaking the law and gun laws do not protect anyone in any way look at Washington DC or Chigo ILL the most restrictive gun laws in the nation and the worst crime rate in the US, http://www.neighborhoodscout.com/il/chicago/crime/ Look at the link for proof and explain how gun control will do anything but make this a fact across the country . neither you nor the present administration has any right to tell me or anyone how to live my life in any way. Anyone who thinks they know best is nothing more that a tyrannical narcissistic dictator. I've fought for this country and I am serving my community now but I will not stand more agree with any laws prohibiting or limiting my right to protect myself or my family in any way shape or form END of conversation.

The politicians use public emotion to sway opinions to their advantage all I can say is don't be fooled into asking them to protect you they cant, Its up to you as a responsible adult to be the protector of yourself and do it with no expectations of help from anyone else, In other words take responsibility for yourself.


Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2012
Article comment by: V Stokes

Well...AN may own guns...but he does not KNOW guns.

Shotguns need to be aimed in defensive situations. The common standard is that a shotgun pattern opens about 1" per yard (incorrect, but often quoted). Assuming a hallway of about 15 feet...that means the pattern is 5". Very easy to miss by just "pointing".
That's why they have Tritium ghost ring sights and lasers.

As to the Beretta jamming...really? From one of the oldest and most utilized designs in the world? More likely from cheap ammo and improper grip. White box stuff and small hands or limp-wristing is the most common cause. Sure you can find hundreds of posts on the 'net....many from newbies using cheap ammo and with no training.

I had one...never was able to shoot it as well as my .45s (smaller hands) so when it was stolen from airline baggage I took the check and bought another .45 with no love lost.

Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2012
Article comment by: tj denton

lori, are you suggesting that the left wing liberals are any better at compramising? tell me what the last opinion was that you compramised on for the sake of bi-partisanship, please tell me!!! no, conservatives just dont bow to your left wing socialist agendas and it makes you mad. but dont go around acting like you are some voice of bipartisan peace, because youre exactly the same as extreme republicans, you just sit on the left side of things. and that is the ONLY difference.

Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2012
Article comment by: Lori Gabriel-Dane

To anonymous anonymous:

Please reread what I wrote. I compared gun-owners to the Republican party because, like Republican politicians, gun owners will not compromise one iota. I wasn't trying to suggest that gun-owners are only Republican.

Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2012
Article comment by: tj denton

i have a beretta 9mm anson, for abou 5 years, i have had it jam. one...one, single solitary time, i also have the taurus version of the baretta, the pt92 and it has never jammed one. single time. but then again i take very good care of my weapons. any standard model 9mm generally carries 15-1 magazines unless its spec for commie cali. so at a minimum, 31 rounds in 20 seconds.

Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2012
Article comment by: tj denton

my bad chuckles, wasnt paying attention to my math, but thats a good point, 35 bullets in 20 seconds instead of 31. look at that, even more!!

Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2012
Article comment by: Anson's Nephew

“… thats 31 rounds fired in under 20 seconds”

Unless the Baretta jams – something they are known for.

As you said, “please stop with your ignorance of weaponry!!”

Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2012
Article comment by: Ryan S.

@ Lori Gabriel-Dane
Surprise! A quote not only incorrect, but also out of context.
what I said: "Do what you think is right, but do not dictate to me what I should or shouldn't do."
What you said: " Or like Ryan S. saying no one should dictate what he can or cannot do"
re-read that to see the difference!
Don't Tread on Me- refers to government trying to take my rights away from me. Like many here I have served and fought for this country. And yes I will defend my right to keep them. and as far as disobeying laws that are "Dictated" to me I don't have so much as a traffic ticket. NOTE the word Dictate. Is that what you are in favor of? Last I check laws are passed, not dictated.
I do however have a CCW and did all the necessary training, backgrounds, finger prints, ect... and in case you are unaware that requires both state and federal checks.
As far as assault weapons. Do you even know what an assault weapon is?
If so, please enlighten us all.
The criminals and the mentally ill will always find a way to acquire weapons.
If by some remote chance all weapons were banned and confiscated. Then you will learn the true meaning of "Dictate"

Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2012
Article comment by: Nice Chuckle

@T J

"You can shoot all 18 of those rounds in about 7 seconds, it would take you another 5 seconds to throw in another clip, then 7 more seconds to empty that one, thats 31 rounds fired in under 20 seconds. so, your little rapid fire assault rifle ban does NOTHING!!! please stop with your ignorance of weaponry!!"

You do know that 18 + 17 is 35 right? Not 31. Please stop with your ignorance of mathematics!!

Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2012
Article comment by: tj denton

lori, you do know that a baretta 9mm hand gun carries, 17 rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber right?? you can shoot all 18 of those rounds in about 7 seconds, it would take you another 5 seconds to throw in another clip, then 7 more seconds to empty that one, thats 31 rounds fired in under 20 seconds. so, your little rapid fire assault rifle ban does NOTHING!!! please stop with your ignorance of weaponry!!

Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2012
Article comment by: anonymous anonymous

Lori-Gabriel Dane, your obsession with connecting gun owners to just the republican party is an error, many democrats own guns, its not a partisan issue, its one of of pro-gun and anti-gun issue, party affliliation is by-partisan, your beating a dead horse till it will not even twitch anymore trying to connect guns to just the republican party!

Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2012
Article comment by: My Bad

@ Frank Lee Speaking

Yep, you got me there no doubt. I should have specified the AR15 with the 30 round magazines that seems to be the heart of the whole matter. I hadn’t even considered my Marlin Model 60 or my Ruger 10/22 as a WMD. I suppose you chose the Marlin because it’s usually the first model that pops up when you Google it. However, although the Model 60 is cheap, I chose to go with the Ruger because I can get the optional big bad 25 and 30 round clips. $229.00 at Cabella’s and if you do a little shopping you can get the clips for as low $15, depending on the brand. I don’t suggest the Butler model though. If you want to spend a little more money you can also get the 10/22 in a Big Bad “AR” Tactical Style. I didn’t have to Google it though, just looked through my inventory in my cardboard box. As for income, I don’t think you would want to match paycheck for paycheck. However, if you check your own classifieds you’ll see a few job openings that may pay better than what you’re getting there.
@ Lori
Please don’t take my .22’s away! I am far from a Republican and I don’t believe that everybody taking Zoloft should be banned from owning a weapon. To give you an idea, Zoloft is used to treat depression but it also used to treat PTSD. So many of my fellow soldiers that defend the nation would no longer be able to enjoy a de-stressor like target shooting.
W/C 268

Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2012
Article comment by: Lori Gabriel-Dane

All die-hard gun-owners are carbon copies of the Republican party. You refuse to give an inch on anything. To you, like the Republicans, even the slightest compromise is unthinkable. You can blame mental health all you want, but if rapid-fire weapons are not available, mentally ill people would not have access to them.

I agree that mentally ill people and their families should not be allowed to own any kind of guns. But any person can go nuts in a heartbeat. So yes, we can prevent people with KNOWN mental problems from obtaining guns. But how do we determine if someone is mentally ill who has never been previously diagnosed or sought any kind of help from mental health professionals?

I would say that from many of the posts I've seen on here that I wouldn't trust those people with any kind of gun being in their possession. Let's see, many of you have promoted starting another civil war. One man in particular, FLS, said he would use his assault weapon against anyone who might come to confiscate that weapon if they were banned. How many times have you heard the Tea Party types claim "it's time for a revolution." Or like Ryan S. saying no one should dictate what he can or cannot do and saying 'Don't tread on me." So, Ryan, do you disregard other laws that are "dictated" to you because you refuse to be told what to do?

TO FLS: What makes you think I am "grumpy" about taxes being raised? Unlike you and many others on here, I'm willing to do anything to make our children safe, even if it meant giving up a rapid-fire assault weapon (if I had one). But I still maintain that arming our teachers is not the solution.


Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2012
Article comment by: Capt. Nice

Lori is another lefty who has a political agenda that she considers more important then the safety of our kids.
The left will argue gun control until another school shooting and another and another still wanting government to do something.
Government won't and can't control 20 million plus illegals, how in the dickens are they going to round up 100 million guns?
Lets do something now and protect our kids instead of these political agenda's that will go on forever.
Build fences, put in detectors, hire cops etc etc
after all we can spend a billion dollars to elect a non-president, we can afford to protect our kids.
If they tried to round up guns who would obama exempt other than unions, teachers etc etc...it will not work and they know it!

Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2012
Article comment by: Rick O'Shea

First off, and I can't believe I'm saying this But I agree with one points of L.G-D.'s letter, arming school teachers is not the answer. I however don't agree with more gun control laws, they didn't work in Washington D.C. which had the highest murder rate per capita in the U.S. for decades, this is common knowledge, so people advocating gun control must want the crime and murder rate to greatly increase. Liberals say gun owners are paranoid about government confiscation of firearms. I seem to remember G.W. Bush got a bill passed to bypass the need for a court order to allow wiretapping, many liberals saw this as combating terrorism while most saw this as an invasion of privacy. Today there is a bill that would extend the wiretapping bill to include e-mails, Facebook and Twitter accounts and grants access to these accounts by 20 federal agencies, all without a court order, this bill is being supported by the Obama Administration. So, the message is clear, you give up one part of a right, it won't be long before some liberal wants more for some other illogical reason.

Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2012
Article comment by: Origional Kingman Resident


You believe in a woman' s right to an abortion because the woman will have to "live with" the results of the decision. All well and good for the hypothetical woman, who, at least, gets to live. Unfortunately, the human life, that the woman decided to end, doesn't get to live at all.

Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2012
Article comment by: Ryan S

Less Government, Not more.

Give responsibility back to parents, Instead of parents being afraid to discipline their child for fear of being jailed and having them removed or both.
Stop treating criminals as victims. They need to take responsibility for their actions, not the "Devil, or games' or music, or any other media or spirit made me do it" Put criminals in Jail not country clubs. If they have a mental illness fine put them in a mental ward, in a jail. Most criminals know right from wrong, they just don't care.
Purchasing of guns, sure a few more safeguards could be put into place. Such as maybe in the instance of private purchases, I think should be required to go through local law enforcement, so they can not only check the buyers background, but can also check the weapon itself to see if it's stolen, or what not. This will only work with honest citizens that have nothing to hide. In any case if a person wants to obtain a weapon, they will find a way regardless of laws.
Do what you think is right, but do not dictate to me what I should or shouldn't do. I will keep my weapons.
So please... "Don't tread on me"
R.I.P. Mr. Heston.

Posted: Wednesday, December 26, 2012
Article comment by: Alone in the wilderness

I grew up in a small town in northern Montana during the depression. Every family had at least one rifle at home to kill varmints if nothing else. However, despite Hollywood nonsense, no one 'carried' weapons in the fields, in town or even in a truck's rear window!

At the age of five I had unsupervised access to my grandmother's 22 bolt action which I used to shoot at gophers and magpies -- I usually missed until I shot the mouth off a gopher and later found it dead from starvation. That was my first lesson about death and guilt. (That's OK, go ahead and laugh). But you see, animals were my only playmates... and I had killed one. I never told anyone.

One summer an uncle ran a few head of cattle on a leased ranch 50 miles away. He asked me if I'd help out as a cowboy (no pay), I was 14 then and loved the idea! Sure beat irrigating the alfalfa! It was a great experience, enough for a small book. As I left to go back home the hired hands gave me an old 25-20 hex barrel model 1892 Winchester carbine for my help.

Close to 70 years later I still have it... but I have never gotten ammunition nor fired it.

Guess I'm lucky but having lived from 'sea to shining sea', and north to south, neither I nor any in my family have ever been threatened or robbed by anyone... which includes my four years in the USAF in the '50's.

I guess bad things happen, but certainly not as frequently as the media suggests. To carry a weapon only asks for trouble when there may be smarter ways to avoid it... such as not living in a large city!

Posted: Wednesday, December 26, 2012
Article comment by: Frank Lee Speaking

@Same Solution

"Semiautomatic weapons are not cheap, they don’t fly off the shelf like people think."

And yet another lib with no actual knowledge chimes in. LoL

From Cabela's website:

"Marlin® .22 LR SEMIAUTOMATIC Rimfire Rifles

•Accuracy-improving Micro-Groove rifling
•Automatic last-shot bolt hold-open
•Cross-bolt safety

The versatile and economical Marlin .22 LR semiautomatic series is a rugged workhorse at the range and a varmint’s worst nightmare in the field. Trajectory-honing Micro-Groove® rifling delivers superior accuracy for long- distance shooting. Its side-ejecting autoloader has an automatic last-shot action hold-open for quick reloads. Manual hold-open and crossbolt safety.

•795 – This autoloader has a weatherproof, fiberglass-filled black synthetic Monte Carlo-style stock with molded-in checkering. Grooved receiver for mounting a scope. Adjustable open rear sight and ramp front sight. Swivel studs. Blued barrel. Includes a nickel-plated, 10-round magazine"

Price? A whopping $149.99! Since you seem to think this is expensive, I will assume you live in a cardboard box and have no income. and remember, you are the one who said they are expensive


Posted: Wednesday, December 26, 2012
Article comment by: Frank Lee Speaking

@No Use For The NRA

"The NRA and all the gun owners pay for it."

Run your idea past your DC representative. Get back to me when they stop laughing at you.

By the way my kids are grown and gone but if they want to raise property taxes to pay for guards fine. Are you like Lori, grumpy at the thought of your taxes going up?


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