City commmission targets abandoned vehicles

Removal of abandoned vehicles will be part of a spring clean-up being planned by the Kingman Clean City Commission.

A similar project a year ago removed 12 vehicles, said commissioner Dan McCumber.

The cost of removal and difficulty finding a place to put them are obstacles.

"There is no place to take them for storage and wrecking yards do not want them," he said.

"The vehicles have no value, cost $75 or more to remove and there is no place to put very many of them."

At a Thursday meeting, commission members and city staff agreed that the numbers needing to be removed are far more than the 12 removed a year ago.

Code Enforcement Officer Carl Allen is working to get the vehicles removed.

He said it is relatively easy to enforce removal of abandoned vehicles from city streets.

When they are on private property, the owner's permission is needed or, through city codes, the property owner can be cited if they are not removed.

City Planning Director Tom Duranceau said abandoned vehicles visible from the street are a violation of city ordinances and subject to removal.

However, the city always attempts to get property owners to comply voluntarily first, he said.

The commission discussed various ways to fund a vehicle removal program.

City assistance, contributions from property owners, agreements with the tow truck operators in the city and funding from companies in the area that have indicated a desire to help were avenues explored.

Commissioner Janet Watson said to succeed, the CCC should begin now to plan a program for the spring cleanup.

Allen will work with property owners to bring their land into compliance, he said.

The commission discussed the continuing problem of trash blowing around stores in the Hilltop area both on Andy Devine Avenue and Stockton Hill Road.

It was suggested that fencing would keep some of the trash from blowing around town.

Cleanup efforts are short-lived with new trash replacing that removed, sometimes in a week, Watson said.

Contacts with store managers and shopping center owners is being considered by the commission.

City Planner Rich Ruggles reported that the Oct.

21 downtown clean-up project of the Boys and Girls Club was a success.

The CCC provided bags and some funding and the city picked up the trash collected.