Mohave County voters back Bush

Mohave County voters backed Texas Gov.

George W.

Bush by a margin of 12 percent during the general election Tuesday, according to unofficial results released early Wednesday morning.

Bush, the Republican, garnered 18,447 votes (53.3 percent) compared to 14,282 votes (41.3 percent) for Vice President Al Gore, a Democrat.

Green Party candidate Ralph Nader received 1,071 votes (3.1 percent) and Reform Party candidate Pat Buchanan got 503 votes (1.5 percent).

In other national races, county voters supported incumbent U.S.


Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., over three challengers.

The vote count was 25,215 (78.7 percent), 3,562 (11.1 percent) for independent William Toel, 1,670 (5.2 percent) for Libertarian Barry Hess and 1,614 (5 percent) for Vance Hansen of the Green Party.

In the District 3 race in the U.S.

House of Representatives, county voters backed incumbent Bob Stump, R-Tolleson, who was re-elected.

The vote count was 20,845 votes (62.7 percent) for Stump, 11,071 for Democrat Gene Scharer (33.3 percent) and 1,353 (4.1 percent) for Libertarian Edward Carlson.

County voters also voted along with the state by supporting Republicans Marc Spitzer and Bill Mundell in their bids for seats on the three-member Arizona Corporation Commission.

Spitzer ran for a term expiring in 2007 and Mundell sought a term that ends in 2005.

The vote counts were 16,141 (51 percent) for Spitzer, 14,098 (44.5 percent) for Democrat Sandra Kennedy and 1,419 (4.5 percent) for Libertarian Edward Zajac.

Mundell received 16,086 votes (51 percent), compared with 13,341 (42.3 percent) for Democrat Barbara Lubin and 2,130 (6.8 percent) for Libertarian Ray Price.

County voters went along with the electorate statewide by voting against propositions 100, 102 and 202, but bucked the trend by opposing Proposition 301.

The vote on Proposition 100 was 13,157 (41.7 percent) in favor and 18,392 (58.3 percent) against.

If passed, Propositon 100 would have set aside 3 percent of state trust land for preservation.

Proposition 102, which would have made it more difficult for voters to restrict hunting, received 12,408 "yes" votes (39.3 percent) and 19,139 votes (60.7 percent) in opposition.

Proposition 202 drew 7,955 yes votes (25 percent) and 23,872 no votes (75 percent).

If passed, the measure would have required communities with 2,500 or more residents to adopt growth boundaries and developers to pay the full costs of their projects.

Proposition 301 raises the state sales tax from 5 to 5.6 percent to increase education funding.

The vote count in Mohave County was 11,478 (36.1 percent) in favor and 20,278 (63.9 percent) opposed.