Lockers to return to South Campus

Lockers will be back on the south campus of Kingman High School this fall, though with some new ground rules on when students can use them, principal Kim Ordway said.

"We've made a compromise and will have lockers back, but not inside the building," Ordway said.

"We have an area we are preparing outside under a ramada that will be fenced.

"Students will be able to use the lockers three times a day - before school, before lunch, and after school," she said.

The times when freshmen at south campus will have access to lockers is not a new concept, having used a similar routine at Kingman Junior High School as seventh- and eighth-graders, Ordway said.

Ground is being prepared near the auditorium and close to the football parking lot where buses drop off and pick up students, making the site a good choice to hold the 700 lockers, Ordway said.

Mohave Engineering is working on plans for a concrete pad and retaining wall at the site, after which concrete will be poured where the lockers will sit, she said.

At several meetings of the Mohave Union High School District Governing Board this past school year, members of the site council had put forth safety arguments for not bringing lockers back into the school.

An explosive device that was detonated two years ago inside one locker was cited as one reason, along with the length of time necessary to conduct searches for drugs or weapons.

Taking lockers out of the hallways and placing them outdoors was the compromise that addresses safety issues on the part of administrators and faculty while, at the same time, satisfying parents who have complained about their son or daughter having to tote heavy backpacks of books around the campus during the 1999-2000 fiscal year.

Ordway said physical education lockers are not affected and will remain inside the athletic changing rooms.

Hallway lockers were removed last summer at the start of an asbestos removal project.

Dupont Flooring then began putting down new tiles on both floors of the main building, along with new carpeting in classrooms and the administrative offices.

But problems with bubbles forming under the floor tiles soon began and the lockers were never put back in.

Students carried backpacks to and from classes during the entire year.

During the Christmas break, all tiles on the first floor were taken up and replaced.

About 200-250 tiles on the second floor also were replaced along with a few tiles on the first floor that had developed bubbles under them after Christmas, Ordway said.

All tile work was completed in late April, she said.

Ordway could not give a cost estimate on the locker installation.

Classes at both campuses of Kingman High School for fiscal 2000-2001 begin Aug.