Shoppers crowd local stores in search of holiday deals

Clothing, toys and electronics appear to be the three most sought-after items among Kingman area residents who were out Friday to begin their Christmas shopping.

The day after Thanksgiving is widely recognized as the busiest shopping day of the year.

That was true in Kingman where parking lots were packed and cash registers ringing inside two major retailers, two discount stores and a drug store where shoppers were questioned about their purchases for this holiday season.

Here is a sampling of comments offered:

Q: What sort of gifts are highest on your Christmas list?

Nancy Bryant, who was shopping with her daughter-in-law Stephanie Bryant: "Warm clothes.

Both of our husbands are truck drivers currently in Washington state and they said it's icy there."

Janet Hale: "Toys for the little kids and clothes for the big kids."

Mildred Diaz: "I have four grandchildren and am looking for clothes for the younger one and Harry Potter books for the older ones."

Jerry Jakimowicz: "We're just going along looking and playing it by ear."

Julie Price: "A portable CD player, scooter and Pokemon stuff."

Trista Keddie: "Clothes, football gear, candles and shoes."

Doreen Gilliam: "Children's clothes and outside toys."

Q: What is your top consideration in making any Christmas purchase?

Trista Keddie: "I look at the price to see if it's worth it and if it is I'll buy it.

I got some good deals today on soap and candles."

Kimberly Maine: "That it's a brand name and the price."

Janet Hale: "The price.

When you've got a lot of kids to buy for you've got to have a lot of money."

Doreen Gilliam: "That it's going to last.

Basically that it's durable."

JoAnne Mershon: "Price.

I bought a TV and VCR on sale this morning at 6 a.m."

Carol Zumwalt: "Quality.

So much of the stuff on sale today is crap."

Jerry Jakimowicz: "Something that will last and not break real easy, and is not going to cost an arm and a leg."

Q: Will you spend more or less than you did last Christmas season?

JoAnne Mershon: "Less.

We decided to have a more traditional Christmas with making things, instead of buying things."

Julie Price: "Unfortunately a little less.

I have fewer people to shop for this year."

Nancy Bryant: "Probably more.

I have two grandchildren in Iceland and it costs a lot to mail things."

Trista Keddie: "Much more.

I got a better job this year."

Doreen Gilliam: "Less.

We have a lot already and don't want to spend just because it's Christmas."

Janet Hale: "More.

Things cost more because of inflation."

Jerry Jakimowicz: "Probably a little more.

We have the grandkids with us this year.

Last year, we had the hassle of boxes to mail and you have to add in the cost of shipping."

Q: Are you doing all of your Christmas shopping locally?

Kimberly Maine: "Not all.

I'd say about 80 percent of it will be local."

Julie Price: "Yes.

If I don't get it here, they don't get it."

Trista Keddie: "Most of it, though I may go to Laughlin and check out the mall there."

Doreen Gilliam: "I think I'll go out of town because there's more selection on the clothes we want."

Carol Zumwalt: "I'm trying to.

At least, I haven't left Kingman yet."

Mildred Diaz: "I'll do the majority, maybe 70 percent, locally."

Jerry Jakimowicz: "Yes.

We may do some in Bullhead City if we're down in that area but to make a special trip, no."